Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/28/17: This is not a Fight Club

Marlena’s office Blanca Enters
Thanks for coming in early Blanca is Robert with you?

Parking the car, is everything okay

Yes John and i have to go somewhere unexpectedly tonight so i had to reshuffle, how everything between you two is since last week

It’s been the best week ever with Nicole gone I finally have Robert all to myself  its like he’s a totally different person and i love it, there’s just one thing that’s odd

(The door opens)

Good afternoon Robert thanks for coming in so early today

Marlene good to see you ..but please call me  Bob

Bob not Rob?

Yes BOB!

SEE went Blanca shaking her head in wonder

Marlena pondered the new development


This week in Salem

Jennifer tended to a broken Eric

Do they have a future doesn’t seem so

You know what’s funny about Eric and Jennifer, Marlena ?


Jennifer and hope are less than a year apart, Sami is older than Rafe.  Eric and Sami were 1 when Hope first married Bo, Yet SOMEHOW Jenifer is too old for Eric.  But Hope and Rafe are okay?

Age is just a number Robert


Sorry Bob Blanca shook her head again

Maggie interrupted the Victor and Bonnie Wedding then it all started crashing down around her Adrianne/bonnie threated to expose Victor for the Damos murder Victor told him he arranged Zanders freedom in exchange for his silence that’s when all the fun started Steve came in and finally uncovered the Bonnie/Adrianne rouse Bonnie came clean said it was revenge for taking mickey from Maggie and that Adrianne was in Statesville before she took off.

Are you glad this story is over or is it as Bonnie got away?

Victor assured Maggie that nobody was hurt and that all they did was bribe a judge Maggie is willing to live with it

Hope was trying to question a reluctant Dr Rolf Sami taking Hopes Gun or brining her own doesn’t really matter threatened To shoot Rolf

Hope of course ignored the LAW and let Sami get away with it even after she clocked Rolf with said gun

Dr Rolf should Sue the entire Department

Why did Hope let Sami get away with all that?

Because she’s corrupt to the core

Dr rolf told Sami he saw her at the morgue and he was paid to resurrect Will but he wasn’t paid by Stefano he then took a cyanide pill and died

Were you happy to see Dr Rolf even for a little while or are you angry that another interesting character was just thrown away for no reason?

Both i guess?

Hope arrested Sami, Sami called her a hypocrite

Well she’s right Hope is a joke

Drunk Lucas yelled at sonny and Paul at Will’s grave

Maggie went to see about Lucas
man drunken Lucas is annoying why doesn’t someone throw him in a drunk tank

Justine Found Adrianne in prison Steve came with some DNA testing there’s some explaining and paperwork to


do but Adrianne should be home soon Hattie said she would look after her until then

Bonnie met up with Shelia one last time and after some failed blackmail threats Bonnie left with her last token of mickey a broach he gave her back in 2003/2004

Is this the last we see of Hattie and Bonnie?

Maybe not Hattie?

Eli told Gabi that he and Shelia history basically law man Eli through his anti-law friends under the bus

that’s what happens to criminals. But Shelia didnt see it that way

The Salem pd using Rolfs fingerprints opened his laptop there is a trail to follow

Memphis am i right Marlena that’s where you’re off to

Yes Memphis that’s right


Eric told Roman what happened with What’s her name


Ha Ha you said her name i didn’t anyway Eric ran over to kirakis mansion to beat Brady’s brains in

Rafe and Hope discussed Hope’s handling of Sami they started arguing and somehow Rafe brought up Zack

Hope became livid


Can we expect to see more conflict with these two?

YES PLEASE they need to END

Justin tried to tell Lucas about Adrianne but he was too drunk to listen

I felt sorry for Lucas at the beginning but now he’s just annoying

What is the answer for Lucas an old girlfriend or someone new?

Someone new i hope

Marlena bailed out Sami

Marlena please remind Sami of the risk you are taking and what happens to you and her if while on bail she leaves the state ROTFLMAO

What will they find in Memphis?

NOT Nicole, Blanca Laughed out loud

Why do you keep doing that?

Victor walked in on Eric and Brady fighting in his living room and yelled “this is not a fight club”

He ran those back in the day Victor is great with the one liners

Where will Eric and Brady go from here ?

Hopefully to a real fight club

Brady got Victor up to speed on His twisted versions of events Victor seemed happy and requested Brady’s help in moving Damos’s body

Why doesn’t Victor use goons anymore all this could have been done already ?

At the location of Damos’s body Victor said some mean things and before they could start Eve Donovan showed up

Are you excited to see Eve and what is and how did she get there without prior knowledge of these events?

Sami John Marlena, Paul and sonny are on their way to Memphis Will stated he will break it off with Paul if Wills alive but everyone already figured that out

Is it possible that Paul is aware of what is in Memphis and that’s why he’s been trying to derail things?

Be a nice twist but i don’t think so

Well we don’t want to keep you Marlena. We hope you find what you are looking for

Take care Robert

BOB ,…..I’ll go get the car Love”

“Right sorry Bob”  Bob smiled I’ll  go get the car” Rob exits

thanks Love we can go get Stefano at Mami’s later  Blanca turns back to Marlena

“He seems okay just keep an eye on him ill check in with you when i have some free time in Memphis

Thank you Marlena  Blanca leaves

Bob ???? Hmmmm


Time To Turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/14/17: The End of Everything

After leaving Horton Square Nicole rushes off to pack her things after cleaning out kirakis mansion she drove over to the storage facility where she planned on renting a truck.

Rob was already there waiting with Baby Stefano

“Hey Nicole, thought you could use a hand”

“You did all this ..By yourself ?”

“Nah i had help but don’t worry i was the one who handled all your clothes, so whenever you’re ready WE can leave”

What do you mean We ?

“We’re Going with you !




This week in Salem


Brady continued to Berate Nicole forcing her to break up with Eric, leave town or face prison for the Damos Murder BTW Brady still has that stupid Amulet on him

Do you want to kill Brady and how much would you make him suffer first

Eli doesn’t want Rafe’s help in Hope hiring him at the Salem PD But he may take Julies

Is this the smart move or is he better off with Rafe

Going with Julie on this one

Hope Reinstated Supercop Rafe accused her of showing special interest

Salem needs SUPERCOP on the job city can’t survive without him

Was Rafe over stepping?

After Sami surprised john and paul at the cemetery she called Rafe to make sure they stopped  a drunk Lucas showed up and after he was convinced that she was real Sami scolded him for being drunk

Again Lucas defended himself using the current events he thinks it may be possible because Dr Rolf has done it before

Sami despite having her father and mother and stepfather all return from the dead Roman and Marlena  at least two times Each still doesn’t believe it to be true

Or is it that Sami just doesn’t want to get her hopes up

Paul is feeling hopeless because whether Will is alive or not he knows he lost Sonny!

Sonny’s being unfair to Paul

Are Paul’s days in Salem numbered


Bonnie/Adrianne told victor to divorce Maggie and marry him or she would go to the cops for his murdering Damos

She told Maggie to move out she had some weird dream from the movie whatever happened to baby Jane.

She visited Mickey’s grave and replaced Maggie’s flowers with her own

What other depths will this woman sink to?

SMH Why hasn’t Victor just put a bullet in her head ?

Because she’s family just wait though as soon as bonnie is bonnie BAM

Tearful Nicole broke it off with Tearful Eric. Eric doesn’t understand why

Neither do i but hey?

What happens to Eric now any chance he resumes it with Jennifer?

They changed Eric’s persona he’s no longer compatible with Jennifer this is a good thing

Steve called his mother JO JO to inquire about Bonnie/Adrianne’s behavior patterns

Kate got Justin up to speed on everything Dr Rolf the entire town is going to look for him now

They will find him when he is ready

You know where he is

Of course

Chad told Andre to Fix the Hattie mess with the board and of course they used Abigail to bully him into helping them find Rolf ,he said he would try

why does Andre tolerate his family berating him day after day
when is this dimera board inconsistency going to stop they are upset that Andre was scamming Hattie when Clearly Hattie had it coming being a scammer herself and YET they are okay with their CEO stealing and smuggling a 20 million dollar artifact.

Don’t get me started on that stupid amulet

Sami told Marlena she took the kids all over the world trying to find traces of EJ

Instead of enrolling them in school and giving them stability

So she’s following traces of EJ all over the world because HE may be alive. But Will can’t BE SMH Sami

Sami went to Dimera mansion and kissed Chad in front of Abigail, Chad Loved it but played dumb Abigail said it was for revenge

Abigail is lucky Sami didn’t do anything else she should shut up

Andre saw Sami refused to help Sami denied stealing the money claiming it was EJ’s inheritance and when he refused to help they bullied him again

I wish it was a case of poking the bear but clearly these writers no NOTHING about Andre Dimera

Kayla and Tripp had an encounter Kayla looks like she may try to treat Tripp like Family

Steve question Hattie and just missed Adriane

Victor handed Maggie divorce papers Bonnie/Adrianne was livid that he left her so much money wanting her to have less than nothing

A small trace of the old victor reminded her that he could have her killed she got scared but tried to play it off

Bonnie brought in a certified Shelia because Marlena wasn’t available to marry them ????? To get married right her right now

Maggie stopped the wedding, is it possible that Maggie just and victor are all on the same page and are playing Bonnie/Adrianne together

Hope so

Sami and Eric shared a birthday cake Sami ran into Nicole and slammed her in Sami Fashion

Eric demanded that Sami knock it off

That’s about it

Great now Robert can’t go with me

Like hell i can’t you think i want to stay in this town without you in it

Blanca needs you Stefano here needs both her parents

That’s taken care of.. Project pawn remember My clone is with Blanca as is his twin brother baby Stefano 2  who is also a clone

Things will be great for her my um “devotion “to you was not entirely  implanted in him

How do i know you’re not the clone and the real ones are with Blanca

You can trust me

I always could, couldn’t i  ..well let’s get going then i suppose

Nicole one last thing.


Some time back  on a Dimera Man binder i ended up at the sperm bank and switched specimen cups

So you’re trying to tell me that Holly is yours not Daniels


IF that’s true then Stefano can’t grow up to be with Holly because they have the same father

But if he’s not my son but a bonfire Clone of Stefano he could  indeed

Get in the car

Nicole when you start to feel better can we have sex? i do love you, you know


That’s not a no

Just drive i need to get out of here

Next stop my private Island

i want to see my sister first she’s waiting for us

I knew that

Nicole Walker, many will miss her Many wont Either way Adriane Zucker is a great actress and it’s the show and viewers loss

What are your favorite Nicole Memories?

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/14/17: Butthole Brady Black

Rob was sitting in his office Beyond Livid he had heard about the ultimatum Brady gave to Nicole and he was just as mad at Nicole for once again repeating her sad pattern

Luckily he was all prepared “can’t believe it actually came to this” he said to himself picking up the phone “Doctor… is it all ready”

Yes it is Heir Robert”

IMPLEMENT PROJECT PAWN ! And be prepared they have begun looking for you “he hung up Blanca carrying baby Stefano walked in “where’s Nicole?  Or do i get to actually spend some alone time with my Fiancee on a Friday night”

Nicole’s leaving Salem Blanca….  Brady’s…she’s not coming back ?

“THAT’S GREAT..Let’s go celebrate.. i mean noooooo that’s terrible  lets go somewhere and talk about it”

I’ll go if you stop Smiling

Whose smiling


This Week in Salem


Kayla and joey discussed their Joey visit and what to tell him about the not double wedding Ben/Will declaration

They decided on Honest which led to more Tripp/Kalya issue bickering

Will Tripp ever be able to find middle ground with Kayla


Tripp assured Theo he was strictly friend zone with Claire in case Theo wanted to try again with her

Do you believe him will Theo try again before it’s too late ?

Victor had enough of Brady and Sonny arguing over titan and how to run things

Considering the flipping of them both who now is more suited to run Titan

Hope talked to Ben about Will

Kate tried to talk to Clyde about Ben and Will Clyde gave Kate riddled answers about an inmate who told him

Nicole tried to get Eric not to leave Salem and naturally they made love.

Wow who didn’t see that Coming LOL


It is from where I’m sitting mocked Blanca

Real Adriane met Real Hattie in Prison Hattie told her everything going all the way back to Angelica

Chloe and Julie are bickering about their clubs name what would you call it

Club Nobody Cares?

Bonnie/Adrianne went for it she told Victor to divorce Maggie and marry her or she would tell the cops he had Zander murder Damos

Poor Bonnie nobody told her about Brita England

Who is that

Steve and Bo’s ex girlfriend that he had murdered for trying to blackmail him

Do you remember Brita England?

Brady Called Brandon to confirm Nicole’s lies, he confronted her she told him the truth and that she would like to be with Eric now

Is there anyone in Salem that woman hasn’t wanted to be with

Seriously didn’t Mami bring you to Salem just to seduce Rafe only to end up trying his Brother when that didn’t work.

Are you comparing me to Nicole ???  Blanca lost her sarcastic tone.


Dr Rolf may be the mystery man that Clyde was talking about Will bring back from the dead

John, Kate, Roman and Marlena forgot where they were living when trying to say none of it could be possible


Are you excited that Dr Rolf may be returning to Salem ?

That conversation ended with Marlena Calling Sami

Lani talked Hope into reinstating Supercop

Are you happy that Supercop is back on the job?

Brady told Nicole to take Holly and get out of Town or face Jail for Damos’s murder …STOP SMILING

Will Nicole actually leave Salem ?


Where do you see Brady when this is all over?

Not with Nicole that’s for sure?

John and Paul were doing some ILLEGAL Grave Robbing when they were interrupted By Sami.

How did Sami get there so there fast? Shouldn’t she call the police why are john and Paul not going to get into legal trouble will they be that way with Rolf when they confront him ?
Seriously the timing in all that is Mind boggling?

Happens in Salem all the time….. STOP SMILING



Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10/06/17: One out of two isn’t Bad

Rob is driving Nicole to see Eric

Rob is driving Nicole to see Eric
SO..let me get this straight Chloe exposed Brady’s anti Eric plot and now you are going to run off to see Eric because ????

I just have to see him i can’t explain it right now?

You’re going to sleep with him

No Im not

Bet you do, whatever you do is fine with me Nicole call me if you need a ride back

Where are Blanca and baby Stefano

At the doctors I’m going to pick them up after seeing Marlena the  offices are a block apart which is why i had time to pick you up and not cause a stir

“Thanks Robert”   Nicole gets out of the car  Robert dashes off to see Marlena

Hello Robert

Are you ready to hear it all Marlena


This Week in Salem

Ben showed up at the church stopping the festivities Abigail launched at him but was restrained

Abigail attacked him but Not Chad  lol sigh

Ben thanked John Andre and Marlena for their stopover in Bayview it made his escape as easy as grabbing some keys.

Are you shocked at the sanatoriums lack of security l


Ben’s reasoning for escaping was that Will was Alive and he wanted to tell Sonny

Do you think Ben is telling the truth? Both weddings were put on hold

At the police station word of ben’s return and his claims started to spread

Paul Tried to Get Sonny to ignore Ben and finish the ceremony But Sonny suddenly doesn’t love Paul anymore

Could Paul be a part of what’s going on?

Supercop asked Ben about Paige being alive Ben said no she was worm food that caused Supercop to put a gun to Ben’s head which lead to JJ’s suspension

Will JJ get his job back or will the new writing team send him down another path

Salem Needs Supercop especially now with Murderous Psychopathic Hope as Commissioner his reasons and conclusions to this event was full of Hypocritical lies

Will JJ get his job back?

Speaking of Commissioner Hope She Suspends JJ for pointing a gun at Ben  But Did Nothing when she caught Rafe Strangling him


Abe told Rafe he didn’t get the job because of Edgardo, Gabi and Darios past events

And yet Roman was able to keep his job during all of Sami’s shenanigans ..Go figure

Did Abe make the right call?

Chad and Abigail saw the minister return and got married anyway

Are you Happy for this couple?

.Sonny wants to exhume Will’s body, Paul is trying to keep his life together Lucas said no to Sonny’s request and is still on his drunken pity party bender.

Is Sonny doing the right thing?
Should Paul just give up?

Will Sonny work his way around Lucas’s NO

I can’t believe any of this Marlena what’s the matter with you

Excuse me ?

How many times have you come back from the dead? Roman, Hope, John, Steve, Jack the list goes on Why is everyone being such Dukes of Doubt

The Chloe, Julie partnership is in doubt already as Julie named it Doug’s place without consulting Chloe

Are you shocked by Julies selfishness

nope and what’s worse is that Julie will deny any wrong doing Watch

Eli showed some Defense moves to Gabi and they shared a kiss Rafe caught them and gave Rafe the Big brother warnings

Should Eli just RUN ?

Victor told Brady not to feel bad about anything he did to Eric and Nicole because he Won it was all over does Brady feel the least bit guilty or is the booze numbing that? Is Brady acting this way because of the amulet?

The amulet I’ve forgotten all about it

As did I

Chloe told Nicole EVERYTHING Brady did to her and Eric that got everyone to where they are now

So naturally Nicole went running to see Eric

I just dropped her off at the farm. Think their …NEVERMIND

Rafe told Gabi that Chad and Abigail got remarried she ????

Will Gabi focus on Eli and is that a good thing ?

I know many people that want Eli to Run while he still can

Eric fixed his roof heard a knock on the door and saw Nicole standing there soak and wet from the rain

Sigh Ron, Dena, Nicole no difference at all

That’s about it

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter

Rob laid out project pawn from beginning to end

Okay Rob I’ve listened with an open mind now let me tell you how and why this is wrong

I’m listening
Time to turn the hourglass 


By Robert Feldmann




Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/29/17: Bridging Aperitif’s and ascots

Rob Blanca and Baby Stefano are driving to the wedding
Why are we going to this again?
Because Abigail invited me and had invited you
Sigh Rob looked out his window “This could be interesting, sweetheart please call the police and tell them to head to Saint Lukes  “knowing Roberts tone of voice Blanca didn’t hesitate to take out her phone


This Week in Salem

Sonny kept dreaming and going on about Will not caring that it made Paul upset
Should  Paul see that Sonny is settling and call the whole thing off before he’s humiliated later ?
Sheila told Bonnie /Adriane to hurry up and pay or she would go to the cops she needs the money for her own revenge plans?
“What is Shelia up to and does it have anything to do with her and her history with Eli?”
“Is it weird that in prison Bonnie Shelia and Hattie were decent people but outside they are incapable of fitting in?”
Some people just belong in jail i guess?
A judged called out Abigail on her immigration fraud they need Dario or at least a statement from him to get her out of the marriage and possibly jail
Through Gabi they eventually got what they needed and Chad and Abigail could proceed
So because of Gabi Chad and Abigail can get married
Apparently, Hope and Rafe both applied for the commissioner’s job but can’t decide which one of them should take it.
How about neither only way to save their future
Never that easy
Nope, Zander called Victor from prison reminding him to hold up his end of the bargain, Victor said he will
“Will this who killed Damos business ever end and has the new writers forgotten that HALO is the killer not the person”
“What are you going to do if Nicole murdered him” Blanca asked
“Get her out of the country bring her to my island where you, me, her, Holly, and Stefano can live out the rest of our days
“ARE YOU HIGH OR JUST INSANE” Blanca yelled  Stefano awoken by the yelling  started crying
LOL knew that would happen “bonnie overheard Victors half of the conversation will she try to use it against Him
“Victor is going to do to Bonnie what he did to Brita England if she doesn’t knock it off
Nicole told Brady to his delight that Eric quit the center and left town, Marlena caught up with Eric and naturally blamed everything on Nicole, Eric defended Nicole saying that the center wouldn’t be where it was without her Brady accused Eric of not going along with the plan
“How soon until this blows up in Brady’s face?”
“Blanca i have an idea”
“NO i will not ensure Nicole sees me kissing Eric so she then decides to stay away from him”
“How did you ?”
Because i know you
Kate and Andre are going to try harder to keep their marriage up for the board
Andre agreed not to pull any more stunts and Kate agreed to stay away from Roman
Who will crack first?
Andre’s attempt at throwing a cultured calm bachelor party with elegant food Aperitif’s and Ascotsand Bridge instead of poker BOMBED with the younger crowd and they bailed on him Ingrates they are the ones who neutered all his ideas he tried to bring them culture and class .
The same Stripper was hired for both bachelor and bachelorette parties
Are you disappointed in NBC’s budgeting?
The stripper once dated Paul things were awkward for a bit
“You better behave yourself at yours” Blanca went to Robert
Guilt about Will is starting to overtake Sonny
No comment
Why can’t Sonny move on does he want to end up like roman ?
Marlena explained why she couldn’t officiate sonny and Paul’s wedding she reminded John that he owed her another wedding
Will we see John and Malena make it legal for what the Sixth  time ?
Well technically they have been married 5 times; their first four marriages were invalid due to Marlena’s marriage to Alex North and John’s marriage to Hope Brady.
So it’s like their First although they never divorced john and hope on screen that was like four writers ago and nobody cares
Justin offered to officiate the wedding
Nice of the writers to gloss over the whole sonny/Paul in a church thing is it bad or lazy writing
Doesn’t matter to me
Me either
Gabi was dreaming about Chad while watching Ari pick out some flowers Eli interrupted her train of thought and they went to the wedding together unbeknownst to them that they were being followed
They don’t know
Right thank you
Instead of walking in saying i dos and leaving they had to have speeches and vows
Are we not going to exchange vows?
Just i do’s Blanca looked upset Rob saw Fine i will think of something to say
Thank you
WOMEN sigh Robert parked the car and they went inside for the wedding they greeted everyone and some of them took turns looking and holding little Stefano Rob Busted a gut holding in laughter when he saw Stefano throw up on Hope, Marlena came over to him Rob next session we are going to discuss project pawn and why you chose Stefano of all people to name your boy after
Sure “Robert agreed  after helping Hope clean up Blanca brought Stefano over to Rob and Marlena Stefano started making noises and reaching towards Marlena.
Looks like the baby wants someone to hold him “Marlena took Stefano from Blanca and held him” hi” she whispered  Wow Marlena Stefano’s really taking a shine to you “Robert laughed as quietly as he could
Just then people Gasped and turned around staring at the figure at the doorway.

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann