Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/01/17: Sami’s Got a Gun

To help will with his memory Marlena john and lucas took Will to a local karaoke bar he went to every so often
They were seated and saw Blanca after the greetings

Bob Came out looked out at Blanca and saw John Marlena Lucas and Will

Hey Guys this one’s for you


sami’s got a gun
sami’s got a gun
her whole worlds’ come undone
when Ben Weston killed her son
What did batty Ben do?
What did he put you through?
They say when Sami was arrested
They found him underneath a train…
But man, he had it comin’
Now that Sami’s got a gun…..
Salem aren’t never going be the same

This Week In Salem

JJ’s going to see Theo in the hospital didn’t sit right with Abe. Abe excused JJ of coming to finish what he started

Was Abe out of line
Bob Abe’s just grieving
John were you like this with Abe when Abe shot Brady

Thank you
Abe also blamed the Dimera’s
Of course he did
Will felt “something” with Ari but not enough to remember anything
Did you enjoy the Ari/Will Reunion?
Ari’s Adorable it made me cry
Rafe pleaded with Abe to let internal affairs handle JJ’s case
Internal Affairs HA
Abe fired Hope for not firing JJ Abe hired Rafe to take Hopes place..Rafe took the job
He took the job that foul
Don’t forget Funny too
All this Abe Rafe and hope Stuff adding in That Rafe will never be Bo the wedding was called off
Is this really the end of Rope
Kate talked to Will about his Past
He’s bound to get the truth then LOL
Sami has some Dimera Goons Kidnap Ben Weston out of the mental Ward
She came to the conclusion that Ben reenacting his death would bring Will’s memories Back it didn’t work Ben broke down calling Sami insane for making him do that
Would you have gone to that extreme if you were Sami?
No sane person would
Kate fearing Chad’s wrath set up Andre to take the fall for her sending Theo to the place where he got shot
All those times she’s defied Stefano and Kate’s suddenly afraid of. Never mind it’s too dopey to even contemplate
she broke down to Andre. Andre was going to take the fall for her but it didn’t matter as Abigail saved Andre from Chad kicking him out the house and Andre didn’t have to say anything
Where would Andre go if he actually had to leave?
He could stay with us
NO he won’t send him to Robert’s  Bob stayed Quiet
Will ran off to John Marlena and lucas and told Sami what she did
She tried to justify her actions Marlena Lucas and will took turns yelling at her Sami then went to see Rafe who told her she broke a million laws yet didn’t arrest her
Should Sami finally be put in a room next to ben?
Hope told Jennifer she blames Aiden for saying no to Rafe
Whatever works
Do you think Aiden is a lame excuse
Abe was happy when Lani told him she broke up with JJ
Eli tried to play..Radical policies with JJ Lani slammed him for that
Is the show going to go there is it better if they drop all that
I think so
Gabi told JJ about Hope rafe and Abe JJ broke down in her arms
Are we seeing a Jabi Reunion?
What are you doing JJ Gabi killed your father
Ro..BOB !!!
Its true Marlena can’t believe JJ when it comes to Gabi
Claire held a candlight

vigil for Theo she sang a song she wrote for him
Did you like her singing/ lyrics for the song
Too bad she didn’t ditch Even in NYC she might have a career now
When the Crowd Dispersed a person on a motorcycle endangered the lives of innocent civilians by driving a motorcycle throughout the square
The motorist turned out to be  (RECASTED)Ciara
Endangering public safety not thinking the consequences Teenage arrogant punks
What is your fist impression of the new Ciara
Too early to tell
That’s about it
Okay great whose next for karaoke come on, Marlena get up there
No that’s okay ill just stay here
I’ll Go


Time To Turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann