Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06-22-18: No Mommy i Hate you

Bob and Blanca are visiting Theresa and JJ

Robert Blanca this is a pleasant surprise”

Thanks Theresa its Bob now

Sure Bob??? What brings you by

I missed you and wanted to see you/welcome you back and i thought that Maybe Blanca could help you explain Mateo to Brady to help get  through to his stupid head

“ill take all the help I  can get ?” Theresa welcomed with a smile

This Week in Salem

Ciara told Ben why she left Ben told her to let the anger go

Easier said than done

Hope and Rafe using the last know cell phone signal found Ciara’s motorcycle and Helmet Hope again blamed herself by letting her ride the bike

How far away were the cabin and the accident will they remember the cabin is nearby?

Not that far but i have to add that This would not have happened if Hope let Ciara drive the mustang Bo gave Ciara..So she can definitely blame herself for this



After taking a serum injection Will had a memory and wants more Marlena told him the hospital is going to destroy the rest prompting Will to steal another vial

SMH the hospital would have been funny if Will got caught

Lani agreed to a C section to deliver the baby as all her family gathered at the hospital Eric led a prayer but sadly the baby didn’t make it.

That’s very sad

Were you angry the writers did this ?

Saw this coming months ago So YES

Hope yelled at Tripp then apologized

Don’t forgive her Tripp lol

Will and Paul continued to investigate Leo and offered their help to sonny with the lawsuit

Big Mistake Paul,  Sonny is after your boyfriend

He’s. Oh wait he is your right

Ciara called Hope told her she was alright and that someone is helping her but gave no other information which naturally freaked out Hope even more

Relax Hope it’s not like She was found by a serial killer or anything ..OH WAIT ROTFLMAO

Leo’s lawyer (Ted) rejected Justin’s settlement offer because it was a sign they would win


Kate and Kayla discussed the stubbornness of men. Leo told Kate that Justin thinks Vivian is behind everything that made her smile Ted tried to kiss Kate and she slapped him


He agreed to keep things professional for now.

Do Kate and Ted make a good couple?

He’s not evil enough. At least not yet

Steve ran into Stefan and reiterated that he would rather be blind then gets help from Stefan/Dimera anything

SMH Steve after all they did for you  LOL

Kayla continued to go behind Steve’s back to help him

When will Steve find out what Kayla is up to ?

Chad offered himself to be CEO of titan


Victor is going to take him up on his offer

Why would victor do this ?

Too teach his sons a lesson and to get a laugh out of Stefano rolling over in his(not officially dead as far as some are concerned)  grave

Gabi’s reunion with Ari didn’t go well Ari screamed she hated mommy and didn’t want to be hugged

That had to hurt Hopefully Ari will come around.

Kate is trying to get Chad to fight her battles against …everyone she even tried to seduce Chad with Stefano’s ring

LOL THE PRECIOUS MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUS..Too bad it’s not the real one heh heh heh

Theresa is suing Brady for Custody of Tate

FINALLY !! Good for you Theresa Brady doesn’t stand a chance let me testify on your behalf i will testify to Brady’s mental incompetence

How do you see the lawsuit playing out?

Stefan was talking to Stefano’s portrait about he is going to get things back to the way they use to be


STOP IT.. Blanca snapped at him

Then Gabi walked in

OH BOY Monday things are going to explode

After a brief discussion Eli went to see Lani and told her that the baby WAS a boy

Hearing WAS broke Lani down in tears
poor Lani
where does Lani (and Eli ?) go from here
after a moment of silence between Bob, Blanca, Theresa and JJ Bob offered to pay for diner so they ordered in

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06-14-18: Be on your Guards

John and Marlena left their house to go meet Bob and Blanca for diner when outside they witness chaos in the streets clearly a riot had broken out they were approached by Vipers who started shouting all sorts of nasty things ,John trying to protect Marlena positioned himself in front of her cutting her directly off from the Thugs one of them threw a punch that John blocked and countered before anything else could happen Bob drove in between them and the vipers   men then got out of the car and attacked the vipers

GET IN Bob called out John and Marlena got in the car Blanca was in the front seat

WE GOT THIS BOSS Marco called out so Bob drove off

What’s going on asked a worried Marlena looking around at the Chaos

Hope sent every single officer off to look for Ciara eventually the wrong people figured out there were no cops anywhere and now the Streets are full of Rioters

Oh Dear Went Marlena

I know right she’s unbelievable


This week in Salem


Jennifer and Eric shared their disdain over Theresa and JJ living together

Do you agree with them or could you see JJ and Theresa becoming a real couple?

No comment

Zander again failed to get into Victors good graces

What’s it going to take for Zander ? Is Victor being unreasonable?

Theresa vowed to use some things she learned from Mateo to get Brady back Victor trying to calm her down said he had a better idea ?

What could Victors idea be ?

Will and Paul discussed Ben’s so called Redemption  Paul is still worried about will regaining his memory Will still insists it’s worth the risks

Won’t be long now

Sonny thinks Will regaining his memories will make him come running back to him

Arrogant possessive desperate Loser ..He doesn’t deserve Will

Not much progress on his lawsuit this week

Zander broke into victors safe saw something marked Nicole and took it

Sonny caught him and tried to get him to give it back

LOL it would have been funny if sonny tried to take it from him

What did Zander Find

I bet i know snapped Blanca

let’s not get hasty now went Bob

Theresa was given Bella magazine and tried to use it to regain Brady it didn’t work

What will Theresa’s next move be?

Despite her reservations Marlena Injected Will with Dr Rolf’s Formula

Wouldn’t it be funny if Will becomes a Gangster like you did John?

No Bob i don’t think so

Aw Come on New John was Hilarious lol

Zander listened to the tape of Brady accusing Nicole of killing Damos

WHICH SHE DIDNT DO @#$@#$ lousy Halo induced Re Writes


Blanca Be Nice

I remember sending Brady a fruit basket for that  LOL

Eric decided he had the authority to tell Zander to leave town

Please tell me Zander kicked his Ass

No but he did mock him for not knowing the real reason Nicole left down then he left

Did you like seeing Zander in a Suite
Will you Miss Zander will we ever see him again

I Hope so

Ciara’s missing is now known widespread Tripp told Hope what happened with them before she left

Ciara woke up in the cabin where Abigail gave birth to Thomas she saw Ben and Screamed


I don’t think he will hurt her Bob

Marlena why were you this forgiving when Andre was Pretending to be a Serial killer

Oh i don’t know maybe because he framed my husband

ROTFLMAO Great Times

Eric told Theresa they were blood and he would help her with Brady

Brady told Eric that he simply moved on and was now in love with someone else

Just like you Roman and John right Marlena

Not exactly the same thing Bob

Will Eric’s advice benefit Theresa?

Theresa told JJ what she had planned for Brady JJ warned her it didn’t work

Theresa and JJ ??????

Why not better than Brady what does she see in him Sigh ,sorry john

My son. Doesn’t make the best choices


That includes Nicole Mocked Blanca

ha ha ha

Theresa’s laid it all out for Brady make love to her  to get Bella back and if he can’t feel anything for he she would give up

Eve realized Theresa wasn’t going to go away quietly

What are your thoughts on Theresa’s Plan?

Its genius at the very least Brady gets a freebie then he can tell Eve he did it for them .Blanca Slapped his shoulder


Rafe heard Julie bad mouth Gabi again he let it go and told her that he thinks he and hope have a solid chance


Hope frustrated that she couldn’t hack Ciara’s phone told Eli and the rest of the Salem pd to stop whatever they were doing and find her daughter

Where you shocked by this obvious abuse of power

No..Commissioner has gotten to the murderers  head she’s uncontrollable

Eli wasn’t happy but he towed the line


Ben promised Ciara he wouldn’t hurt her

Poor Ciara i hope the suffering doesn’t last long

Brady rejected Theresa’s plan and told Eve who called her a slut

Was that a fair thing to say

NO not in this case will anyone ever consider what Theresa really went through with Mateo she stormed out saying This Is War!

They refuse to see the big picture

Eve told Brady they didn’t need Bella magazine anymore she made a deal for her and Brady to run Gabi chic for Stefan

Were you thrown by this latest twist?


Lani experienced cramps is the baby in danger?

Hope not

Ben had some wendy flashbacks before using some first aid tactics tending to Ciara’s leg he told her he had to run out for supplies

She asked him not to leave

Ben and Ciara can you see them as a couple

Not sure I still think he will snap and try and kill her

OH I KNOW Hope shows up declares Ben’s words and denials Goaded her and she shoots him

Will they find Ben before they find Ciara ?

Nah they will find Ciara’s lifeless corpse in Ben’s arms

I don’t think so bob
They arrived at their destination “okay it doesn’t look like the riot has come this far uptown

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann




Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06-08-18: in Salem nobody goes to prison for murder?

Bob i can tell your angry stop pacing across the floor have a glass of water and sit down” he did so

Now take a deep breath and tell me what’s wrong.

Blanca found out about Robert and Nicole she thought it was me i told her the truth and now she’s not sure what to believe

You told her the truth

I had to

And did she believe you?

I was able to convince her to see things my way..For now

So what’s the problem

I’m sure it was Kate trying to punish me for telling her to get lost

Oh dear

This week in Salem

JJ and Hope shared their displeasure’s of Ben’s being released

Do you agree with JJ and Hope?

After some harmless flirting Xander told Eve that Theresa was allot like him

Could you see Theresa and Xander?

After Refusing Theresa’s demanding to see Tate Brady threw what Theresa did to Melanie in her face

Theresa responded that she would not give up

Kayla convinced Ciara to tell Tripp about Chase she walked in on Tripp and Claire who..Almost did the deed but didn’t Ciara was reluctant to believe them

Would you believe Tripp and Claire ?

Ciara not know what to believe Drove off on her motorcycle she eventually crashed it

Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there Do not Drive when you are Angry or upset Road Rage is a real thing.

Ciara crashed Said motorcycle

Let this be another lesson to all the parents out there, let them drive the car their father gave them this would not have happened while wearing her seatbelt in Bo’s car.

Will Ciara be okay? Will Hope now give her the keys to the 65 mustang?

Leo continued his lawsuit against Sonny Justin told Sonny things don’t look good

What’s more to believe here the solidness of Leo’s case OR Justin being a lousy lawyer

Victor defended Theresa’s leaving Chloe behind to Maggie. Maggie wasn’t buying it he told Brady to grow up


Brady finally moved out of the house

CONGRATULATIONS Brady long overdue …Moocher

Theresa is staying with JJ they are re bonding

Do you remember when they almost made love and what happened afterwards?

Tripp while getting ready to search for Ciara ran into Steve who was having issued with Broken glass due to his obvious blindness Steve convinced Tripp not to go looking for her Space is what she needed

Was this the right thing to do?

Yes. In this case

Steve also told Tripp that it would be better for him and his entire family if they all stayed Far away from the Dimera’s.

That includes Chad right lol ?

Stefan pointed a gun at Kate you interrupted them and told Marlena that it was Salem he wouldn’t go to prison for murder

He’s got a point there

That’s not true bob there are many cases where. (bob cut her off)

Name 3 LOL  Marlena paused Bob laughed again

Chad caught Ben trying to make amends with Will Chad thinking he’s a tough guy SMH gave Chad some money and drove him out of town

Do you remember making amends when you killed all those people Marlena


I know i know i just miss Andre

Kayla agreed to help Stefan get revenge on Kate for his helping of Steve with his Vision

This sounds like a blast

Are you looking forward to this story?

I am still don’t know whose side i should be on

Bob be on my side please

Will you help me with Blanca?

Of course

Ben found Ciara laying on the road he took her and her cellphone away

Oh Dear

Will Ben Kill Ciara

I don’t. I can’t be certain

That’s about it

can’t wait until Monday

Wait two more tid bits

STEVE IS OUT AT DAYS Stephan Johnson has decided not to renew his contract he was unhappy with his lack of time on the show

PAUL IS OUT AT DAYS Christopher Sean has decided not to renew his contract to pursue other projects

Thao Penglis May be back not many details there yet

And the big one Ari Zucker is RETURNING TO SALEM but not sure on how long

Don’t worry Marlena it’s not the real Nicole it’s a left over clone

Bob, Bob, bob what am i going to do with you


Time to turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05-25-18: Matteo 2016 -2018

Bob was reading an email looking at pictures of Robert and Nicole celebrating her birthday when Kate entered his office he quickly turned off the computer

“Trying to hide something from me” Kate played

“What do you want Kate”

“i want your help against Stefan he doesn’t belong here”

BOB Burst out laughing

This Week in Salem

Brady chose to be with Eve But that didn’t stop her from stepping aside because of Tate

Is Eve doing the right thing?

Diane Attacked Gabi while she was lying in her hospital bed and beat her unconscious when Gabi came to Diane was lying dead on the floor with a syringe in her neck

Obviously it wasn’t Gabi but who killed Diane and Why?

I bet you did it Kate Gabi’s your girl

I wasn’t even there

Uh huh

I heard you shot Vivian in cold blood though

That was Self Defense

Sure it was

Before Mateo could shoot Paul, john stepped in front and did the father thing offering his life for Paul’s

Noble to the end

Then Chloe came up from behind and stabbed him he died

Did that surprise you ?

I didn’t think she had it in her

Paul and Chloe called Will and Lucas and told them they were coming home

Rafe told Gabi he would find out what happened via security footage

Is it beyond time Gabi gets out of there?


Hope found out Ben could be released and was taken aback

Marlena compared Abigail’s situation to Ben’s

That’s allot of nonsense, but whatever

Do you think that’s a fair assessment by Marlena

Abigail is considering Boston for her Treatments Chad naturally isn’t sure about this.

Should chad go with her?

Not if he wants her treatment to work he will be a distraction

Steve told Kayla he would rather be blind that get help from Stefan

Niece Abigail aside it seems that Stefan has brought his hatred for Nikolas to Salem is this fair of Stefan.


LOL never mind

Kayla went behind Steve’s back and asked Stefan for help with Visionary Biometrics

Stefan agreed on one condition which involves you Kate she took his phone number

I’m sure i don’t care

uh huh anyway Stefan called you and told you he was coming for you which is why your here !

Xander Hopes that His reward for rescuing Theresa will be big he told Theresa to help him with that or they would find out she abandoned Chloe.


Memories of Chase prevented Ciara from having making love with Tripp sadly she lied about the why and broke up with him

Poor Tripp Ciara too i suppose as always Marlena turns out to be useless as a psychiatrist

And yet you’ve been going to her since the early 80’s.

I am the exception to that Rule

Is there still a future for Tripp and Ciara?

Will is worried what his returned memories would do to him and Paul

Is that a genuine concern?

Chloe reunited with Lucas

Are you happy they are back together?


LOL anyway the reunion is short lives as Chloe wants to go to nyc


Lucas offered to go with her

Any chance they get hitched while in the big apple?

Chloe went to talk to eve and tell her of her escape and of Theresa’s death

Eve told her Chloe that Theresa was back in Salem

Then the Big Bomb

Not only did Chloe rat out Theresa for leaving her in Mexico but she told everyone that Theresa Ratted out John and Paul


Needless to say Brady was beyond pissed

Chloe then finished the story on how she killed Matteo before his goons showed up

The lack of goons in a drug cartels compound is Mind boggling first there not there then they show up then they disappear again

Any chance Matteo’s goons come seeking revenge on Theresa

Could that be what causes her exit months from now?

Hope not

Has this killed any chance of a Brady and Theresa romantic reunion?

Brady told her to leave Theresa said she is taking Tate with her.

Will TATE bring them back together or is Brady really done with her

Its Brady so hard to tell

After trying or accessing or whatever She Did Marlena could not stop Ben from being released

Ben will be free and returning to salem shortly

Are you happy for Ben’s recovery?

How will the citizens react to this?

I know what Chad should do and hopefully what Eve won’t do but then again no jury would convict Eve for killing a serial killer.

sigh if only Marlena was this understanding with Andre when he was PRETENDING to be a serial killer

Did you know Andre was betraying me with Vivian?



Because you vs. Vivian Stefan and a Neutered Andre i didn’t know whose Side Stefano would be on

Now if you’ll excuse me I have two appointments to keep.

Bob escorted Kate out of his office and they left Kate looked back wondering what Bob was looking at on his laptop

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann