Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04-14-18: GUILTY AGAIN !!!

In the Dimera Tunnels

PSST Marlena Down Here!!


I’m under the concrete

What are you doing down there

I tried to find a way out for you but I’m sad to say this way is ..Not an option and i think I’m stuck..Crap

Does john know I’m here ?

Before i answer that we need to have a Flashback


You and i will both think about a time Stefano held you to help pass the time

Bob now is not the time

It’s going to take me a few moments to get unstuck so

FINE how about  Aremid


This week in Salem

Vivian tried to offer Victor a truce naturally victor didn’t believe her

Does Stefan know what Vivian is doing. Besides causing him future headaches

Vivian is..overstepping she may need a talking to

Sonny told Leo it was him or his job after checking in with Vivian Leo chose the job and later told Vivian he wasn’t giving up on Sonny

Who benefited from this the most?

Well Leo is still in sonny’s orbit so it all can continue regardless

GUILTY was the verdict passed down from the jury after all the dust settled Gabi was committed to Statesville..To avoid special treatment from the Salem PD

HA lol the souls of Jack madison can rest again…nicks too i suppose

Bob she’s innocent

Guilty innocent doesn’t matter she’ll be out jail Before mother’s day, if not sooner

Back at the Dimera mansion Stefan was trying to bring out Gabi just as marlena walked in

After Marlena tried to explain to Stefan Everything that was wrong about all of this Gabigail Knocked Marlena over the head

Lucas continues to remain smart and level headed about Chloe just blindly going off with some stranger

Is there any part of you that wants things to go bad just so Lucas can say i told you so?



Aw come on Marlena im sure it won’t get that far anyway Miguel told his boss that she wasn’t on board. Yet

Any idea who the mystery boss is


I seriously doubt that. How are her and Robert doing BTW

They are doing great !!

Claire and Ciara argue over Tripp’s Vote

What would you do if you were Tripp in this situation?


In Statesville Chad told Gabi that he would prove Stefan killed Andre and that he was mind controlling Abigail

Oh if only that were true!!!

shouldn’t Chad be at his wife’s side instead of Gabi’s ?

The big question is Why didn’t Chad use his DIMERA last name to clear Gabi off all the charges ???? seriously???

Lucas thinks Kate is behind Chloe’s mystery man/offer

Hope went through with the annulment

HURRAY hopefully they are done!!

Is Kate to obvious?

can’t put it past her ?

Gabigail told Stefan that Marlena may have to be eliminated Stefan said no and put her in the alters secret changing room

Marlena how come a blow to the head killed Andre but did nothing but give you a severe headache

Have no idea maybe her alters vary in strength based on their characteristics.. But I’m sure that Abigail killed Andre


How invested are you in the Abigail Alter story?

Stefan texted john with Marlena’s phone saying she was at work while john was standing in her office


Would i lie to you about this?

Are you ready for a Stefan/John meeting?

Hope didn’t approve of Ciara entering the contest just to stick it to Claire neither did Tripp who explained why he  voted for Claire  safe to say Ciara was Mad as hell

Claire used her girlfriend powers to get Theo to fix the contest for her

So disappointed in Theo right now they both should be charged with felonies

Kate fired Paul for not getting anything on Vivian then hired him right back again

Why doesn’t Kate reach out to …or look around Stefano’s things to find whatever she needs to combat Vivian

It doesn’t make sense to me either

Adriane wants to do a story on Will’s resurrection Will is not keen on the idea

Will this lead to Will getting his memory back?

Probably poor Paul

When Tripp explained why he voted for Claire, Ciara was overwhelmed and she kissed him

Are you happy for Triara or whatever they will be calling them soon enough

Sigh soon it will be summer and Salem will be on Soras overload

Gabigail can play the piano Stefan updated her on Gabi’s verdict and checked on Marlena. Marlena warned him on the dangerous game he was playing with the alters

She tried to bring up Stefano’s obsession with her to try and get him to do the right thing

Do you think it will work

I wish it would Marlena, i wish it would

Abigails  mind is trying to break out of wherever it is she saw Andre who said he would help her
the credits Rolled
Does this mean the alter story could be coming to an end ????
nah i can’t see this ending anything soon ……..Marlena i think i hear John upstairs


Come on Marlena you know that never works I’ll try and see what’s going and be back if john doesn’t find you

Thank you Bob

Time to turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann