Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-23-18: the predator and the prey  

Bob and Blanca were playing with Baby Stefano when the doorbell rang, Rob looked at his watch “can’t be john and Marlena this early?” he opened the door

Robert?, may i talk to you

BOB…sure, sure come in, Blanca Its Kayla Brady ?  !”

Hello Kayla please to meet you?”

Pleased to meet you too

I take it you talked to Marlena but  I’m afraid i haven’t uncovered anything …where’s Steve ?

He’s coming with John and Marlena i hope you don’t mind me coming over alone  like this?

Not at all not at all

Bob I’m…are there “other channels” you may be able to access to help Steve

This week in Salem

Gabi and JJ are furious with Lani and Eli over the baby revelation/affair business Lani tried to explain things to JJ but he would have none of it

Of course Sigh

Will JJ come to forgive Lani even if they don’t get back together?

Doug and Julie ran into Rafe and they let him have it with both barrels


Did Rafe do the right thing just sitting there and taking it?


Chad failed to catch the woman he thought was on the security camera he was caught by hotel security his arrogance made it worse


They found drugs in his bag and arrested him


Stefan told Gabigail he would do what he could to keep her in control of Abigail’s body

How soon will this backfire on him

He tried to kiss Gabigail and Dr laura Intervened

That fast LOL

Sonny’s date with Leo went well they agreed to a second date

Would you like to see Leo stay in Salem post Vivian story?

Kate warned Vivian that she and chad would make her and Stefan pay for Andre

HA ….how could you see Kate reacting to what’s really going on?

Belle got Chad released from jail Abigail freaked out when she found out she was in Hong Kong Dr laura took control and told Stefan he was forbidden to see Abigail

I think we are going to need some sort of Score card to keep up with the many faces of Abigail soon

Vivian laughed off a Vivian threat ..will victor be pulled into the Stefan/Chad story ?

Kate instead of using the hundreds of experienced professionals at her disposal chose Paul to spy on Vivian

Will Paul find out about Leo/Vivian? And will he do the same thing he did when he found Will when he does?

Adrianne told sonny to stay away from Brady/Eve and told Will that when he gets his memory back he will end up with sonny again?

Is Adrianne right on both counts ?

Lucas doesn’t want to work with mommy at countess W

What happened to mad world wasn’t she running that at one point

Don’t go there i don’t have enough aspirin

Vivian paid Leo and reminded him that he was the predator and Sonny was the prey Leo said this was an easy gig as he liked Sonny

We’ve seen this story many times how do you see this one playing out?

Lucas and Chloe were out talking when a man named Miguel Gave her flowers he told them he represented a man who wants her to perform in Mexico city ?

Miguel he’s the one who killed  EJ , Bob jumped up from his chair

SIT DOWN mocked Blanca

Should Chloe take the gig?

I hope she has her agent check all this out first

Claire and Ciara continued to fight over the Bella magazine Cover

Tripp is refusing to vote Vowing to stay Neutral

Are you enjoying Tripp being caught in the middle?

It can be humorous at times

How soon until we get Tricara?

Brady told Eve she couldn’t back out of their joint ventures now  or they would both lose everything

Should Eve just give it all up ?

Steve’ sight is getting Worse Marlena is calling in the experts

Steve asked john to buy him out of basic black for medical bill help

John said there was no need he would take care of everything

Least he could do

Agreed johns loaded

Valerie assured Eli that the truth was better for everyone

She’s right you should always tell the truth

Bob did his best to contain his laughter

Lani told Abe everything taking all the blame

Is this all little too late? How long until this blows over?

JJ told Jennifer everything about Lani/baby and got mad when Jennifer tried to defend her


After all he did in this area does he have a right to be mad?


Dr Laura told Stefan she was mad at him for everything that happened in Hong Kong

Are you enjoying the Alters story? Will we see more alters? if you’re not enjoying the story what about Marcia Millers Acting ?

At the trial dr Laura did her best to defend Gabi

Stefan took the stand and told the truth about the phone and the security camera

During a bathroom break dr Laura followed Gabi into the ladies room

Why are people on trial allowed public access to restrooms when the public is around?

Don’t ask me ?

Back at the courtroom Abigail i think took the stand and said that Gabi told her she killed Andre


Sit down you know that’s not true

yeah but it was a great Friday Bomb can’t wait until Monday

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann