Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/22/17: A Close Call Christmas

This Time of year can be extremely difficult for many people if you or someone you know is having a difficult time call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline
!-800-273-8253 they are there 24/7 365 you are not alone
I shouldn’t be here

What do you mean you shouldn’t be here is Church on Christmas Eve

Last time i was in a church a demon tried to destroy it



This week in Salem

JJ was cleared by Internal Affairs Abe declared it a White Wash considering civil options Rafe told Abe that suing JJ was a bad idea

Is Abe racist all of a sudden because that came out of nowhere?

I still say the amulet has infected his mind

Chad played the tape Steve made for Kate


He said the only reason he didn’t go to the police was because of Abe and that she was lucky he wasn’t Stefano

What would Stefano have done to Kate? What do you think Chad will do?

Gabi decided to turn down Eve’s offer and sign with Kate

Andre told Kate not to give up on Chad Gabi’s deal may help calm his anger


Ciara launched a tirade at hope and naturally Hope had somewhere more important to be telling her about Rafe/Sami would have to wait

Of course Sigh oh well maybe before new years

Gabi gave Sonny a doll / present for Ari that he couldn’t find

At the annual Horton ornament hang Ciara and Claire got into fight knocking no serious injuries or property damage

ROTFLMAO that’s hilarious


At the Martin Mansion JJ in wrote goodbye letters to everyone Ghost dad Jack paid him a visit

Was it nice to see jack despite the circumstances surrounding it

Trying to get Will in the Christmas Spirit Arianne gave Will one of her presents saying she didn’t need it because she had him i think it was that doll not sure ?

Didn’t that just make you cry

Lani told Eli that despite loving and supporting her father she refused/couldn’t hate JJ

Gabi arrived at the cabin she saw a letter with her name on it amongst a bunch of others and started to read it naturally she freaked out and did everything she could to dissuade JJ from taking that drastic step

Will asked Paul out Paul said he couldn’t do that to sonny

What do you think about Will and Paul?

I think they make a better couple especially with Stalker Sonny being so insufferable

Eve thought she got some goods on Brady when overhearing a conversation but it was a set up by Brady and victor

Will this lead them to getting what they want?

That depends on Brady he doesn’t know it yet but he wants Eve

More sibling swapping SMH Blanca you made sure you aren’t related to any of my Ex’s right



Lani told Eli that despite being her father’s daughter she couldn’t hate JJ

Gabi got JJ to agree to a therapist smartly not leaving him alone they turned in for the night after they fell asleep Lani caught them in bed


She left without being seen if you were Lani and confronted them later would you believe them ?

Sadly no

Eve and Brady ended up in a mistletoe kiss

HA send out those wedding invitations now

Sonny tried the photo album trick with Will

Photo album SMH how old are they again isn’t there like 1000 pics on Sonny’s phone

Jennifer FINALLY Dropped the You Shot Brady Bomb on Abe and that Brady forgave him

HALLELUJAH Bout bloody time

What will happen with Abe and JJ now and Will Supercop go back to work?

After seeing Gabi and JJ Lani went straight to Eli one kiss and the clothes came off

Are you happy for Elaine? Will Sheila return to ruin things for them ?

I think Sheila is gone for good

That’s about it how about after the service we check out the all the holiday lights

Sounds nice


Time to Turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/15/17: Step one move in with me??

John and Marlena enter Bob’s office Blanca is with an officer Bob is talking to Abe

Uh Oh went John going over to Blanca

Any news Blanca

Bob thinks he knows who took Our Baby

THAT’S GREAT NEWS Went john Marlena gave Blanca a hug Abe angrily stormed out of Bob’s office not even acknowledging john and Marlena

Bob came out to everyone

Hey guys

What happened with Abe ?” asked John

Oh that..I just showed him an old video i had laying around that showed him Shooting  a young Brady It’s funny how ALL OF SALEM has forgotten that Bloody Writers

Anyway i know who has baby Stefano LETS EAT

This Week In Salem

Just as Andre was telling Kate her secrets were safe with him Steve and Kayla burst in and unloaded all they knew about Kate/Theo/Tripp

when Eli showed up they stopped talking

Did Eli go deaf how could they hear him coming but he didn’t hear them

After Theo left Kate tried to get everyone to keep their mouths shut

Hope telling JJ he did everything a cop was supposed to do didn’t stop his spiral into the abyss

Sami told Will that she had to return to her other kids but was happy they were in a good place Will found Rafe’s ring she put it on to hide her and Rafe’s sexfest

Remember when Sami tried to lie to Will about her and EJ cheating on Rafe   that was the moment Chandler made WIll his for possibly all time

Later after some initial mishaps she was able to slip it to Rafe with hope being none the wiser

Kate told Sami she put lucas into rehab, Abe showed up and started on Kate about Andre Sami jumped to Kate’s defense

Are they going to blame Abe’s behavior on that amulet or has that been forgotten

Chad told Jennifer he would take care of Any Dimera’s involved with Theo’s shooting

What does take care of mean to Chad?

Eric and the bible didn’t help JJ either Eric told Jennifer the only thing that may help JJ is Abe’s forgiveness

Will Abe forgive JJ

After i showed him that video How could he not

Hope misses the old Ciara

it’s sad that Hope forgot all those times she disobeyed her own  father

Eve and Gabi shared some Edgardo moments Eve offered her a job Gabi refused because of the damos history

What kind of story could come out of Gabi working with Eve

Wait hold on …OMG If Brady sleeps with Eve,(Theresa’s sister)  then that means Gabi will  be next , after all Brady did sleep with Arianna aka Gabi’s sister right.

Bob Please


Brady complained that sonny was neglecting his CEO duties because of Will  he told Sonny about Paul and Sonny Paul said Will kissed him not the other way around

Sonny said he would be with Will again Paul gave Brady the Eve file

Are you upset that Paul is doing Brady’s dirty work ?

The file had evidence of Eve’s gold digging past

Brady’s one to talk about gold digging

what’s that supposed to mean “asked John

Brady is second in command to everything Victor is over 40 and is still living at home SMH we did see Tate this week though ONCE or was it last week ..Doesn’t matter we’ll see him next year when he’s 16

Eve countered with the obvious Victor playing sonny and Brady against each other for his own amusement as who will finally rule everything

Sami started her round of goodbyes saying she has to get back to her kids

YES now Andre can have Goons follow Sami and use the kids to get the rest of the money back

BOB that’s horrible

Who’s the villain of this wait no Andre’s probably tony and doesn’t Know it SMH  sorry Marlena

Sonny confronted Will about kissing Paul Will said Paul was good looking and there was no harm in playing the field

Sonny got all mushy feely about love and looks feelings and said Will should move in with him
step one move in with me, SMH what was step one with us Blanca

Getting you away from Nicole

Oh right, right,  WELL IT WORKED lol Blanca by the way just want you to know that if i find out that you were conspiring with Brady to get rid of Nicole Ill


it’s nice how Sonny Forgot what he was like when he first met Will It was love at first sight for Sonny and Will wasn’t even out yet

Will Sonny give Will some space the space he deserves to have

Ciara was busted by Rafe for trying to ride Bo’s bike again Rafe told Ciara to respect the law


Ciara told Rafe she would never be Bo and gave up the keys

Stick with the mustang Ciara come on your wasting a classic

Shawn told Hope that Ciara wasn’t that much of a problem in Hong Kong

Its funny Hope disobeyed Doug to be with Bo every chance she got.  Hope, she’s enjoying the parental karma biting her in the backside

Eric got Ciara to open up a little about Theo she then heard Rafe and Sami discussing their Sexcapade she trashed Tripp for liking Claire  still blaming her for Theo

BOOM Go Ciara makes Rafe your Beotch

How will Ciara use this info

Could you see Ciara and Tripp as a couple instead?

Bo’s daughter Steve’s son Many would like that.

IA has finished its report on Supercop Abe is about to read it

at Dimera mansion Steve confronted Kate again This time  Kate admitted to everything and Saw Chad come out with a Tape Recorder

BOOM CHAKALAKA  I have to call Chad and recommend places to hide Kate’s Body


What im kidding I’m kidding

what’s going to happen to Kate what if anything is Andre going to do

The Andre i knew would have fun this. Imposter i don’t know

that’s about it  Bart ran into the office

Robe..SORRY BOB we found the kidnappers

Gotta run I’ll call you later sweetie bob left Blanca Marlena and john in the office

Time To turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann



Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/08/17: Motorcycle or Mustang

Marlena John and Bob are waiting in the lobby for Blanca who was running late when suddenly Her Mami and some cops Burst in

BOB !!!

What’s the matter what’s Mami..Where’s baby Stefano


“FINALLY  WE’VE MADE IT ” Went Bob then when everyone looked at him he changed his tune” opps i mean Oh no that’s terrible”


This Week In Salem

Kate apologized to Stefano’s portrait for what she did to Theo, Lucas told Kate what Sami did to Will (Ben strangling)

Did you wish the portrait could have just come alive and just taken Kate away

After scolding him for his drinking Kate invited Lucas into the mansion

shouldn’t Chad Abigail and Andre be upset at Kate’s presumptuous ?

Chad should but he won’t bet if Andre did that he would though SMH

Ciara blamed Claire’s not giving Theo the letter as the reason for him being shot

Naturally SMH

what’s your impression of new Ciara

Hope took Ciara’s motorcycle keys and asked Shawn to hide them

Shawn should tell Claire about the time he smashed Bo’s bike through the church window think it was BO’s  Was it Bo’ or his ?

Good maybe now she’ll stick to the mustang

Would you rather ride the motorcycle or the 65 mustang?

Steve is putting the Tripp/Kate pieces together

What is Steve going to do to her once…

Claire introduced Tripp to her parents

Brady called the police when he couldn’t find Tate and when the cops arrived he accused Eve of kidnapping him

Were you happy Brady remember Tate was alive?

When Eli arrived Brady accused eve of kidnapping the conversation was changed to the planted damos murder evidence Eve suggested that Victor and or Brady out a hit out on Damos

When will we find out who killed damos

I still think it was Abigail

Eve reminded Maggie she was living with monsters Maggie got Tough with Eve acting like the perfect dutiful mafia wife

Did you like Maggie’s attitude?

Victor said that if the police don’t stop their investigating they may need Nicole

Will Victor and Brady have Nicole killed or framed next

Beats me

Belle told will everything nobody else would

Oh no not the truth HA HA

Sami and Rafe exchanged some pillow talk Sami told Rafe to fix things with Hope

Home wreckers got a lot of nerve GO SAMI

Hope poured her heart out to Rafe and wants to set a wedding date

what’s a good date for them

Three decades from NEVER EVER EVER

Sami yelled at Belle for Telling the Truth kicking her out of her apartment


Sami told Eric her version of events

More twisted lies

Sonny told Chad he was dumping Paul to fully commit to Will

Sonny’s turning into a stalker

Chad told belle someone’s sabotaging dimera enterprises again

SMH did it ever occur to Chad that he’s bad at his job and his employees can’t stand him

Seriously nobody messed with Stefano’s business until he was well over 70

Will went to see Paul who dropped the truth on him Will kissed him

Will and Paul instead of will and sonny?

Works for me

Ciara moved back into the soras house apparently somehow her portion of the rent being made was never brought up

Writers and their lack of details Sigh  Ciara dreamed about getting Theo back and smasher one of his and Claire’s photos

SOMEONE should show Ciara the Theo and Claire sex video maybe then she’ll go away


What Marlena she’s over 18 SMH anyway of course Ciara thinks Theo’s  all Claire’s fault for not letter swapping Totally forgetting that She DUMPED THEO TO MAKE A PLAY FOR CHAD

SMH women Theo would have been nuts to take her back so quickly after that anyway

Is Ciara forgetting the Chad thing her arrogance or bad writing because it has yet to come up

Eric let Sami off the hook saying that Will will forgive her

Not going there right now

Will thanked Paul for not sugar coating anything Will got a little rude Paul didn’t want any part of getting in the middle and asked will to leave

Sonny then told Paul it was over

That’s about it

John Marlena you guys should get in the middle of this Will Paul sonny thing


Because it gets you more airtime then we can have Andre do something to mess it all up and john can go after Andre just like the old days

We’ll see what we can do

That’s about it


Blanca our son being kidnapped means we’ve made our first step to Super couple status Marlena help me explain

I’ll call the ISA

Thanks John

Time To turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/01/17: Sami’s Got a Gun

To help will with his memory Marlena john and lucas took Will to a local karaoke bar he went to every so often
They were seated and saw Blanca after the greetings

Bob Came out looked out at Blanca and saw John Marlena Lucas and Will

Hey Guys this one’s for you


sami’s got a gun
sami’s got a gun
her whole worlds’ come undone
when Ben Weston killed her son
What did batty Ben do?
What did he put you through?
They say when Sami was arrested
They found him underneath a train…
But man, he had it comin’
Now that Sami’s got a gun…..
Salem aren’t never going be the same

This Week In Salem

JJ’s going to see Theo in the hospital didn’t sit right with Abe. Abe excused JJ of coming to finish what he started

Was Abe out of line
Bob Abe’s just grieving
John were you like this with Abe when Abe shot Brady

Thank you
Abe also blamed the Dimera’s
Of course he did
Will felt “something” with Ari but not enough to remember anything
Did you enjoy the Ari/Will Reunion?
Ari’s Adorable it made me cry
Rafe pleaded with Abe to let internal affairs handle JJ’s case
Internal Affairs HA
Abe fired Hope for not firing JJ Abe hired Rafe to take Hopes place..Rafe took the job
He took the job that foul
Don’t forget Funny too
All this Abe Rafe and hope Stuff adding in That Rafe will never be Bo the wedding was called off
Is this really the end of Rope
Kate talked to Will about his Past
He’s bound to get the truth then LOL
Sami has some Dimera Goons Kidnap Ben Weston out of the mental Ward
She came to the conclusion that Ben reenacting his death would bring Will’s memories Back it didn’t work Ben broke down calling Sami insane for making him do that
Would you have gone to that extreme if you were Sami?
No sane person would
Kate fearing Chad’s wrath set up Andre to take the fall for her sending Theo to the place where he got shot
All those times she’s defied Stefano and Kate’s suddenly afraid of. Never mind it’s too dopey to even contemplate
she broke down to Andre. Andre was going to take the fall for her but it didn’t matter as Abigail saved Andre from Chad kicking him out the house and Andre didn’t have to say anything
Where would Andre go if he actually had to leave?
He could stay with us
NO he won’t send him to Robert’s  Bob stayed Quiet
Will ran off to John Marlena and lucas and told Sami what she did
She tried to justify her actions Marlena Lucas and will took turns yelling at her Sami then went to see Rafe who told her she broke a million laws yet didn’t arrest her
Should Sami finally be put in a room next to ben?
Hope told Jennifer she blames Aiden for saying no to Rafe
Whatever works
Do you think Aiden is a lame excuse
Abe was happy when Lani told him she broke up with JJ
Eli tried to play..Radical policies with JJ Lani slammed him for that
Is the show going to go there is it better if they drop all that
I think so
Gabi told JJ about Hope rafe and Abe JJ broke down in her arms
Are we seeing a Jabi Reunion?
What are you doing JJ Gabi killed your father
Ro..BOB !!!
Its true Marlena can’t believe JJ when it comes to Gabi
Claire held a candlight

vigil for Theo she sang a song she wrote for him
Did you like her singing/ lyrics for the song
Too bad she didn’t ditch Even in NYC she might have a career now
When the Crowd Dispersed a person on a motorcycle endangered the lives of innocent civilians by driving a motorcycle throughout the square
The motorist turned out to be  (RECASTED)Ciara
Endangering public safety not thinking the consequences Teenage arrogant punks
What is your fist impression of the new Ciara
Too early to tell
That’s about it
Okay great whose next for karaoke come on, Marlena get up there
No that’s okay ill just stay here
I’ll Go


Time To Turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann