Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/30/17: Welcome Back Aunt Vivian

Come on Bob we’re going to be late

So it’s going to be a Boring Party and besides I’m pretty sure we weren’t invited

“Your wrong Abigail invited us see “Blanca waves the invitation

Chads a snooze fest Andre’s…. can’t we go over finalizing the wedding again
“there’s nothing else we can do its next week lets go
“I DONT WANT TO besides i need to stay here and protect Baby Stefano
“He’s fine with Mami the people who took him are in jail thanks to you now come on
Rob’s phone went off he got a text “On second thought lets go to the party






This week in Salem 


After convincing JJ to talk to someone Gabi Took JJ’s gun and left

SMH how is JJ going to explain the gun and leaving him alone wasn’t smart ”

“Should Gabi have left him alone like that?”

Gabi then told Eli the truth about why Eli saw them in bed together and gave him the gun to give to Rafe?”

“Not a brain in her head “oh well I’m sure it will work out”

should Gabi have told EL ALL the details about the worst night of JJ’s life

Thanks in part to the Jennifer reality smack down Abe Finally got around to forgiving JJ and he wants JJ to forgive himself

Eli then told Lani about JJ

SMH will Lani be upset or grateful with Gabi?

Theo Woke up

COOL we should go see him

Chad wanted to know why Kate was taking so long to leave

Andre came to her defense stating that Gabi’s deal depended on Kate being part of it all

Chad relented but not before threatening them both

Kate told Andre she wouldn’t forget what he did

“Time for Kate to give it up” Blanca smacked him on the shoulder


Word of Theo waking up started to spread Claire and Ciara started playing the who loves him more game

JJ apologized to Theo  Theo said there was nothing to forgive

Wasn’t JJ told that all a waste of time?

Eric and Jennifer played Scrabble and decided to go to the party “together”

Scrabble  SMH  well hopefully soon they will be playing Twister

Twister? what’s that ? Asked Blanca

..I’ll save it for the Honeymoon Rob said with a smile

Tripp broke up a Ciara and Claire fight, Ciara suggested they work together to both gets what they want

Awww just like Sami and Lucas Started

Tripp and Claire or Tripp and Ciara

Abigail told Kate to hurry up and go after andre before she loses him she wants him to be happy because she loves her brother in law.

Kate only loves Strong Evil Men Andre isn’t evil or Strong he will be rejected fast

Is Abigail under some sort of Andre induced hypnotic spell

ONLY thing that makes sense

Besides him being really tony

Not that again SMH

Belle and Shawn are going back to Hong Kong


Belle’s bummed they never found the saboteur before she left she told Chad she was sure the Dimera hack was an inside job

“If they only waited a few hours”

Will you miss Shawn and Belle?

Tripp and Ciara’s plan to get Claire alone backfired Tripp doesn’t want out the friend zone

The friend zone is a dark and lonely place Tripp should get out while he still can

Wasn’t “Robert” was stuck there with Nicole  “Blanca mocked

“He isn’t anymore” Bob said with a smile Blanca looked at him

“MOVING ON…Hope’s commissioner again”

Oh joy of joys

Abigail noticed a party invite discrepancy

And we arrived just in time to see it we should stand over there Bob and Blanca got out of the car and stood in the doorway behind everyone else

Paul decided to skip the party Andre told sonny next year Dimera will be back on top

I want to believe him but

Eve and Brady ran a game and Eve was able to make another pitch for Gabi’s business

Will Gabi switch teams

LIKE she did in prison HAW HAW HAW sorry mind wandered there for a bit moving on

Ciara got her motorcycle license and went to hope for the keys

Hope said no

BECAUSE SHE”S A LIAR and Hypocrite

That or maybe because Ciara had a drink or two

That also sure sure

Ciara became enraged but still didn’t unleash her Rafe and Sami Bomb


Will got a bad news call about Susan from Roger  will was upset  but despite that he returned and comforted a sad Paul

I like that Will is into Paul Sonny is an overbearing smothering stalker in the making

Great to see Will still cares about Susan hope we see her again soon

Rafe tried playing dad with Ciara again after stopping a drunken text

Drunken texts are disastrous

What is taking Ciara so long?

She needs them in the room together hopefully in front over everyone do you see the bullet you Dodge Blanca, Rafe cheats on everyone with anyone

Yes i do

MIDNIGHT Stroke HAPPY NEW YEARS went around Bob kissed Blanca

Andre kissed Kate

Eric Kissed Jennifer

Will Kissed Paul

Which one was your favorite?

Shh blanca Watch this … After the new year was wrung in a mysterious woman walked in and removed her hood

Kate Gasped Vivian as in Vivian Alemain as the credits Rolled

a man behind Vivian nodded  at Bob,Bob tipped his glass of soda and nodded Back wondering if he was going to enter after Vivian’s grandstanding was over with

Time To Turn The hourglass

By Robert Feldmann