Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-23-18 “Because she slept with my boyfriend !”

“Gabi and Laura Horton ….as well as Abigail of course ….just thought you should be up to speed Mr Chin

No, so far i am not impressed with Stefan, i think he’s going to be a bust, Good Bye

BOB John and Marlena are here

John, Marlena how is Steve

Getting worse I’m afraid

Well let me know if i can help, i remember where Stefano obtained all of his “miracle cures”

This week in Salem 

Brady informed Eve that the only way her magazine could get off the ground was to work with him she reluctantly agreed

Is this more of a mistake on Brady or eve’s part ?

John apologized to Steve again Steve said that if he could forgive Bo for taking his eye he could forgive John too

Kayla though was not so forgiving

Do you side with Steve or Kayla on this ?

Chad tried to put his foot down But Abigail went to Hong Kong with Stefan anyway

Vivian warned Gabigail i think it was not to hurt Stefan or else ?

kayla told Abigail she was very healthy

Obviously they didn’t do a brain scan

Kate told chad to fight for his wife Stefan is more interested in Gabigail then Abigail

What will this back and forth with chad and Stefan do to Abigails Mind?

Create another one i hope a tough one that kicks ass

Lucas turned down a lucrative job with Kate to go after Chloe again speaking of going after Chloe she has a stalker

UGH remember the last stalker story. The one with Jennifer that was dreadful

Chloe and Lucas (again) as a couple ?

Without Daniel around it could work i wonder what Daniels heart thinks of eve lol

Jealous Sonny accused Paul of having revenge sex with Will Paul and Will both agreed that what they are doing is dating

Are you happy for Will and Paul?

I am

the bartender showed Sonny a dating app he used Sonny reluctantly gave it a try and started conversing with someone ..that someone turned out to be Vivian

was the bartender in on this ?

he would have to be the entire app has to be a set up only way to explain this  why is Vivian messing with Sonny ?

To get back at victor am sure  she never lets anything go

Hope told Shawn she deserves better than Rafe and asked Belle to file divorce papers

Because the divorce proceedings in Hong Kong and Salem are the same

Does she deserve better than Rafe

Hope deserves to be alone

Rafe gave Kate Andre’s phone Kate looked at it and wondered if Andre loved her or not

Did Rafe and Kate have sex?



Eli set up a video chat for Gabi and Ari he assured her that Stefan was the real culprit and Gabi would be found innocent


Vivian told Brady that her (and Stefan) would come after her

Where do you think this is going?

I think its going to get Mommy Kicked to the curb or worse

Stefan and Abigail are in separate but adjoining rooms

See separate rooms separate beds nothing to worry about

yeah sure

Chad ran into Hope and Belle, Belle told him that Mr. chin said Stefan didn’t need to be in Hong Kong which made Chad even more suspicious

Why doesnt chad trust his wife unless Stefan. Does something illegal he should have nothing to worry about

Deep down he remembers he can’t trust Abigail either


At the trial Motive for Gabi killing Andre was established then Lani testified that Gabi tried to bribe her way out of being caught with the coat By Saying Lani owed her for sleeping with her boyfriend


Justin was angry JJ was Angry it was delicious

Are you glad the truth came out?

Didn’t take as long as many, many others was sweet

Hope started Asking Stefan pointless stupid questions about Abigail acting big and bad and as smug as ever despite having NO JURISDICTION OUTSIDE THE USA

It’s a shame Stefan won’t send her home in a body bag


WHAT ????

Gabigail spotted Chad and quickly reverted to Abigail again after their greeting she hustled off to Stefan again complaining and i quote that “ALL OF SALEM WAS DOWNSTAIRS”

ROTLFMAO that’s funny come on admit it”


Chad thinks Abigail is stressed and Obviously blames Stefan

Clueless idiot i can’t wait for this to hit him like a tidal wave

Back at the courtroom Lani told JJ she didn’t want to lose him But the baby wasn’t his Just as Eli and Gabi entered the room

And the credits rolled

Very cool ending can’t wait until Monday

That’s about it ..oh for some unknown reason Bravo stopped airing Days repeats ..Just like that it makes no sense what was it on for like two weeks?

Give or take yup


Will you miss the Bravo Repeats and why do you think they abruptly ended ????

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Jeremy Valdez breathing life into The Bold and The Beautiful’s newest character, Detective Sanchez

Photo credit to Russell Baer

Hello #BoldandBeautiful fans, I’ve got a fresh piping hot pot of the latest tea. I’ve been #trolling and many of you are asking, “How did Bold ever get so lucky to snag the talented heavyweight primetime television and movie star, Jeremy Valdez?” What makes Jeremy tick? How does Jeremy bring Detective Sanchez to life? Yes, I’ve seen your posts gushing over the pleasure your eyes receive when he appears on your screen and the anticipation of seeing him on the Forrester balcony working out; hence the secret nickname “Detective Hottie.” But even more juicer are some of the questions from fans like “Is Detective Sanchez $Bill’s secret son?” Well…..I spoke with Jeremy and he answered them all. Tag a friend, call a neighbor, grab your snacks, but after you read this meaty article, snacks just won’t do. Once you get this scoop, you’ll be all over social media #TellingAFriend to follow  @JeremyRayValdez, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  #DetectiveHottie, and #BoldandBeautiful. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps” #Read

LTAS: Reading your bio, I noticed that you are from a family of talented musicians and you studied music at the Musician’s Institute as a child. Did you inspire to be an actor, a musician, or both as a child?

Valdez: As a child, I started playing music when I was 8 years old. There’s a lot of musicians in my family, so that was my first endeavor in the arts, through music. I play the violin and the guitar, It wasn’t until I was in college that the acting bug hit me and I became interested. After college, I moved to LA to pursue both acting and music. I’ve gotten to do so many fantastic things with both of them. Music has been put on the back burner for acting and photography. Acting is my goal, primary source of income, and what I’m really passionate about the most.

LTAS: Your television and film career is very impressive, what types of roles do you find most satisfying to play?

Valdez: It has to do how I vibe with the material. If I read something and I become connected to it, if I feel connected to the character or the story, then I become emotionally invested in it and become passionate about it. There have been times in my life that I haven’t worked as much because it’s been really hard to find material that I’m connected to. But when I do find the material that I’m connected to, I find myself diving into it head first, becoming immersed in it and passionate about it. It can be anything, you can look at my resume, I’ve played athletes, cops, FBI agents, doctors, lawyers, and everything you can think of and in every role, I’ve found something about the character that I really connected with. It’s that connection I’m looking for more than anything else.

LTAS: Is it the connection that pulls the passion out of you while you’re playing a role?

Valdez: Exactly, exactly because I can become lost in the character.

LTAS: You’ve also dabbled in producing, what do you enjoy the most, working in front or behind the camera?

Valdez: I’ve produced and starred in a feature film that I ended up selling to a television network. We had a really beautiful run with that film, it’s called “Dreamer,” and it was shown across the country, different counties, at various film festivals, and universities. It got a really great following and I enjoyed the producing process. Since then, I’m in the process of doing some writing, a feature film script and looking to produce more because I did enjoy it. I think truly my passion lies in front of the camera, but I also like to step behind the camera and really put projects together as well.

LTAS: Now, moving on to The Bold and The Beautiful, since your acting career has been in primetime television and movies, what attracted you to daytime?

Valdez: Well this is actually my first daytime job, as a matter of fact, it was my first audition ever for a daytime show. I never auditioned for a soap before. When I read the script and the informational material that the producers and the casting directors gave me, I was like WOW, this is a meaty character and a really cool character arc. This storyline that Detective Sanchez comes into is intense. I knew it was going to be an intense process and it felt like a challenge to me and I felt like I was being challenged to do this. I was like, ok, I’m going to try it, so I went in and auditioned for it multiple times and a lot of people went out for this role and I was very fortunate to get it. I went through a very rigorous audition process and I ended up booking the role. Being challenged by it is what drove me to take it on.

LTAS: You play Detective Sanchez and you play the role so well, how did you prepare for the role?

Valdez: Well actually, the supervising producer, Ed Scott, called me into his office and we had a long discussion about the character, what the creator of the show was looking for in the character, and why they chose me as an actor to take this character on. After that was done, he told me, Jeremy, I want you to bring parts of yourself, your own life experiences into this character as well. So, I felt I had a lot of lead way with the detective, with the character to give him my own flavor.

I have my own process, so I create my own backstory for him in my mind and that’s where the creative part comes in, the imagination of an actor really takes hold. I sit down and create in my head: Where did he come from? What was his upbringing like? What were his previous cases like? What was his successes and downfall in his career and his life? I create this whole story in my imagination and that helps me and drives me through the scenes and to look at the material through his eyes as opposed to Jeremy’s eyes.

I can give you a little taste of what I made up in my imagination for him. He’s from Los Angeles, he grew up in east Los Angeles, he came from a single parent home and was raised by his mother. After high school, he was kind of a little troublemaker when he was younger, then he went into the military, and when he got out of the military he decided that he wanted to be a police officer and a detective. That’s where that straight-laced comes from. Almost a military sense when you see him questioning, that’s where it comes from, the story that I made up.

LTAS: Fans love the fact that he doesn’t give preferential treatment to anyone, he’s out to get the facts on “who shot $Bill.” That means you’ve had scenes with the majority of the cast already, which is almost unheard of in daytime so fast. What’s that experience been like?

Valdez: When I first booked the job and Ed Scott and I had that discussion in his office, he told me this show is a lot of work, but there’re no egos on the set and it’s a big family and everyone has a really good time, but we get the job done. It’s true, everybody on the set, every actor is really cool and eager to help each other and there are no egos. Everybody just shows up and we have a great time. Working with each and every actor on the set has been a real treat because I do get to experience that. It’s like all these actors and crew members have been together for years and I step in as the new guy and I become a part of that family and they’ve all really treated me that way. It’s been a blast, a lot of fun.

LTAS: Speaking of fans, I trolled and polled them to see what types of questions they had for you besides how cute and hot you are, and here are a few:

From Toni on Twitter: Who among the cast is he looking forward to working with that he hasn’t yet?

Valdez: Gosh, who haven’t I worked with? I think I’ve worked with all of the cast.

LTAS: I don’t think you’ve worked with Pam until today when Ridge was arrested.

Valdez: I do want to say one thing about Alley Mills who plays Pam, I was really looking forward to meeting and working with because she was the mom on “ Wonder Years.” I grew up with that show. The show came on when I was young, probably in elementary school or junior high school. So when I met her on set, I was a little star struck, I was like “Oh, my God, it’s the mom from Wonder Years.” She’s so nice, she’s like the nicest person ever. That was really cool. She’s one of the actors I really liked, I was star struck and really excited.

If there are any actors that I haven’t worked with on the show yet, it’s because they’re not involved with the storylines I’m doing. I guess I will have to meet them because I’m having a good time working with everyone.

Rena Sofer and I worked on NCIS together. She was my attorney on NCIS, it was like 6 years ago. We were in the makeup room and she was like, “Jeremy?” I was like “Rena, what’s up?” It was a lot of fun to work together with her again. She’s a lovely actress and a really cool person. She has the most beautiful eyes.

From Skye on Twitter: I’d like to know his funniest moment on the set and who it was with?

Valdez: I don’t know if I’ve had a funny moment on the set because of my role. But Don Diamont, he is so funny between takes and during rehearsal he just makes everybody laugh. He cracks me up the whole time, he’s very serious, but he’ll throw in his own little flavor in there during rehearsal and it’s like, “where did that come from?” He has everyone cracking up and that helps keep it light. But as soon as they say “action” and it’s time to work, he nails all of his lines, he flips that switch and goes right into the $Bill character.  I enjoy doing scenes with him, I enjoy doing scenes with everybody, but with him, because he cracks me up the whole time.

From Stacy on Twitter, James, Myrna, and several other fans on FB: Are you staying on the show?

Valdez: Yes, from what I understand from the Executive Producer, Brad Bell, I had a conversation with him and he said, “I hope you want to remain a part of the show.” I said, most definitely. It is up to Brad Bell if I stay, but as far as I’m concerned, I hope I’m there for a long time and keep coming back.

From Lin on Facebook: Are you one of $Bill’s sons?

Valdez:  Well, if I was, I couldn’t tell you. I’m so sworn to secrecy with this show. I wasn’t allowed to talk to the press before the first episode came out, I wasn’t allowed to put on social media that I was a part of the show or that I had this character. They’re very, very diligent about guarding The Bold and The Beautiful secrets and their scripts.

LTAS: The scene when $Bill awoke from the coma, you pressed him pretty hard on “who done it?” Has that been the most memorable scene for you? If not, which one?

Valdez: I would say the most memorable scene was when Detective Sanchez was questioning Liam Spencer. Just because when I read the dialogue, I couldn’t believe what he was saying about $Bill sleeping with his wife. Actually, the day that we shot that scene the characters; Liam, Steffy, and Hope, and all their reactions when I was asking these questions. Oh my God, this is intense, I couldn’t believe that I was asking these questions.

When I was arresting Thorsten’s character Ridge, it was pretty intense, he’s pretty intense; but I absolutely adore Thorsten, he’s such a nice guy. He wrote a children’s book, so after my 2nd week of shooting the show, my wife and I had a baby and he surprised me on my first day back, which was the next day, with an autograph book to my son Grifton welcoming him to the world. I thought, WOW, what a classy dude. Everyone was so sweet about that. He plays such a tough guy on the show, but he’s the sweetest guy ever.

LTAS: Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you wish to share with fans?

Valdez: What I really want to get across to the fans is how much I really appreciate them. It’s the amount of support that’s come from all of The Bold and The Beautiful fans since I started the show, that’s been overwhelming, I’m so grateful to all of them for supporting this character and supporting me as a person.

A lot of fans know that we had our baby, Griffin, 6 weeks ago and I’ve had a lot of messages about that, a lot of well-wishing from The Bold and The Beautiful fans. Even some of the outspoken ones that will say, “Detective Sanchez is asking some stupid questions, but I really like Jeremy.”

To all of The Bold and The Beautiful fans, I just want to say thank you so much. Please follow me on social media.

LTAS: How challenging is it being a new father with such a busy filming schedule at The Bold and The Beautiful?

Valdez: This is our first child and luckily I live close to the studio. It is a lot of work and it’s pretty demanding. I have a brilliant wife, Kelly, who supports what I do. We’ve had a lot of help with the baby from my mother, my mother-in-law, and my friend Joe Atherton. We continue to get a lot of help. When babies come into the world and people see you need help, everybody rally around you and that’s what happened.

I really appreciate and respect Brad Bell, he’s the head of the show and he’s treated me so well. He’s a classy guy, he’s aces in my book. When our baby came into the world, he made sure that I knew that everybody on the show was behind me and that he was behind me and he was going to help me out to get through the hard schedule, but still be with my son and my wife. I got that same treatment from everybody on set.

Make sure you hit Jeremy up on:

By Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-09-18: May the best Woman Win

Bob was reading the newspaper “Ciara and Claire are really lucky you can’t enter that photo contest Blanca”

“Did you try to enter me in a contest?”

“..No you’re not eligible your .over 21 Blanca gave Rob a smile and a nod the phone rang

“Hello?” no its BOB… yes yes ”

“That sounds like a great idea can you all come here?”

“Cool can’t Wait

Blanca can you prepare extra seats for Diner?

This week In Salem 

An Angry Eve told Brady to take the ring and go straight to hell

Are you happy the wedding is off? Do you think it’s off for good


Brady Swore he really loved her

Victor showed Maggie the proof that he came clean to Eve and when Justin confronted Victor Maggie stood up for him

Go Maggie

Should Maggie have waited before forgiving victor?

Nah i don’t think there’s anything more to that BUT Brady and Victor could still be in on something it depends on how clever the situation is ?

Tripp took photos of Ciara for Eve to counter the photos Claire submitted to Brady

Ciara or Claire will either of them win and what will it do to the families?

I don’t think either one will win

Maggie yelled at Brady for drinking and told him that if his feelings are real to fight for her

Gabi went to the police station to talk to Trask while there Lani demanded to know if Eli was the baby’s Father

Valerie tried to slow down the jj/lani wedding denying Jj’s claim that it was none of her business

Will Valerie drop the bomb before or after the wedding ?

Abigail’s still dreaming about Andre

Vivian thinks Abigail will murder them all


Vivian told Stefan not to fall in love with one of Abigail’s Alter egos

Very smart

Can Stefan hold them off

Doubt it

Stefan confronted Dr laura demanding to speak to Gabi

After some prodding his wish was granted Gabi wants out she wants to run away Stefan told her to stay and fight that he would help her

Are you enjoying The alter story? How about Marci’s acting?

Kate caught Chad searching Stefan’s office for evidence

He later got Lani to search through Stefan’s room apparently the writers have forgotten who owns the house again

Does the house ownership flip flopping get on your nerves?

Well in this case Chad’s just being a jerk as he said he was moving out of the house two Salem days ago

lani found Andre’s cell phone in his room Stefan said security found it and he hadn’t gotten around to reporting it yet

Will Lani believe Stefan’s story

Julies hating on Gabi is getting on Eli’s nerves and told her to knock it off or they were done

How will Julie react to the  eli/lani affair baby thing

I think she will be the happiest of them all

Abigail had a checkup at the hospital the dr Laura alter stole her glasses Gabigail covered for Abigail when Kayla caught her found with the glasses

Will this be what blows everything up?

Ciara told Tripp she would drop out of the contest if that’s what he wanted

Trip is trying to stay Neutral

Smart man too bad that if he keeps kissing Ciara he won’t be able to

Are you ready for Triara to get underway?

Stefan told Gabigail she had to go to Hong Kong with him

What’s going to happen in Hong Kong

Can’t wait to find out now who else is coming for diner? “Blanca asked suspiciously

Relax its not Nicole



Time to turn the hourglass 

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-09-18: Dr Laura the Gatekeeper 

Blanca was cleaning up some papers Bob left on the dinner table “what is all this?”She asked

j”ust some old notes from 2011 EJ declaring his running against Abe for the Mayorship  and  Jack returning from the dead. Still can’t believe she chose Dr feelgood over him ”

“Do you need them?”

“No  But if you want to find out more, Check out the Bravo networks repeat airings of the time period  (check local listings) was 2011 the  time you were with Mateo

“No and i don’t want to talk about it , could you change baby Stefano’s diaper please, Marlena and john will be here soon ?

WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? Bob ran outside the door

SMH  Blanca picked up stefano to change him

Outside Bob peeking into the window to see what Blanca was doing didn’t hear John and Marlena walk up

“Avoiding Diapers again i see” mocked Marlena

This week in salem

Ciara Tripp and Julie’s attempt to deter the fallout from the Rafe/Sami bomb on Hope Failed as Rafe came clean Hope slapped him and ran out


Somehow it was all Claire’s fault

Claire defended herself as the truth was on her side

The Truth will set you free Poor Girl , Marlena remember the time when you were about to marry Roman but you saw  Stefano  and then decided to tell Roman the truth about you and john LOL man that was a good time

Were you the one who told him?

No But come on it worked out for all involved he did everyone a solid Wish Bravo would air that so much fun

Jennifer attacked Eric for what Sami did Eric defended Sami how or why i don’t know but they were able to kiss and make up both acknowledging their first fight

Was this the boost Erifer needed?

Jj more than ever wants to marry Lani

Eli told Gabi he also cheated ..with Lani Gabi wondered if it was his baby ?

Ciara decked Claire and things went back to the norm for about 5 minutes

Were you happy to see Claire get decked?

Hope wanted a real explanation from Rafe but couldn’t get one throwing out Bo and Aiden. That didn’t help matters

Hope told Rafe it was over

Bob jumped up on the couch and stared Dancing WHOO HOO

“Get down from there you idiot” mocked Blanca Bob slipped off the couch and fell to the floor behind it

OWWW went bob rubbing his head

HA mocked Blanca

Rafe told Ciara that it was all his fault

No argument there

Is if over for good for Rope ?

Hopefully but doubt it

Hope told Claire she did the right thing

See Claires a hero

Hope gave Rafe back the ring vowing to get the love she deserves

Hope should go to Portland and see if Aidens available!!

Lani had cramps JJ flagged down Steve and Kayla and they got her to the hospital she’s fine for now

Is all the lying putting the baby at risk?

Hope not

Sonny told Gabi Justin filled his divorce from will paperwork

Well that’s good news for Pill

Will they find sonny someone else?

Kate told Stefan he wouldn’t get away with framing Gabi for Andre’s murder

Chad also said he wouldn’t get away with it

Stefan denied everything

Chad you said you would move out within the hour over a week ago SMH

Who will uncover what first?

Gabi found the evidence against her in her bag But was caught by lani when trying to dispose of it Gabi yelled at Lani for sleeping with her boyfriend which probably didn’t help or hinder matters

Maggie told victor to come clean to Eve or they were over

Will Victor spill the beans?

Gabigail was angry that Stefan framed Gabi aka her for murdering Andre

Stefan tried to explain she wasn’t Gabi and tried to rip off the Gabi wig Gabigail freaked  then DR Laura came out as the Gate Keeper telling Stefan she is in charge of all of Abigails Alters and that he wouldn’t see Gabi anymore  ?

Did you like this development or are you tired of the story already

I want to see more i like it!! Stefan should try speaking in Spanish it could add more to the psyche

Brady told Eve that he wanted her him and Tate to be a family

Are you happy that Brady finally is remembering who Tate is?

At the ceremony after Brady said his Vow Eve declared she wouldn’t marry Brady if he was the last man on earth


And the credits rolled

That’s intense cant wait until Monday

Remember for an extra two hours of Days Check your local listings for Bravo I wish they started back in the 80’s

Hey John did you ever think that the man that took care of your” I’m about to be Roman Brady wounds in 1985 would be your best friend in 2018″

Nope had no idea

its like you both came full circle

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann




Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 03/02/18: This Wedding Should Not Happen

Bob Blanca John and Marlena were heading towards the car to all go out to diner when Bob heard a car pull into the curb at lightning speed a  very very Angry Victor got out of the car


“GET IN THE CAR HURRY UP HURRY UP!!” He yelled at the others who were mostly in the car anyway Bob turned the engine on and Sped off


“Is he Following us?” Bob yelled trying to look behind him


“VICTOR I told Maggie everything he’s Ever done Man he looked Pissed!!

“Oh Dear” went Marlena looking out the mirror john looked over at Blanca and assured her everything was going to be fine

This Week in Salem

Vivian went to victor to rub Maggie’s leaving in his face and had the nerve to suggest a dimera/Kirakis merger

Victor called her insane  Maggie issued the standard empty threat warning

Could you imagine a merger between Victor Brady, Stefan and Chad ?


With Gabigail hiding in the closet Chad searched Stefan’s room for evidence to ??? While Stefan was right there watching

Chads an idiot

When chad left Gabigail came out and yelled at him to stop playing chess

“lol out of the closet LOL”

Steve forgave john for what he did Kayla snapped at john because Steve’s condition didn’t really change for the better as tests show he’s going  blind

Could you see Steve losing all of his sight?

Not for very long no

Ciara confided to Marlena about Claire. Claire told Ciara that Claire was not calculating enough for some sort of grand scheme

Is that an insult Marlena it sounds like one

It’s not it’s a good thing

Stefan is reading Kimberly’s book on multiple personalities looking for insight on Gabigail

Would Stefan consider contacting Kimberly?

Maybe we see her when Theresa swings by

Kate thinks Stefan murdered Andre Chad agrees and that DA Trask could be his accomplice

Did DA trask kill Andre

Nah that’s silly

Newly married Rafe and hope await their guest on Smith Island

John Marlena does it bother you that you weren’t invited  LOL

What’s up with Rafe and Hopes guest list

Gabigail ran into Vivian, Vivian was caught off guard to say the least Stefan insists that Vivian keep her mouth shut

He also had to stop Gabigail from Bopping Vivian over the head


Stefan told Gabigail they would find someone to frame for Andre’s murder


Who do you think they will pick

Vivian i bet

Valerie continues to push Eli, Eli won’t Budge

Whose going to be able to say i told you so when this comes out

Maggie told Julie, Victor loves titan more than he does her

Everyone would have told her that poor Maggie

Victor told Brady to hurry up and marry Eve

Is their wedding next or will JJ and lani get their first as JJ is ready to marry right now

Will Lani like living in Jennifer’s house


Eve may help Claire with her singing again

Vivian told Stefan if she would have killed Andre she would have just shot him she thinks Abigail did it

Will Vivian ruin whatever Stefan is doing for Abigail?

It’s getting interesting Abigail is fun

Abigail is now also Dr Laura now  Dr Laura fooled chad

LOL who will Abigail be next

Serial killer Grandpa i hope LOL be a blast

What’s your thoughts on Gabigails overall story so far?

Ciara figured out Claire knows about Rafe and Sami and tried to stop her from Telling Hope

DAM CIARA for doing the right thing

They were on a break

Well then telling Hope won’t matter will it

Anyway they failed and Claire blurted it out in front of everyone at the wedding


As they were on a break and they are already mattered will any of this make a difference

Maybe for like a week ??????

Okay we’re here and i lost victor for the moment let’s Eat

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann