Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 03/02/18: This Wedding Should Not Happen

Bob Blanca John and Marlena were heading towards the car to all go out to diner when Bob heard a car pull into the curb at lightning speed a  very very Angry Victor got out of the car


“GET IN THE CAR HURRY UP HURRY UP!!” He yelled at the others who were mostly in the car anyway Bob turned the engine on and Sped off


“Is he Following us?” Bob yelled trying to look behind him


“VICTOR I told Maggie everything he’s Ever done Man he looked Pissed!!

“Oh Dear” went Marlena looking out the mirror john looked over at Blanca and assured her everything was going to be fine

This Week in Salem

Vivian went to victor to rub Maggie’s leaving in his face and had the nerve to suggest a dimera/Kirakis merger

Victor called her insane  Maggie issued the standard empty threat warning

Could you imagine a merger between Victor Brady, Stefan and Chad ?


With Gabigail hiding in the closet Chad searched Stefan’s room for evidence to ??? While Stefan was right there watching

Chads an idiot

When chad left Gabigail came out and yelled at him to stop playing chess

“lol out of the closet LOL”

Steve forgave john for what he did Kayla snapped at john because Steve’s condition didn’t really change for the better as tests show he’s going  blind

Could you see Steve losing all of his sight?

Not for very long no

Ciara confided to Marlena about Claire. Claire told Ciara that Claire was not calculating enough for some sort of grand scheme

Is that an insult Marlena it sounds like one

It’s not it’s a good thing

Stefan is reading Kimberly’s book on multiple personalities looking for insight on Gabigail

Would Stefan consider contacting Kimberly?

Maybe we see her when Theresa swings by

Kate thinks Stefan murdered Andre Chad agrees and that DA Trask could be his accomplice

Did DA trask kill Andre

Nah that’s silly

Newly married Rafe and hope await their guest on Smith Island

John Marlena does it bother you that you weren’t invited  LOL

What’s up with Rafe and Hopes guest list

Gabigail ran into Vivian, Vivian was caught off guard to say the least Stefan insists that Vivian keep her mouth shut

He also had to stop Gabigail from Bopping Vivian over the head


Stefan told Gabigail they would find someone to frame for Andre’s murder


Who do you think they will pick

Vivian i bet

Valerie continues to push Eli, Eli won’t Budge

Whose going to be able to say i told you so when this comes out

Maggie told Julie, Victor loves titan more than he does her

Everyone would have told her that poor Maggie

Victor told Brady to hurry up and marry Eve

Is their wedding next or will JJ and lani get their first as JJ is ready to marry right now

Will Lani like living in Jennifer’s house


Eve may help Claire with her singing again

Vivian told Stefan if she would have killed Andre she would have just shot him she thinks Abigail did it

Will Vivian ruin whatever Stefan is doing for Abigail?

It’s getting interesting Abigail is fun

Abigail is now also Dr Laura now  Dr Laura fooled chad

LOL who will Abigail be next

Serial killer Grandpa i hope LOL be a blast

What’s your thoughts on Gabigails overall story so far?

Ciara figured out Claire knows about Rafe and Sami and tried to stop her from Telling Hope

DAM CIARA for doing the right thing

They were on a break

Well then telling Hope won’t matter will it

Anyway they failed and Claire blurted it out in front of everyone at the wedding


As they were on a break and they are already mattered will any of this make a difference

Maybe for like a week ??????

Okay we’re here and i lost victor for the moment let’s Eat

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann