Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-09-18: Dr Laura the Gatekeeper 

Blanca was cleaning up some papers Bob left on the dinner table “what is all this?”She asked

j”ust some old notes from 2011 EJ declaring his running against Abe for the Mayorship  and  Jack returning from the dead. Still can’t believe she chose Dr feelgood over him ”

“Do you need them?”

“No  But if you want to find out more, Check out the Bravo networks repeat airings of the time period  (check local listings) was 2011 the  time you were with Mateo

“No and i don’t want to talk about it , could you change baby Stefano’s diaper please, Marlena and john will be here soon ?

WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? Bob ran outside the door

SMH  Blanca picked up stefano to change him

Outside Bob peeking into the window to see what Blanca was doing didn’t hear John and Marlena walk up

“Avoiding Diapers again i see” mocked Marlena

This week in salem

Ciara Tripp and Julie’s attempt to deter the fallout from the Rafe/Sami bomb on Hope Failed as Rafe came clean Hope slapped him and ran out


Somehow it was all Claire’s fault

Claire defended herself as the truth was on her side

The Truth will set you free Poor Girl , Marlena remember the time when you were about to marry Roman but you saw  Stefano  and then decided to tell Roman the truth about you and john LOL man that was a good time

Were you the one who told him?

No But come on it worked out for all involved he did everyone a solid Wish Bravo would air that so much fun

Jennifer attacked Eric for what Sami did Eric defended Sami how or why i don’t know but they were able to kiss and make up both acknowledging their first fight

Was this the boost Erifer needed?

Jj more than ever wants to marry Lani

Eli told Gabi he also cheated ..with Lani Gabi wondered if it was his baby ?

Ciara decked Claire and things went back to the norm for about 5 minutes

Were you happy to see Claire get decked?

Hope wanted a real explanation from Rafe but couldn’t get one throwing out Bo and Aiden. That didn’t help matters

Hope told Rafe it was over

Bob jumped up on the couch and stared Dancing WHOO HOO

“Get down from there you idiot” mocked Blanca Bob slipped off the couch and fell to the floor behind it

OWWW went bob rubbing his head

HA mocked Blanca

Rafe told Ciara that it was all his fault

No argument there

Is if over for good for Rope ?

Hopefully but doubt it

Hope told Claire she did the right thing

See Claires a hero

Hope gave Rafe back the ring vowing to get the love she deserves

Hope should go to Portland and see if Aidens available!!

Lani had cramps JJ flagged down Steve and Kayla and they got her to the hospital she’s fine for now

Is all the lying putting the baby at risk?

Hope not

Sonny told Gabi Justin filled his divorce from will paperwork

Well that’s good news for Pill

Will they find sonny someone else?

Kate told Stefan he wouldn’t get away with framing Gabi for Andre’s murder

Chad also said he wouldn’t get away with it

Stefan denied everything

Chad you said you would move out within the hour over a week ago SMH

Who will uncover what first?

Gabi found the evidence against her in her bag But was caught by lani when trying to dispose of it Gabi yelled at Lani for sleeping with her boyfriend which probably didn’t help or hinder matters

Maggie told victor to come clean to Eve or they were over

Will Victor spill the beans?

Gabigail was angry that Stefan framed Gabi aka her for murdering Andre

Stefan tried to explain she wasn’t Gabi and tried to rip off the Gabi wig Gabigail freaked  then DR Laura came out as the Gate Keeper telling Stefan she is in charge of all of Abigails Alters and that he wouldn’t see Gabi anymore  ?

Did you like this development or are you tired of the story already

I want to see more i like it!! Stefan should try speaking in Spanish it could add more to the psyche

Brady told Eve that he wanted her him and Tate to be a family

Are you happy that Brady finally is remembering who Tate is?

At the ceremony after Brady said his Vow Eve declared she wouldn’t marry Brady if he was the last man on earth


And the credits rolled

That’s intense cant wait until Monday

Remember for an extra two hours of Days Check your local listings for Bravo I wish they started back in the 80’s

Hey John did you ever think that the man that took care of your” I’m about to be Roman Brady wounds in 1985 would be your best friend in 2018″

Nope had no idea

its like you both came full circle

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann