Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/14/17: Butthole Brady Black

Rob was sitting in his office Beyond Livid he had heard about the ultimatum Brady gave to Nicole and he was just as mad at Nicole for once again repeating her sad pattern

Luckily he was all prepared “can’t believe it actually came to this” he said to himself picking up the phone “Doctor… is it all ready”

Yes it is Heir Robert”

IMPLEMENT PROJECT PAWN ! And be prepared they have begun looking for you “he hung up Blanca carrying baby Stefano walked in “where’s Nicole?  Or do i get to actually spend some alone time with my Fiancee on a Friday night”

Nicole’s leaving Salem Blanca….  Brady’s…she’s not coming back ?

“THAT’S GREAT..Let’s go celebrate.. i mean noooooo that’s terrible  lets go somewhere and talk about it”

I’ll go if you stop Smiling

Whose smiling


This Week in Salem


Kayla and joey discussed their Joey visit and what to tell him about the not double wedding Ben/Will declaration

They decided on Honest which led to more Tripp/Kalya issue bickering

Will Tripp ever be able to find middle ground with Kayla


Tripp assured Theo he was strictly friend zone with Claire in case Theo wanted to try again with her

Do you believe him will Theo try again before it’s too late ?

Victor had enough of Brady and Sonny arguing over titan and how to run things

Considering the flipping of them both who now is more suited to run Titan

Hope talked to Ben about Will

Kate tried to talk to Clyde about Ben and Will Clyde gave Kate riddled answers about an inmate who told him

Nicole tried to get Eric not to leave Salem and naturally they made love.

Wow who didn’t see that Coming LOL


It is from where I’m sitting mocked Blanca

Real Adriane met Real Hattie in Prison Hattie told her everything going all the way back to Angelica

Chloe and Julie are bickering about their clubs name what would you call it

Club Nobody Cares?

Bonnie/Adrianne went for it she told Victor to divorce Maggie and marry her or she would tell the cops he had Zander murder Damos

Poor Bonnie nobody told her about Brita England

Who is that

Steve and Bo’s ex girlfriend that he had murdered for trying to blackmail him

Do you remember Brita England?

Brady Called Brandon to confirm Nicole’s lies, he confronted her she told him the truth and that she would like to be with Eric now

Is there anyone in Salem that woman hasn’t wanted to be with

Seriously didn’t Mami bring you to Salem just to seduce Rafe only to end up trying his Brother when that didn’t work.

Are you comparing me to Nicole ???  Blanca lost her sarcastic tone.


Dr Rolf may be the mystery man that Clyde was talking about Will bring back from the dead

John, Kate, Roman and Marlena forgot where they were living when trying to say none of it could be possible


Are you excited that Dr Rolf may be returning to Salem ?

That conversation ended with Marlena Calling Sami

Lani talked Hope into reinstating Supercop

Are you happy that Supercop is back on the job?

Brady told Nicole to take Holly and get out of Town or face Jail for Damos’s murder …STOP SMILING

Will Nicole actually leave Salem ?


Where do you see Brady when this is all over?

Not with Nicole that’s for sure?

John and Paul were doing some ILLEGAL Grave Robbing when they were interrupted By Sami.

How did Sami get there so there fast? Shouldn’t she call the police why are john and Paul not going to get into legal trouble will they be that way with Rolf when they confront him ?
Seriously the timing in all that is Mind boggling?

Happens in Salem all the time….. STOP SMILING



Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann