Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 02/09/18: Abigail Has Left the Building

Bob was checking his messages Stefan left several messages about him/his companies  reinvesting back into Dimera Inc “not a Chance” he said to himself when Bart Came in

Excuse me Bob but MAGGIE is here asking to talk to Robert?”

“Send her in please” this is different he thought to himself

“Hello Robert i hope I’m not interrupting”

“Not at all Maggie not at all this is a pleasant surprise, how are you”

“Not to well I’m afraid would it be okay if i asked you some questions  …About Victor that he won’t tell me”

“Only if you call me Bob”


“Right, “Bob pulled out a book Maggie was thrown by the size of it Rob opened the book “let’s start right here “1985 Victor Orders Hitman to Kill Melissa

“WHAT WHAT WHAT” went an exasperated Maggie

“This is going to be interesting fun” Bob thought to himself

This Week In Salem

Gabigail introduced herself to Stefan, Stefan deduced that Gabi was framing him for Andre’s murder

What is your first Impression of GabiGail ?

“gabigail has a weird ring to it”

Trip sort of enjoyed riding on the back of Ciara’s motorcycle

“there’s a joke in here about Tripp and Ciara in the back of the mustang but..nah”

“Is this the start of Triara ?

“Triara ?”

John explained to Marlena Kayla and Steve why Van Damn wanted him dead  joeys confession but her job and her future at risk” Steve recovering from the antidote John got for him told everyone if he was in johns position he would have done the same thing

Does this mean that John and Steve can go back to being buddies again?

“I hope so there’s something odd yet cool about it”

The ISA has always had weird Bosses “one of them worked for/with Victor once around the time he kidnapped john and turned him into roman”

Maggie looked at bob with dead like eyes ” that’s in section 4″ Maggie flipped through the pages

Billy Paul and will had an encounter with Van damn  Billy was shot they were able to get her to the hospital

Were you happy to see Billy in Action?”

Eventually they trapped down Van Damn who took Tripp and Ciara hostage and demanded Steve die or the do”

“Two Hostages Stupid mistake”

After a brief standoff Ciara bit Van dams hand and Tripp injected her with the needle she used to detain him”

“Triara is definitely a thing now can you see Claire screwing them up ?”


“Speaking of Claire she recorded their conversations and knows that Rafe slept with Sami, what will Claire do with this information?

“i have a few ideas for that  sneaky conniving HERO ..I should give her a call”

“Maggie having enough of Victor and Brady’s conspiring against Eve Demanded it all Stop and we actually saw Tate !”  Then she left the mansion

Is this the end of Victor and Maggie?

“Proud of you Maggie” Maggie didn’t hear him right away because she was taken aback by what she was reading”

“Here Maggie let me get you some coffee” minutes later  Bob  returned with a cup “MY GOD HE RAPED KIMBERLY”

“Opps spoiler alert sorry

Kate complained to Billy about her short Salem Stay Lucas wasn’t thrilled with her either for putting Will in harm’s Way Billie assured them it was all under control

Chad warned Stefan to stay away from Abigail

MOVE OUT OF THE HOUSE IDIOT it’s not even legally his anymore SMH

Gabigail visited Stefan again Stefan doesn’t seem to know what to do Clearly Abigail has “lost it” as he can see she thinks she’s two people

Gabigail told Stefan not to say anything or she would see to it that he went down for Andre’s murder

Is it more than clear that Abigail killed Andre  is it possible this goes back to the Halo and gabigail also killed Damos ?

Are you enjoying this story? How about Marcia’s handling of the character?
Are chad and Abigail playing Stefan ?
Is Stefan controlling Abigail’s mind ?”

enjoying it more and more everyday

Chad thinks Stefan Framed Gabi

LOL can’t wait for him to find out about Gabigail

Hope and Rafe prepare for their wedding on smith island Hope surprised Rafe with someone who could marry them?”

Maggie were exactly is smith island i can’t find it on a Illinois map ?
“Its not too far away from the Horton cabin ?”
“Okay i know the area then thank you?”
Brady told Eve what he did to Eric and Nicole Eve forgave him for playing her
he could still be playing you Eve SMH I have got to see if i can get theresa back here even for just a day
Eric and Jennifer seem to be starting i guess not much from them this week ?
Bob looked at Maggie who was really upset “OH MY He had her murdered ?”!!!
well she was blackmailing him Maggie Man like victor can only take so much” Bob had to calm Maggie down he made a phone call
“yeah hi i have Maggie here she’s in bad shape” Bob handed Maggie the phone
Come on Holly Say Hi to Grandma

Time to Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 02/09/18: Marry me or Shoot Me ???


Blindfolded Andre was brought to his destination when the blindfold was removed he saw a small crowd of people he saw Robert standing in a room music started playing everyone stood up

Robert Why have you brought me here?

Andre despite the last two years or so your still my best man

Andre looked over to see Taylor then turned to see Nicole walking down the aisle

FINALLY ITS HAPPENING Robert said as he watched Nicole approach him “so beautiful”

ANDRE Nicole said as she arrived

DEARLY BELOVED..The minister started

This Week in Salem

Hattie admitted to sending Anna the letter about Andre’s murdering tony but denied killing him herself

DO you think Hattie killed Andre?

Anna despite the truth being known for over six years still thinks Andre killed tony

First Stefano did then Andre did we all know Philip ACCIDENTALLY caused it  SMH can’t stand her anymore

Why won’t Anna’s loved ones see she gets real Help

Eli told Julie to cut out the badmouthing Of Gabi

Won’t happen Eli nice try though

Valerie’s is pushing Eli and Now Lani for the truth to come out

Why doesn’t Valerie just burst out an accidental Freudian slip should raise enough questions to get this all over with

Vivian is acting like her and Stefan killed Andre

Do you think Vivian set up Gabi?

Stefan told Gabi he would do what he could to get Gabichic back to Gabi

Does Stefan know more than he’s letting on? He did have access to the security footage?

JJ wants to be an EMT

Do you think that’s a good job fit for the former Supercop ?

Could be could be

Gabi saw the security footage and yet denies it’s her

do you believe her

Sadly i do only idiots aka the Salem PD would actually think that woman was Gabi

The fake hair, the hips, the Butt, COME ON ???   MORONS !!!

Trip ended up cooking diner for Claire and Ciara Ciara is trying to get Trip to admit he wants more than friend zone with Claire he won’t do it

Ciara shared her Rafe/Hope concerns with Tripp when she saw a rope wedding date was set

Will they make to the actual alter before the truth comes out?

Brady and Eve decided to bring back Bella Magazine to recover gabichic loses

Will this be a successful venture ?

I have a question considering the lengths Victor was willing to go to get everything Dimera back in 2012 why hasnt he crushed Chad like a bug and taking everything all  for himself

Very good question sigh

Lani told Eli the baby was his Eli said he would be there for the baby whether Lani wanted it or not

Eli’s a standup guy

Lani begged him not to say anything he agreed


Abe who must have stayed in South Africa with Theo for an hour MAYBE returned to Salem JJ asked Him for Lani’s hand in Marriage

Abe whose 180 on JJ is now complete gave him his blessing

Justin told Sonny murder charges against Gabi were pending

Abigail wants Andre’s killer to pay but will give Gabi the innocent until proven guilty thing

Is it sad that Abigail cares about Andre more than Chad does


An ISA goon arrived and eventually got to john and gave him some more poison demanding to know why the job wasn’t finished yet

John told him it wouldn’t be much longer refusing to kill Steve outright

Salem’s Newest Bush people Will and Paul overheard and tried to intervene demanding answers, each tried to follow a target both got caught

Will demanded answers from John Paul disarmed the Isa goon but couldn’t follow through

Paul lucky the ISA good didn’t seriously hurt him

Can we call them the Hardy Boys???? ill look into that

John refused patiently trying to get will to leave it alone for some reason will won’t let this go ?

steve collapsed again

Will confronted John, john asked him to let it go

John pulled a gun

Outside Paul heard a shot ring out and went inside

Brave man

Will was lying on the ground John pulled a gun on Paul another shot rang out as the credits rolled

Now that’s Exciting can’t wait until Monday

Did john shoot Paul?

it would be fun but i doubt it maybe Marlena arrived to shoot john ????


opps sorry Nicole … I DO

Moment later Robert and Nicole were married at the reception Robert was thanking everyone for coming

Nicole i have another returned from the dead surprise for you ” Nicole turned to see FAY

MOM Nicole and Taylor  ran to her with tears in her Eyes

Now Andre while we have a minute please hold Frisky

WHAT ? Robert grabbed and put a cat into Andre’s arms …..”I knew it” Robert said as he went to join Nicole, fay and Taylor

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/26/18: Pulse and High Heels

At the mausoleum

Sigh i forgot how long this takes

He’s coming around now

There we Go.. Welcome back to the living Tony

Thank you Bob. Wait what do you mean Tony I’m Andre

uh huh

Whatever the case seems things went according to the plan

Did they now could have fooled me, come on we need to get going, gentlemen please finish up here

Sure Boss


This Week in Salem

John continues to poison Steve

Word of Lani’s pregnancy has reached just about anyone

Checking out the dim


era security footage has Kate arriving with Andre and Anna leaving his office last

Who was more likely to do it Kate or Anna

Vivian is worried about the cops Stefan isn’t

Is Vivian a little too worried and if she didn’t do it what else is she afraid of?

Hope and Rafe called Roman out on his falsely giving Anna an alibi

Is Anna acting too suspicious for someone who didn’t do it ?

Hard to tell

Valerie is doing what she can to ensure that if Eli learns the truth that he knows it immediately

Will this hinder or help Eli down the road?

Will handed sonny divorce papers

Paul thought he heard john ordering more poison over the phone

Are you invested in this story ?

Only pertaining to the Why

John looked like his guilt was going to make him spill the beans to Marlena but a phone call from Carrie ruined the moment


Steve told john he had to quit the team as he had an auto immune disease

Will told Marlena about his divorce and moving closer to Paul’s house Paul and will agreed to work together to help john

Will this get Paul to see will “differently”

i hope so..on the sonny front he continues to be a sad sad man and it’s going to cost him titan if Brady has something to say about it

Speaking of Brady he and eve are still …whatever it is they are doing

Victor in one of his classic Victor moments Accused Brady of Falling for any woman with a pulse and High Heels

LOL Classic Victor

How will Theresa’s return affect the kirakis household?

Carrie Called Hope out on her Hypocrisy


And she then told Rafe that Sami told her what he and her did ..Rafe actually was surprised by that


Now that Rafe knows Sami is ..Being Sami will he tell Hope ?

Claire Ciara and Tripp had some quality video game time it was nice to see them all getting along

How long will it all last

Stefan warned Vivian that john was poking around

John says he knows who wrote the letter to Anna

Who do you think it was

it was you wasn’t it Andre

Not sure

Right you’re not back up to speed yet it will all come back soon enough

Speaking of coming back Billy Reed is on her way back to Salem

Are you excited to see Billy again if she stays around who would she be paired up with?

Some unknown man is supplying John with the Steve poison is he ISA and does this have anything to do with ISA agent Billy’s return?

Will went to tell Hope what was going on with John/Steve


Get this Andre Abigail vowed to make whoever killed you Pay

that’s good that’s good

BTW did you see who did it?

Do you know ?

Not yet I’ll let you know when i find out In the meantime I’m sending you to a wedding


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann