Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/11/17: But we’re not even married !?”Can you hear me now ?

Friday afternoon Robert was getting ready to meet Nicole wondering if she would be with Eric or Brady when

Anjelica, Hattie, Bonnie how nice of you to come how is your Doppelganger scheme coming along ?

“Cut to the chase Robert what do you want ?”

“I Want one Million dollars Cash and for all of you to stay away from Nicole Walker”

“That’s it”

“yup that’s it, listen i got to run, Marco here will make sure everything goes nice and smooth, Bonnie great job hiding Adrianne’s breast cancer surgeries  those idiots haven’t a clue.

and  Bonnie i don’t mean to single you out but  if somehow Nicole gets hurt by whatever you all are  doing, i will bring Mimi back to Salem a piece a time ! Bye Now!  Robert left the office and not too long later

“JOHN just the person i was looking for”
Hey Robert, sorry but  I’m kind of in the middle of something here

This Week in Salem

Chad told a confused Abigail why she was in the hospital; they exchanged “I love you’s”

“As a Chabby fan just how happy are you right now”

“Tickled pink”

“Gabi let him go who will be her next target be JJ or Eli ?

“I’m guessing Supercop ?

Steve talked Tripp down away from Kayla before anyone got hurt”

“That’s good news”

“Will we see the reformation of Black Patch?”””LOL is it possible they can work past all this and become a real family?”

“i doubt it ..BECAUSE joey wants to turn himself in Steve wants to let him Kayla then demanded that Tripp share a cell in prison next to his”

“Could you see the brothers together in prison”

“No both would become boyfriends like nick and end up worse after getting out”

“Victor told Brady he did hire Zander to kill Damos but Something went wrong and Zander didn’t do it ,Victor wants Brady’s help in pinning the murder on someone else

“Will Brady go that far?”

“Brady nah he won’t”

“After getting no help from the FBI Rafe has decided to go to Mexico for Dario”

“Because the Salem pd and Mexico have such a great working relationship  …Will we see some on location shots in a few weeks?”

“Maggie told Nicole she was unable to took pics of Holly in this visit, and of course Nicole got all stupid and went to look for herself.  Eric was able to stop her from getting busted”

“Would she have been caught under Dena’s writing? And are you seeing anything different with her and Ron’s writing?”

Yes and no

Eric suggested Nicole make some recordings so Holly could hear her voice !

“Great idea I’m starting to like Eric again !”

“Eric or Brady for Nicole?”

“Marlena told John that she wasn’t getting enough romance and wanted a divorce john responded with a “we’re not even married” Robert burst out Laughing “ROTFLMAO sorry john but that’s funny”

“Don’t see me laughing,”

“Your just too close to it BTW doesn’t Marlena seem off to you doesn’t it seem like she’s somebody else AGAIN ?”

“What are you getting at ?”

“Nothing” Robert shook his head

“Justin told sonny things don’t look good for him with no other suspects

“Hatties friend Chett helped smuggle bonnie out of prison where was Bonnie while hope was there?”

“Brady has stooped to ease dropping his own past mistakes and Nicole’s life choices in the past have caused a major rift of mistrust”

“Is brady overreacting? Yes, but who can blame him for not trusting Nicole


Angelica gave Bonnie a book that supposedly had everything she would need to fool Lucas and everyone else that she was really Adrianne” apparently the plan is to break up with Lucas then go back to Justin and break up with him then get Victor to give up Maggie so she could have  all his money ?” Something like that it’s all kind of dopey that it went this far already”

Lucas asked Bonnie/Adriane to elope then she broke up with him”


“What are you yelling about ?”


After returning his ring Bonnie/Adrianne met up with Hattie/Marlena in a hotel where they had a party and viewed some hotel porn”

“They are ..Different” that’s for sure”

“Could either one of them have a future in Salem when this angelica business blows up in their faces?”

Abe gave Valerie an expensive gift looked like earrings or cufflinks maybe?”

“Is that fishy at all?”

“It shouldn’t be no”

“Raines is upset that the FBI is taking over the investigation”

“Is that suspicious ?”

“No every cop gets that way when the FBI takes over i remember when they did that to you as Roman And as you!”

“Tripp is pondering leaving Salem, Claire talked him out of it

Could you see Tripp and Claire as a couple Especially since recasted Ciara is coming back to claim Theo soon ?”

“Too early to tell”

Chad jeopardized the lives of hundreds of patients by smuggling an UN sterilized stuffed Elephant into her room

Abigail wants them all to take a vacation. But then Dopey Chad confessed to the police that he killed Damos (because he thinks Abigail did it)

He’s a dumbass”

“Are you tired of the halo damos murders story?”


Brady’s jealousy has him rummaging through nicole/erics things

Lucas was at the Bar Chloe was there to stop the drinking

“Are you happy to see Chloe? Could Chloe and Lucas go again ? Do you want Chloe to leave Lucas alone as this is technically her fault?”

“Marlena was able to smuggle a phone away from an orderly and call john”

“Better ending that last week ?”

“Do you know what’s going on with Marlena Robert ?”

“Of course i do but I promised Stefano i wouldn’t tell you, LOL not so easy figuring things out when you can’t blame it on him is it john”

John’s phone rang” better answer that John it could be important” Robert saw Blanca and Nicole and left”

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 08-11-17: You Don’t Want To Become My Enemy Now!!!

Hereeeeeeeeeeee we go……another #BoldandBeautiful Cliffhanger Friday. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Well lovelies, there’s nothing much to talk about today other than Spencer drama. First, I want to address CaroLYING. What’s the purpose? Why, why, why did she fly all the way to LA to tell $Bill that he’s lying to Thomas and she will not go along with him? All CaroLYING had to do from the start is to tell Thomas the truth. This story line is getting beyond ridiculous and is totally pointless. What CaroLYING need to do is go back to New York, tell Thomas the truth, be done with this craziness, and spare fans having to watch this madness. #GirlByeYouLie.

Next on my agenda is “Self-Righteous Rescue Ranger Lapdawg Liam.” He’s ready to spring into action to rescue Sally from the lie big old bad $Bill told Thomas about CaroLYING dying. I would be able to take him seriously; but there are a few things that hinder me from buying his integrity.

  1. Just a few weeks ago, Hypocrite Liam covered up the fact that Steffy was carrying a concealed weapon illegally, shot Sheila, and lied to the police to protect her.
  2. Was in cahoots with Ridge to bring Quinn down and was upset when Ridge failed.
  3. Lobbied and demanded that Ivy delete the video that incriminated Steffy in Aly’s murder that should’ve gone to the police as evidence for PROFESSIONALS to decide Steffy’s innocence or guilt.
  4. Cheated with his brother’s wife and encouraged her to leave him on numerous occasions.

These are only a few of the latest offenses; so excuse me if you want me to believe that Hypocrite Liam has an ounce of morality in him. He only shows a moral fiber when it suits his endgame.

I’m going to have to give $Bill a standing ovation. This is the ruthless $Bill I know and love. So happy to see him clap back and privileged Liam. $Bill refuses to be called out by Hypocrite; and when Hypocrite challenges him with “ridiculing me won’t make you more right;” $Bill is quick to tell him “it works for you.” Yes, yes, yes, disown him if he doesn’t fall in line. Rip everything from him and like $Bill said; “let your wife support you and you will be one of the poor relations he never had.”

Self-Righteous Liam is so clueless that his own father knows his wife better than he does. When Liam says he’s going to tell Steffy. $Bill laughs, “So, you threatening to go to mommy.” $Bill told him that Steffy would side with him; and guess what, she did.

$Bill let’s Rescue Ranger know that if he goes to Sally or Thomas that he’s out of the family and the company. Hypocrite tries to get smart and asks if he’s going to take back his DNA too. $Bill maliciously says he doesn’t have enough of his DNA; but quickly apologizes for that statement. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Recue Ranger will be out if he tries to rescue Spectra.

$Bill tells Liam he’s his son, he loves him and that’s why he tolerate him being a nuisance; but never his enemy. “Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to become my enemy now.” After seeing the fear in Rescue Ranger’s eyes, $Bill thinks he got through and embrace him.

Well…..Will CaroLYING finally come clean with Thomas? Will Hypocrite Liam take head to $Bill’s warning and keep his mouth closed? Or will he run to rescue Sally? You tell me.

By Sofia A. Bryan