Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/17/17: This week on the same Brady show …phony memories 

Bob and Blanca are getting set to leave Memphis when “LEAVING WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE” came from behind them

“OH MY GOD” Bob ran in for a Hug “SO GOOD TO SEE YOU ”

Great to see you too “Bob”

Blanca this sister  ?? Kristen Blake”

“I’ve heard allot about you”

“Well don’t believe everything you hear”

“Hey i only say good things”

“Sorry about Nicole”

“Who” Blanca quickly interrupted

“So Kristen you know Bob do you also know Robert”

“Uh oh”

This week in Salem

Hope is furious with Rafe for everything he has done for Sami concerning Will

Does Hope have a right to be upset?

Justin and Adrianne are worried about both Sonny and Paul

Shouldn’t they also be worried about what they did to Lucas

Sami and Susan continued to argue over the EJ/Will thing Elvis/Roger came in and shattered Susan’s world with the truth Susan then had what i call a psychotic break

“Pardon me while i laugh” went Kristen

“Was that you pretending to be Susan all that Rolf loved me stuff was tricky to detect

“That’s a secret”


Marlena and Elvis both agreed that the best thing will could do for Susan was leave

Back at Susan’s house Kristen Blake Dimera laughed and said that Will didn’t need to be EJ because EJ was alive

Were you shocked by this revelation and could we be seeing EJ again in the future?

He’d have to be recasted ..Shame
news of Will’s return from the dead spread through Salem everyone took turns coming to see him

Bull in a china shop Sami went too far demanding this and not understanding that actually thinking she knew better than World renowned psychiatrist Dr Marlena Evans


Will told her to get lost when she attacked Susan


Chad and Abigail came next Chad filled Will with his own phony memories of their fake HS friendship

Are you Upset that Writer Ron is using Former Writer Dena’s fake never happened Stories as background for his own

“pisses me off ”

Marlena made Will his favorite foods

Supercop’s guilt is making him want to visit Theo

SIgh supercop is losing


Is that a good idea


Abe Caught him in Theo’s room and yelled at him


Lani is torn in-between Abe and JJ  Eli is trying to help

Will this lead to Eli and Lani and how would Abe feel about that?

Sami of course took more shots at Abigail for her trying to be there for Will

EJ and Abigail’s affairs are still at the forefront naturally

Sami’s one to talk about. More on that next week

Gabi’s turn to see Will she said it didn’t matter if he couldn’t remember because they all still loved him

Then the secret weapon was called into play as Baby Ari walked in and called Will DADDY

Is hearing daddy what snaps Will back to his old self

Hard to tell this could take Years but I’m thinking May Sweeps LOL

That’s about it ..PLEASE come back to Salem( with us) Andre. I mean Tony , needs you, Tate Needs you, We all need you !!  And Brady freaking out would be hilarious.. You could tell him you were right about Theresa

I will if i can you never know, Ask me anything you like Blanca I’m sure you still have questions about “BOB” here



There might not be a wedding if i don’t like her answers

Bob remained silent

Time to Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/17/17: Walking In Memphis

Bob and Blanca are in a Cafe in Memphis

“How did you like Graceland?” Bob asked her

“It was amazing, thank you for suggesting we see it”

“After last week i couldn’t stay away” suddenly a nun approached them

Excuse me would you two nice folks be able to help out the poor this fine Evening

Of course Sister…. ???

Sister Mary, Mary Moria !

Please Sit Sister Mary tell us how we can help you?

This Week in Salem

Supercop saw that he shot Theo he and Lani ensured Theo was rushed to the Hospital

Just as Tripp and Claire were about to Kiss Claire got the call about Theo

Will this reinforce her feelings for him or are Claire and Theo too far gone

Supercop told Abe it was he who shot Theo and demanded his suspension while going on some Anti Dimera Ranting’s for putting the in the line of fire

What will Mayor Abe do to JJ

He’ll abuse his powers just like everyone else does

Susan told Rafe that he could end up dead like EJ if he stays around Sami for too long

Was Susan threatening Rafe

Susan nah she’s harmless” sister Mary smiled

Sami and Sonny Confronted Will with a whole dose of It’s you’s and your alive ect ect

That’s when the young man.. We’ll call him Will told them both that his name was EJ and he told them to leave Susan showed up and identified them Will called Sami a lying cheating WH#$

ROTLFMAO  sister Mary smiled  Rafe showed up and told Will he could prove everything Sami and Sonny were saying Sami naturally punched Susan.

Of course she did Sonny Vowed not to give up on Will/EJ

Gee if only he worked this hard with his current boyfriend

Is Sonny being unfair to Paul?
Maybe Paul not telling Sonny he saw Will lasted what an hour  not telling made no difference he is seeking ways to make things right John told him it would all work out

Are Paul’s days in Salem Numbered?

Well thank you for your Generosity Bob, Blanca i have to run you’re a beautiful couple best of luck to you both

“Good Day Sister” Sister Mary Ran off ” Blanca looked around then at Bob “What ?”

“For a moment there i thought the nun was Nicole and that’s why you brought me here


Claire fainted was it because of her fear for Theo or something else

Bet she’s pregnant SMH

Kate blackmailed Tripp to get Theo’s phone to erase her involvement telling him Kayla would suffer if he didn’t play ball Tripp easily deducted Theo was her fault

Here we go ..Poor Bastard

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Tripp called Uncle Angelo to remove his Kate Problem?

It would be the greatest thing ever

Chad is blaming Andre for Theo


Theo fell into a coma would the show dare to kill off Theo

Nope they killed off Will and look what happened

Marlena got Sami out of jail for punching Susan..

Nice of the Memphis police not to do their job

Susan told EJ/will all about the people of Salem funny thing is everything she said was true EJ/Will thinks they are all nuts they took off for the unknown

Adrianne told sonny to follow his heart

Sigh not always the best idea but whatever

He ran into Paul

Sami went back to Susan’s house but it was empty for about 30 seconds Susan and EJ/Will returned because someone forgot something and the credits rolled

Will we see a knock down dragged out fight on Monday?

A recasted Ciara is set to return soon and Jen Lilley is reported to return as Theresa as well

How does a new Ciara make you feel especially with Theo leaving? What’s going to happen with Theresa is her stay isn’t permanent

That’s about it for Salem this week lets go dancing

After i call Mami and check in on Stefano

Of course put her on Video

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann





Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 11/09/17: SuperCop’s worst nightmare

Bob and Blanca are going over last minute details and wedding preps they heard yelling and screaming outside Rob recognized the voice “so love instead of Shakira at your wedding how about Elvis ?

“What?” went Blanca “Just Listen” “let her in Marco ” Rob went into the intercom Rob clicked a remote Elvis’s ” love me tender “started playing

SAMI How not nice to see you  “Sami  heard the Elvis music it added to her rage”

“Cut the crap Robert i know you know everything you always did tell me what’s going on with my son

“BOB, Blanca this is the Sami, Rafe told you about



This Week In Salem 

Tripp overheard Kate and Theo talk about doing something illegal and that  Kate was manipulating Theo into something  what kind of @#$torm is Poor Tripp in for

Rafe was upset Chad rehired Abigail away from the department

Paul tried to get Wills attention, but he failed he covered it up by lying to john about it being Lucas not will .

Elvis/Roger told Susan he did all he could to dissuade the salemites

Drunken Lucas tried to reel in Sami by reminding her they have other children it didn’t work

Rafe is being a jerk to Eli because he saw Eli kissing Gabi, Eli correctly responded by calling out Rafe’s taking his not getting the commish job out on him.

Chad made Abigail Dimera Spokesperson naturally Kate wasn’t happy about it

“Sami while you here can’t you for one last time make Kate’s life miserable” Elvis’s Can’t help falling in love” started playing Bob starting singing it to Blanca

“Turn that off” Sami grabbed the remote”

Kate wants to hire Gabi at countess W  Gabi is reluctant because it once again has her cross paths with Chad and Abigail, Abigail seems okay with his for some reason

Don’t you just want to scream Do something Else when you see this play out

Theo hired some “friends” to trend one of Claire’s music pages which of course set Claire off

Is Claire to be faulted for not know how things work and if she doesn’t was she too hard on Theo ?

Tripp regrets what happened with him and Kayla more than ever as its hurt his chances of getting into medicine

Steve tried to help him on by reflecting on some of the things he did in the past without telling Tripp that he only met Kayla because he was hired by victor to stalk her.

Do you remember the victor./steve/kayla storyline from the mid eighties

Tripp then explained to Claire the benefits of what Theo did, i think Claire understands now

Does Tripp getting through to Claire mean anything else ?

Brady or Henderson on Brady’s request planted the amulet in Eve’s purse and called the police

Eve at the police station after undergoing some hostility from Rafe proved her innocence with a rock solid alibi she was with Chloe in NY they had pictures on their phones and the internet

Just when we were ready to laugh at Rafe. He reveled that he knew this was all a set up and he let it play out to gain further insight as to what’s really going?

Wow Rafe has a real thought …Brady hopefully goes to jail

After getting john, Marlena and Andre up to speed on Will she refused Andre’s help in finding the saboteur everyone but Abigail thinks it’s him

That’s practically an admission of guilt.

Well its Kate what did you expect?

oh looks who’s talking Sami you don’t know the meaning of the word Truth

Like you’re telling the truth here BOB

Victor reminded Brady that what he did to Eve Frees Nicole as Damos cant have two murderers

Brady said it didn’t matter they would both be gone

Are you looking forward to this all blowing up in Brady’s face

Well he got rid of Nicole that’s a good thing anyway” mocked Sami.  Blanca looked over at Bob

“I’m sure Nicole  is much happier being far far away from you Brady and everyone else” Bob responded

Sami noticed that Bob wasn’t phased about what she said which countered everything she’s ever heard about him and Nicole,  Blanca noticed to

Chloe tried with Lucas  to no avail

Can anyone help Lucas right now?

Maggie is believe right now is the only one he will listen to

JJ gave Lani a surprise Birthday party and despite his previous hesitations looks like he’s ready to go full into relationship mode with Lani

Kate sensing the jig may be up couldn’t stop Theo from doing her dirty work

Well Sami i know that Rafe told you it was okay to exhume Will’s grave and i also know that you only have one commercial break to get from Salem to Memphis so maybe you should hurry

Right well Say hello to Nicole for me Oh wait you can’t she’s gone

Wow who didn’t see that coming Sami turned to leave

Sami wait,

I just wanted to..well  I miss the Mustache you wore as Stan the man I helped Andre pick out that outfit but it was the mustache that had almost everyone fooled

Sami stormed out

Hope for some reason needed an off duty detective to do the work of a night shift Street cop and Supercop arrived at a crime in progress he confronted the suspect and told him to drop the weapon and turn around The suspect failed to comply with the officer’s demands and ran off when he couldn’t run anymore he turned around  something in his hand was pointing at JJ

JJ fired the suspect went down

The Credits rolled with it looking that JJ unaware that it was Theo Carver he had shot

What will happen to Supercop

Shouldn’t something be said to Commissioner Hope for sending an off duty detective to a crime in progress

Should Mayor Abe shut down the entire department and start over

Is Theo going to die

Hope not he’s the shows shining light of Pure Goodness

When Bob got confirmation that Sami was out of the building he decided to not be like everyone else in Salem and get in front of everything by doing the right thing

Blanca sit down i have something to tell you

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/28/17: Throw Her Out on Her Ass

Chad and Andre one wanting to check all angles and one wanting to prove his innocence went to see Robert at his office to see if he heard anything of if he could be the saboteur of Dimera enterprises

They ran into Marco who stopped them at the door and wouldn’t let them in they could hear loud music in the background minutes later Bob came out

“Oh hey guys what can i do for you”

What’s going on back there Robert “asked Chad

“BOB …..It’s my bachelor party Id invite you in but some of the women are …what can i do for you?

We’re looking for clues as to whose sabotaging Dimera enterprises

Well it’s not me If you bothered to look I pulled all my money OUT of dimera Inc months ago severing ties with the company .

No wonder the stocks are plummeting

Awww i bailed you out once before Chad Not this time


This Week In Salem

At the cemetery Eve explained her marriage to damos to Victor and Brady and the documentation to prove it

Do you believe Eve’s versions of events?

Kate is convinced someone is sabotaging the company she is hinting towards Andre chad may believe her

That’s nonsense

I know it is But that’s your own fault

Is Andre the saboteur?

It’s Kate Wake up Andre she is setting you Up SMH what the hell has happened to you

Claire enjoyed seeing Tripp in nothing but a towel Tripp said his regrets he thought he was alone

Did you enjoy Tripp in the buff

After breaking into Elvis’s home and acting like herself aka a crazy person Elvis said he knew doctor Rolf because rolf brought him back from the dead

The police arrived and arrested Sami

Are you happy that Elvis is back among the living?

The police arrested Sami.  But failed to check that she jumped bail and didn’t sent her back home


Halloween night Abigail had a bunch of dreams involving Serena trying to kill Chad, Rolf bringing back Gina to kill rate maybe? Page back to kill Lani, Kayla was killed by ben then Steve killed Ben

Your wife has “twisted” dreams Chad but that’s what happens when she stops her mental treatments cold turkey

Did you enjoy the dream sequences or where they a waste of time?

Paul tried to get sonny to take it easy and was later wounded by Elvis nothing serious

If you were Paul would you have given up on sonny by now?


Justin bailed out Sami who of course never suffers any consequences for her psychotic behavior

Lucas also showed up Sami said she didn’t tell him anything because his drinking made him useless

she’s right about that

Do you hate to see Lucas like this how much longer will it last?

Sami ditched everyone and all the blah blah blah and went back to the house

Victor got Maggie up to speed on everything Eve/Damos after hearing about Will Eve wondered about Paige

That is not going to be pretty

Would you like to see page back in Salem

Victor agreed to give Eve 24 hours of compassion then he would “Throw her out on her ass”

ROTFLMAO why can’t you two do that with Kate ? Seriously you think Stefano would stand for any of this especially under his Roof?

Abe is unhappy about Supercop and Lani but that’s okay because papa Kent wasn’t a fan of superman/lois for a while also

Will Lani listen to her father and end things with JJ

She should


Because months ago JJ pretty much said that Lani wasn’t the one and that she wouldn’t be he is wasting her time.

JJ told eve that Paige was gone

Could they?? Nah that was like two writing teams ago

Adrianne tried to reach Lucas but nope didn’t work a case could be made that she was doing it for herself to justify Justin

Poor Lucas sadly though there is nobody left all the women in Salem he could be with either cheated on him dumped him or both

He should have went back to his fiancée in Hong Kong LOL

Should the show bring in someone new for Lucas?

Would be nice

Paul and Justin talked about Paul taking the low road and how it worked for Justin and Adrianne

Sonny’s gone he’s been gone since Greece Paul

Will Paul leave the show after this is over ?

Marlena john and Sami put some EJ pieces together when Susan Banks came out with a shotgun

Were you happy to see Susan Banks?

I hope its Kristen in disguise you guys remember Kristen right ??? sigh

Lucas thought he saw Will tending bar and thought it was the booze

Was it a hallucination or was it real?

Theo found out something about the saboteur but won’t talk to Kate

Chad thinks you’re manipulating Theo Andre

Is he serious

I’m checking all Angles

Chad if you knew ANYTHING about Andre then you know he doesn’t work this way

Thank you Robert

BOB and you, you pathetic shadow of your former self where is the COUNT? Why are you putting up with any of this?

it’s complicated

You’re a joke

Abigail quit her job at the Salem pd to work at Dimera Inc

Susan told marlena and Sami that she paid Rolf to resurrect Will so she could kill him herself??? But it didn’t work and Will never came back

Do you believe Susan?

Back at the bar after trying to offer Lucas his support Paul saw Will or someone who looks like him? And the credits rolled

What will Paul do with this information?

He won’t tell until it’s too late his thing with sonny is over and he knows it

You know what’s over this conversation Goodbye  Rob went inside and closed the door

They looked at each other and started to leave bob reopened the door

Guys i know you won’t believe me and you have to find out for yourself But i stand by my Its Kate !”

Bob re closed the door

What do you think? Chad asked Andre

Robert wouldn’t lie to me

You mean BOB

Yes Bob looks like project pawn worked


Another time come on

Time To turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann