Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04-27-18: I know what you did you cheating Bitch

In the Dimera Holding Cell

Marlena.Kate Vivian? Are you all still Alive

“Yes we are Bob ” Marlena runs into the dug out washroom

Good Good Here, i brought you pizza..And toilet paper “bob slipped a few slices into Marlena one at a time

“Kate, Vivian !!” Marlena called to them they came over

Kate took hers and took a bit “FOOD FINALLY it seems like days since we’ve been fed”

“Enough of this Bob Robert Demarco” whoever your calling yourself i demand you let us out of here!”

“Sorry Vivian i can’t do that”

“Mmm this is good “went Kate “are they any closer to finding us ?”

“I’m afraid not and…Well .there’s a problem”

“What is it what’s happened?” asked Marlena

“The only person who knows your down here(besides me)…is in a coma”


This Week in Salem 

Gabi was Jumped by four women and beaten very badly the leader of the group claimed to be the Girlfriend of former Commissioner Raines

“Oh dear is she going to be alright “went Kate

:”eventually it was brutal from what i heard”

“Were you thrown by the raines twist and as this is Abigail’s fault what will Gabi do when she gets out?”

“it’s not Abigail’s fault bob she’s not well”

“Abigail’s insane in the membrane Marlena but i do understand it not being her fault you three were discussing Abigail killing Andre and Kate and Marlena fear she is beyond help

“Do you think Abigail is beyond help?”

“of course i do”


“Marlena this is Abigail’s third time around the cookoo’s nest and she’s killed it’s time to put her in a rubber room before she snaps and goes on a spree”

“Chad turned into the hulk and beat Stefan into a bloody mess” this beating and the Gabi beating had some viewers complain about too much violence”

“Were those scenes too violent for you?”

Nah im sure the chabi fans were too busy cheering Gabigail called the police and they detained him

“Claire admitted to Julie that she had Wyatt fix the contest it came complete with flashback as to the how’s”

“Are you glad they kept Theo out of it ?”


Will and Sonny discussed his new story i think it will include tracking down Dr Rolf and it’s about the Phoenix resurrection drug

Poor Will it only works on Dimera’s

Are you looking forward to seeing Dr Rolf and whoever else again

I’m hoping we see Kristen

“Ciara and Tripp found Wyatt’s phone and after reading some texts Discovered what Claire did Tripp again tried to get Ciara to let it go to let the baby have her bottle as it were and move on

“NOPE Ciara blasted Claire with a text that read “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID YOU CHEATING BITCH”


Later Tripp tried to get Ciara to be rational he said he was afraid he would lose her

Before Claire could even think about what to do her and Wyatt were verbally attacked by Ciara and they promised never to do that again

No punches were thrown

A smack would have sufficed oh well maybe next time

Ciara kissed Tripp again

Are the son of Steve and daughter of Bo are on the move now? How about Wyatt and Claire ?

“i don’t think Wyatt will be around long enough to find out ?

Gabigail ran into Steve who could tell something was very wrong despite not being able to see”

“What will Steve do to help advance the Gabigail story”

Chad told Hope that Stefan Brainwashed Abigail which was all a Big Fat Lie and that He raped her which is the truth”

“Was the line crossed with this where does the story go from here knowing that the characters aren’t going anywhere”

“Let’s hope it FINALLY gets Chad and Abigail out that house at the very least”

“Where are Chad and Thomas going to live while Abigail is serving her murder sentence in Shady Hills ?”

“it’s not going to get that far Bob”

“Of course not it’s the old  Salem double standard ”

Rafe was told about what happened to Gabi

Gabigail went to visit Stefan

Aw that’s kind of sweet

Stefan told Gabigail to run before they find out she killed Andre

“Both of them have screw loose. Did they go too far too soon with the character of Stefan””

I think so, hard to back him at this point in time”

“Victor called Shane to discuss Theresa”

” Theresa is confirmed to be  coming back to Salem  how will they explain her return and eventual re exit will she take Tate next time ”

“Way too soon to speculate on that”

Lani is facing a high risk pregnancy

“Wow that’s never happened in Salem before”

“Eli said he will be there for her the entire way Julie also offered her total devotion and support to help them both

“could they be a real family now ?”

Miguel desperate to get Chloe to leave with him resorted to some good old fashioned Drink poisoning  of which Brady drank instead he left then ended up collapsing in the square

“oh no” went Marlena ”

After a dance Lucas left, found Brady and got him to the hospital.Wwith his plan sort of worked Miguel pulled out a gun and told them they were going or else she left him a note.

“Who wrote the note Miguel or Chloe meaning he told her what to write ?

“How far will they get before they are stopped”

I swear Marlena Every single Salem citizen needs to have anti-kidnapping chips implanted inside them:..i got them for Blanca and Stefano”

“i don’t think they will get out of the city but we’ll soon see”

Chad told Jennifer what happened to with Abigail and Stefan what’s going to happen to Chad when he gets the entire story

“Knowing Chad I’m sure he will determine that he can do to fix Abigails mental state with Diner and romance. SMH  maybe he can rent a room in shady hills to be with her.

“Will Jennifer insist Chad Thomas and Abigail move in with her ?

“Least she could do right?”

After leaving Stefan’s room Gabigail ran into Steve who also thinks Stefan Brainwashed her. She gave him the slip but ran into Hope at the elevator”

And the credits rolled

“How will Hope Help Cover up Abigail’s Murdering Andre

“That’s a few weeks away but I’m sure will find out”

“That’s about it, it was a very exciting last few days”

“oh for Pete’s sake Why won’t you get us out of here” went Vivian

“I am doing all i am allowed to do”

“I understand” went Marlena

I do to” went Kate

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04-20-18: And Then There Were 3

Kate and Vivian were screaming at each other Marlena couldn’t take it anymore WILL YOU TWO STOP IT FOR FIVE MINUTES” she yelled

When they became quiet “i can hear you guys from Hong Kong” Bob smirked from beneath the floor

“Marlena are you okay?  Sorry i couldn’t get John down here”

“it’s peachy here Bob” Marlena smirked while looking at Vivian and Kate

“Bob is that you ?” went Kate

“Hello Kate, hello Vivian”

“.Vivian do you remember the time Rudolfo you and his friend Demarco were in Paris and  …”

“No time for flashbacks Bob what’s going on “demanded Marlena

“well the bad news is i can’t get you out of here But the good news is behind that wall over there is a toilet ,mirror, and sink i supplied it as best i could ,you just have to bend down to push the wall  and be careful not  hit your head

“Thank you Bob that’s very helpful” went Marlena as Kate tried to move the wall .she opened it “it’s true” Kate went inside

This Week in Salem

Chad is desperate to find that woman on the security footage

Are you upset that Chad doesn’t pay Abigail this much attention

It’s complicated

Gabigail lies about Marlena’s whereabouts

007 is slipping snarled Vivian

HUSH snapped Marlena

Andre appeared inside Abigail’s mind and said he would help her

Help Abigail or one of the other crazies” went Vivian

YOU’RE NOT HELPING yelled Marlena

Will wants to do a story about his coming back to life which will soon involve Roger/Elvis and Clyde Weston

Are you excited to see either one of them?

Forget them Give Me Kristen!!!

Chloe asked Kate if she was behind Miguel’s offer she denied it

I wish i was id do anything for that cow to leave town

GO WASH YOUR FACE screamed Marlena

Once again Chloe turned down the offer Miguel seeing Lucas was the problem made plans to remove him from the equation so Chloe would go within

I don’t think that would help but

LUCAS?? Went Kate.. LET ME OUT OF HERE!!” Kate banged on the door

Stop it “went Vivian

Didn’t Brady have a concert hall built for Chloe whatever happened to that?

Claire won the contest by One Vote Ciara got mad at trip thinking his vote cost her the contest

Tripp did his best to keep the peace, Wyatt resurfaced remember Wyatt The perfect mate for Ciara sent in by Theo

Yes we remember

Anyway Claire had Wyatt fixed the contest for her

What will happen to Claire’s career when she gets busted

Laughing stock i hope

Eli went to see Gabi in prison she didn’t want to see him and came to tears when she saw a pic that Ari Drew for her

How much longer will Gabi be in prison?

Lani gave JJ his  engagement ring JJ

Can Eli and Lani move forward now with their baby?

Chad told Rafe everything Stefan told him during their Chess game confession Rafe said he would look for corroboration

Chad looked for Abigail while Gabigail hid in the closet

Vivian overheard Gabigail and Stefan talk about going away together and stepped in and told Gabigail she would not take her son from him

Vivian you and Kate are SO much Alike LOL

Stefan Put Vivian in the room with Marlena

LOL that was hysterical

You saw? asked Vivian

I see everything “went Bob

Why can’t you get us out of here? Demanded Kate

I tried Kate  its beyond my capabilities and I’m not sure its what Stefano would want

when i get out of here Robert You’ll answer to me

BOB , looking forward to catching up with you also  Vivian  you know i still have the remote that controlled your tooth



Kate called chad and told his voicemail that the mystery woman was in the house Gabigail heard the phone call and here we all are!!!!

Thanks for the bathroom Bob it was very thoughtful

I do what i can Marlena

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 04-14-18: GUILTY AGAIN !!!

In the Dimera Tunnels

PSST Marlena Down Here!!


I’m under the concrete

What are you doing down there

I tried to find a way out for you but I’m sad to say this way is ..Not an option and i think I’m stuck..Crap

Does john know I’m here ?

Before i answer that we need to have a Flashback


You and i will both think about a time Stefano held you to help pass the time

Bob now is not the time

It’s going to take me a few moments to get unstuck so

FINE how about  Aremid


This week in Salem

Vivian tried to offer Victor a truce naturally victor didn’t believe her

Does Stefan know what Vivian is doing. Besides causing him future headaches

Vivian is..overstepping she may need a talking to

Sonny told Leo it was him or his job after checking in with Vivian Leo chose the job and later told Vivian he wasn’t giving up on Sonny

Who benefited from this the most?

Well Leo is still in sonny’s orbit so it all can continue regardless

GUILTY was the verdict passed down from the jury after all the dust settled Gabi was committed to Statesville..To avoid special treatment from the Salem PD

HA lol the souls of Jack madison can rest again…nicks too i suppose

Bob she’s innocent

Guilty innocent doesn’t matter she’ll be out jail Before mother’s day, if not sooner

Back at the Dimera mansion Stefan was trying to bring out Gabi just as marlena walked in

After Marlena tried to explain to Stefan Everything that was wrong about all of this Gabigail Knocked Marlena over the head

Lucas continues to remain smart and level headed about Chloe just blindly going off with some stranger

Is there any part of you that wants things to go bad just so Lucas can say i told you so?



Aw come on Marlena im sure it won’t get that far anyway Miguel told his boss that she wasn’t on board. Yet

Any idea who the mystery boss is


I seriously doubt that. How are her and Robert doing BTW

They are doing great !!

Claire and Ciara argue over Tripp’s Vote

What would you do if you were Tripp in this situation?


In Statesville Chad told Gabi that he would prove Stefan killed Andre and that he was mind controlling Abigail

Oh if only that were true!!!

shouldn’t Chad be at his wife’s side instead of Gabi’s ?

The big question is Why didn’t Chad use his DIMERA last name to clear Gabi off all the charges ???? seriously???

Lucas thinks Kate is behind Chloe’s mystery man/offer

Hope went through with the annulment

HURRAY hopefully they are done!!

Is Kate to obvious?

can’t put it past her ?

Gabigail told Stefan that Marlena may have to be eliminated Stefan said no and put her in the alters secret changing room

Marlena how come a blow to the head killed Andre but did nothing but give you a severe headache

Have no idea maybe her alters vary in strength based on their characteristics.. But I’m sure that Abigail killed Andre


How invested are you in the Abigail Alter story?

Stefan texted john with Marlena’s phone saying she was at work while john was standing in her office


Would i lie to you about this?

Are you ready for a Stefan/John meeting?

Hope didn’t approve of Ciara entering the contest just to stick it to Claire neither did Tripp who explained why he  voted for Claire  safe to say Ciara was Mad as hell

Claire used her girlfriend powers to get Theo to fix the contest for her

So disappointed in Theo right now they both should be charged with felonies

Kate fired Paul for not getting anything on Vivian then hired him right back again

Why doesn’t Kate reach out to …or look around Stefano’s things to find whatever she needs to combat Vivian

It doesn’t make sense to me either

Adriane wants to do a story on Will’s resurrection Will is not keen on the idea

Will this lead to Will getting his memory back?

Probably poor Paul

When Tripp explained why he voted for Claire, Ciara was overwhelmed and she kissed him

Are you happy for Triara or whatever they will be calling them soon enough

Sigh soon it will be summer and Salem will be on Soras overload

Gabigail can play the piano Stefan updated her on Gabi’s verdict and checked on Marlena. Marlena warned him on the dangerous game he was playing with the alters

She tried to bring up Stefano’s obsession with her to try and get him to do the right thing

Do you think it will work

I wish it would Marlena, i wish it would

Abigails  mind is trying to break out of wherever it is she saw Andre who said he would help her
the credits Rolled
Does this mean the alter story could be coming to an end ????
nah i can’t see this ending anything soon ……..Marlena i think i hear John upstairs


Come on Marlena you know that never works I’ll try and see what’s going and be back if john doesn’t find you

Thank you Bob

Time to turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-23-18: I don’t know what to think right now

 Marlena’s office

How’s Abigail Doing Marlena i heard she’s having a rough time all three of them

You know i can’t discuss her directly Bob

I know while we’re on the subject of not discussing things, Word on the street is that Stefan is going to kidnap you


That’s what i heard

This makes what the tenth time

Sounds about right

Can you stop it

I’m not in the in anymore, remember that was a different lifetime ago, i haven’t even spoken to Stefan face to face yet


Week or two from now

Son of #@$@#$ sigh i hope he has great taste in clothes

Your such a great sport Marlena


This week in Salem


Lani started her apology tour (about Eli being the father of her baby) of course nobody cared to listen

Bunch of hypocrites the lot of them Especially JJ

How soon until Lani is part of the group again?

In the courtroom Just tried to filter the Bomb Abigail dropped on Gabi (saying confessed to the Andre murder in the ladies room).

why is this even being considered as anything  there is no proof to any of it Doesn’t matter if Abigail is the queen of England it’s just her word against Gabi’s?

Gabi demanded to testify Justin told her that the Hail Mary defense idea wouldn’t work

Was Justin correct in stopping Gabi ?

Chad interrupted Dr Laura and Stefan AGAIN  Abigails Alters constantly trying to get out are causing the real Abigail pain.

Will Abigail completely snap?

Tripp and Steve are further bonding Steve is happy Tripp is around

Has Tripp won you over or would you rather have joey back

Tripp..sorry joey

Abe laid into Valerie about her role in the lani pregnancy lie

Lani may be having issues with the pregnancy due to all the stress placenta previa.

Which way do you see the baby story going?

Stefan challenged Chad to Guess chess ever piece taken gained chad a question Stefan losing on purpose still couldn’t get Chad what he wanted to hear Chad angry at his answers upended the table and left

LOL sore loser

What would the truth do to Chad at this point ?

He’s clueless he sleeps next to her for Pete’s sake  anyway Kate told Chad she thinks Stefan Brainwashed Abigail

Would be an acceptable twist to the story

It depends on how they play it

Sonny told Adrianne that he was happy for Will and Paul and that things were going nicely with Leo

Would you like Sonny and Leo, if Vivian was not in the picture?

Paul and will joked about jobs and who pays for dates Will is worried about Paul getting too close to Vivian.

What will Vivian do to Paul when he gets caught?

Bury him alive probably.

Marlena met DR laura, Marlena acknowledged the Gatekeeper Marlena brought Abigail back and said that they would handle it together

I know you can help her Marlena, but don’t forget to charge her at least as much as you charge me.

Steve warned Stefan that Abigail was his niece and under his protection.

What could Steve and kayla bring to the alter story ?

JJ same thing

Can you see it Marlena someone may be on the rise?

Will they tie all these stories together?

After leaving Marlena’s Dr laura said Abigail will not be back.

Sorry Dr Laura that won’t work unless she wants to start kissing Chad

Will chad end up “being with:” one of the alters ?

“Hope so it would make things more interesting”

Adriane is happy sonny is dating again Vivian wants to move to stage two of her plan for sonny

What is the point of what Vivian’s doing to Sonny and will Leo be the one to blow it up

Chad overheard Dr Laura talking to Abigail  and when questioned Dr laura covered for them both

Chad now things Stefan brainwashed Abigail

Thanks kate SMH

Stefan reminded Chad that Gabi confessed to Abigail

Dr Laura i think complained that nobody cared when Nick was murdered in cold blood

Excellent point Dr laura

Can you see dr Laura fighting off Chad and stopping Gabigail from being with Stefan

Which is why you may be being kidnapped Marlena

Does he know what i like to eat?

Probably not


Jennifer and Eric had a quiet week they made love.

Do you like them more then you did a month ago or like them less ?

Rafe showed up Dr Laura accused Gabi again Chad apparently won’t let go of the woman in Hong Kong

Will Chad find her ?

Hope not but probably

The verdict on Gabi is about to be read

Stefan is demanding that dr Laura let Gabi out

Will Stefan get Dr Laura to free the real Gabi ?

It’s tough one but we all know Gabi won’t be in prison for very long so ….

And the credits rolled

Thanks for the information bob

I will do what i can Marlena but I’m trying very hard not to know that’s one of the reason why i keep coming here

i appreciate it bob

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-23-18: the predator and the prey  

Bob and Blanca were playing with Baby Stefano when the doorbell rang, Rob looked at his watch “can’t be john and Marlena this early?” he opened the door

Robert?, may i talk to you

BOB…sure, sure come in, Blanca Its Kayla Brady ?  !”

Hello Kayla please to meet you?”

Pleased to meet you too

I take it you talked to Marlena but  I’m afraid i haven’t uncovered anything …where’s Steve ?

He’s coming with John and Marlena i hope you don’t mind me coming over alone  like this?

Not at all not at all

Bob I’m…are there “other channels” you may be able to access to help Steve

This week in Salem

Gabi and JJ are furious with Lani and Eli over the baby revelation/affair business Lani tried to explain things to JJ but he would have none of it

Of course Sigh

Will JJ come to forgive Lani even if they don’t get back together?

Doug and Julie ran into Rafe and they let him have it with both barrels


Did Rafe do the right thing just sitting there and taking it?


Chad failed to catch the woman he thought was on the security camera he was caught by hotel security his arrogance made it worse


They found drugs in his bag and arrested him


Stefan told Gabigail he would do what he could to keep her in control of Abigail’s body

How soon will this backfire on him

He tried to kiss Gabigail and Dr laura Intervened

That fast LOL

Sonny’s date with Leo went well they agreed to a second date

Would you like to see Leo stay in Salem post Vivian story?

Kate warned Vivian that she and chad would make her and Stefan pay for Andre

HA ….how could you see Kate reacting to what’s really going on?

Belle got Chad released from jail Abigail freaked out when she found out she was in Hong Kong Dr laura took control and told Stefan he was forbidden to see Abigail

I think we are going to need some sort of Score card to keep up with the many faces of Abigail soon

Vivian laughed off a Vivian threat ..will victor be pulled into the Stefan/Chad story ?

Kate instead of using the hundreds of experienced professionals at her disposal chose Paul to spy on Vivian

Will Paul find out about Leo/Vivian? And will he do the same thing he did when he found Will when he does?

Adrianne told sonny to stay away from Brady/Eve and told Will that when he gets his memory back he will end up with sonny again?

Is Adrianne right on both counts ?

Lucas doesn’t want to work with mommy at countess W

What happened to mad world wasn’t she running that at one point

Don’t go there i don’t have enough aspirin

Vivian paid Leo and reminded him that he was the predator and Sonny was the prey Leo said this was an easy gig as he liked Sonny

We’ve seen this story many times how do you see this one playing out?

Lucas and Chloe were out talking when a man named Miguel Gave her flowers he told them he represented a man who wants her to perform in Mexico city ?

Miguel he’s the one who killed  EJ , Bob jumped up from his chair

SIT DOWN mocked Blanca

Should Chloe take the gig?

I hope she has her agent check all this out first

Claire and Ciara continued to fight over the Bella magazine Cover

Tripp is refusing to vote Vowing to stay Neutral

Are you enjoying Tripp being caught in the middle?

It can be humorous at times

How soon until we get Tricara?

Brady told Eve she couldn’t back out of their joint ventures now  or they would both lose everything

Should Eve just give it all up ?

Steve’ sight is getting Worse Marlena is calling in the experts

Steve asked john to buy him out of basic black for medical bill help

John said there was no need he would take care of everything

Least he could do

Agreed johns loaded

Valerie assured Eli that the truth was better for everyone

She’s right you should always tell the truth

Bob did his best to contain his laughter

Lani told Abe everything taking all the blame

Is this all little too late? How long until this blows over?

JJ told Jennifer everything about Lani/baby and got mad when Jennifer tried to defend her


After all he did in this area does he have a right to be mad?


Dr Laura told Stefan she was mad at him for everything that happened in Hong Kong

Are you enjoying the Alters story? Will we see more alters? if you’re not enjoying the story what about Marcia Millers Acting ?

At the trial dr Laura did her best to defend Gabi

Stefan took the stand and told the truth about the phone and the security camera

During a bathroom break dr Laura followed Gabi into the ladies room

Why are people on trial allowed public access to restrooms when the public is around?

Don’t ask me ?

Back at the courtroom Abigail i think took the stand and said that Gabi told her she killed Andre


Sit down you know that’s not true

yeah but it was a great Friday Bomb can’t wait until Monday

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann