Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/28/17: “I Forgive You”

Nicole entered Rob’s office wanting to follow up on last week’s events,  she decided on tactics that would backfire on her with everyone else but work on him because he was.. Him

Hey Nicole love that dress, wait, are you okay? You have that look” Nicole approached him slowly  “wait No Nicole That’s Not Fair you know i can’t tell you where Holly is…Wait im um   I’m
Engaged her name is Brandy,  no that’s not ..Beatrice, no wait its BLANCA ITS BLANCA ….HELP ME! M TO WEAK TO RESIST..”  playtime over and not trusting herself or Robert in this state she decided not to risk it further  just kissed him on the cheek with a  follow up hug” “thank you so much for arranging that”

“You’re welcome. Please don’t make me reveal her location … you know you can’t go near her”

“i wont”

“Congratulations on Forgiving Eric BTW”

This Week In Salem

John and Paul weren’t Sure if they Believed Zander and his Theory about Victor orchestrating his role in Damos’s murder Zander refused to talk without an immunity deal

Do you believe Zanders version of events?

“it’s more than probable”

Victor wanted to confess to help Sonny But Nicole and Brady reminded him that it would just make things worse for Sonny

Victor has had decades to confess to so many things does his willingness to confess now back up Zanders comments?

Hattie enlisted Bonnie lockhart in Anjelica’s scheme

Are you happy to see Bonnie lockhart and where was Bonnie during Hope an Hatties prison story”

Right!! She would have been a big help if she and Hattie were so buddy buddy ?

Maggie showed Nicole pics of Holly from her visit

How long until Nicole does something to jeopardize her custody claim, will the new writers continue down the same roads as the older ones did?

Nicole Found Eric’s Letters read them/one of them and FORGAVE ERIC!!


Will this lead to Ericole ?

NO i love Brady

Brady’s already jealous

Well he needn’t be

Jennifer accused Brady of using her to get in the middle of him and Nicole or her and Eric it’s weird

Could you see Jennifer and Brady as a couple ? If they continue down this road ?

Abe Hates that Theo is working for the Dimeras and went past parental extremes to stop it, but thanks to Valerie clearer heads prevailed

Was Abe justified ? Were parental lines crossed ?

Gabi found Abigial’s ring a huge fight ensued Chad they made up later sort of

Do you see the writing on the wall for this couple?

Abigail was going to leave with Dario to protect Chad but told him she would never love him and eventually his leverage would be gone Dario was sure she would love him by that time.

Whose more delusional Abigail for wanting to go or Dario for thinking this would work ?

Jade is texting Tripp seeking info on his progress Tripps plans continue to go south as Kayla believes that nurse Shelle was innocent of framing her

Joey’s new found guilt is about to make him Crack,  Steve head Tripp badmouthing Kayla

Looks like this is almost over are you happy with the way the new writers have continued all this? How about with the others.

Honestly Nicole other than you forgiving Eric i don’t see that much of a difference. But Hope is still on the horizon

Abe and Andre argued about Theo’s job and laptop Andre agreeing to let Theo go if they get the laptop and remove everything dimera that was put on it

Abe sort of Agreed but it didn’t matter and Chad put his foot down and Theo will remain with the company ..For now Abe apologized saying he trusted Theo

What do you see happening next

Theo’s a genius i wonder if i could borrow him

Chad tried one last time to stop Abigail from leaving him and Thomas. But found himself in the path of a speeding car

Will the car hit Chad? Will it stop in time?

I’m sure everyone will be fine “Hey Nicole Remember that time i “accidentally” Hit john with my car and was so consumed with Guilt i brought him to Stefano to fix him after he died

“How could i forget come on let’s eat I’m Hungry”

“One second Nicole i sorta did another bad thing”

What? Blanca entered the room

Nicole did Robert tell you?

He was just about to



Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann





The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 07-29-17: Because You Could

Lovely #BoldandBeautiful fans here we are again, another Cliffhanger Friday. However, due to preemptions over the past several weeks, it’s just plain old Friday as the shows were pushed back. Hopefully, it will catchup and we will be left on the edge of our seats waiting for Monday; until then, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

The crew arrived in Monte Carlo for the fashion showdown. I’m thankful for the lovely location scenery shots because the rest is just a plain bore.

Let’s begin with this WATIE debacle, I don’t have much to say about this other than what the majority of the #BoldandBeautiful fans are saying, “JUST PLAIN NASTY!!!” It’s bad enough that Wyatt is once again taking sloppy seconds, this time from his father; but to swap spit and eventually knock boots with his brother’s mother is disturbing. Congratulations Bradley Bell, you have ruined two great characters Wyatt and Katie. Now, I must change their names to “Pervert Wyatt” and “Krazy Loose Koochy Katie.”

Thomas ask $Bill if “he’s sure” Caroline is dying and of course he’s sure. Let’s back up here a little; $Bill told Thomas that Caroline was dying from a disease so rare, it doesn’t even have a name to get him to “man up” and be with Caroline and Douglas. $Bill is getting a lot of blowback from fans for doing this; however, this is the REAL $Bill. Longtimers will remember that $Bill once paid off a doctor to tell Liam that Steffy had a brain tumor in order to get him away from Hope. So, why are we surprised that $Bill would repeat a tactic that worked so well for him before.

This is the $Bill that is true to his character; cold, calculating, manipulative; and the one I love. Welcome back $Bill, keep up the dirty work.

Caroline could have easily told Thomas the truth about not dying; but she let it linger on. One important truth she told Thomas was, DOUGLAS WAS NOT BORN OUT OF LOVE. Thank you, I have to give applause here and a standing ovation. Although Thomas said he wasn’t going to Monte Carlo, she insisted. Although Caroline caught a lot of flak for not telling Thomas the truth, I’m going to have to give her a pass here because she’s true to her character. Again, longtimers remember lying, hateful, and devious Caroline and all the dirty deeds she did to Maya. So, by lying to get what she wants; Caroline is just being Caroline.

The most poignant moment happened on Thursday between Ridge and Eric. I must commend John McCook and Thorsten Kaye for the superior Emmy worthy performance. I also have to commend the writers for excellent dialogue; although riveted with the falsehood that Eric knew Ridge wasn’t his son at birth as we all know that Eric didn’t find out this fact until well into Ridge’s adult life when he had an accident and needed blood.

John McCook and Thorsten Kaye brought tears to my eyes. When Ridge tried to take all the blame for Kissgate. He virtually threw himself under the bus by saying he did it “because he could” and wanted Eric to forgive Quinn and go back home to his wife.

Kleenex please; Eric responded by first apologizing for throwing the fact that he’s a Marone up every time he got upset. Then he went through a laundry list of reasons why Ridge was his son that had nothing to do with blood. After that; Eric broke down the list of offenses Ridge did to him and the things he took from him “because he could.” The tears weld up in my eyes.

Eric puts Ridge’s head in his hands and says, “I love being your father.” Then kissed Ridge on the forehead, stares him in the face and says “You’ll never be my son again.” He releases Ridge and goes to the window. Tears flow down Ridge’s face, he shakes his head and walks out the door. This was so powerful, emotional, and riveting that it even had Sheila in tears. Eric stares out the window stone faced. POWERFUL.

Again, I must give applause and a standing ovation to John McCook, Thorsten Kaye, and the writers for what I and many others; would classify and the best scene on #BoldandBeautiful this year.

So, what will happen next? Will Wyatt and Katie cross that line or not? What about $Bill, will he remain true his character and continue the lie? Will Caroline finally come clean with the fact that she’s not dying? And will Eric forever disown Ridge? You tell me.

By Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/21/17: 75 for a quarter

Rob,Nicole,Brady,Tate  and Blanca were enjoying the mountain air all deciding to take a break from Salem Robert was looking into a telescope

SON OF A, NOT THIS TIME Rob went running off

WHERE ARE YOU GOING shouted Blanca Brady watched him run down the hill with the telescope

“Is that OJ SIMPSON ???  Brady asked Nicole while passing her the scope
This Week in Salem
Lani and Eli grow more and more civil towards each other how

How much longer is their will their wont they going to be?

Lani wants to be a good a cop as Abe was Abe was. already proud

Does Lani have what it takes to be as good as Abe?


Abigail went to Andre for help with Dario Andre brought in Theo who agreed to help Theo found evidence of embezzling and counter fitting

Are Theo’s computer skills a good direction for his character?

Sonny being hypnotized just made himself think he was even more guilty of killing Damos

Steve told Tripp that he Nurse shelly was setting up Kayla

Will tripp confess how much further will this go?

After losing the rights to the paper Angelica told Steve that this was about Alexander and getting Justin back  and it was not over

Anjelica concocted a scheme that included Hattie pretending to be Marlena  and Bonnie Lockhart pretending to be Adriane

Are you excited to see this story unfold and if you remember Bonnie what are your thoughts on her?

Kate ran into John and sought a quarter for a meter Johns stonewalling cost Kate ad 75 dollar ticket john laughed and demanded his quarter back?

Did you find this amusing and what do you think of Johns Hair ?

Justin paid off the loan for Adriane and Jennifer insisting that Adriane never find out

Would Adrianne finding out help or hurt his batter with Lucas for her ?

Abigail confronted Dario about all his crimes demanding he undo everything Dario countered with blackmailing her over proof that Chad killed Damos

Can you feel chad and Abigail’s reunion getting closer?

Hope and Rafe continued to try and link Xander to damos’s murder despite him being in a Greek jail

Paul and John went off to Greece for more answers

Eli’s FBI team tracked down MYRON Dario’s hacker Myron then went Rat and spilled everything

rafe then arrested Dario

Is this the last we see of Dario?

Claire wants to try and be friends with Theo, Theo is reluctant

Is there any harm in trying to be friends

YES there is laughed Rob returning from his run

“Did you get him” mocked Nicole

“No” Rob went to Blanca and explained what and why he did what he did” she laughed and hugged him

Kate and Andre’s babysitting Thomas led to an amusing food Fight

Will their fake marriage turn into love?

It did for Kate and Stefano

Kate Andre and Abigail discussed everything Dario  they again brought in theo to remove darios evidence against chad from his phone

Will this backfire on any of them and who would it impact the most

Back in Greece Xander mocked Paul and john saying that for him to be freed from Greece jail travel to Salem murder damos and return to Greece jail was beyond him.  But Not Beyond Victor

Could Victor have arranged Damos’s murder?

“it’s a better alternative than the other suspects ” Robert looked into the Telescope and within a few moments “WALLA,Nicole take a look

“It better not be anything crude” she warned, while looking into it ..she gasped


Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 07-21-17:No Free Passes

#BoldandBeautiful fans we meet again on this Cliffhanger Friday to chew the fat and throw some shade. Technically, it’s not Cliffhanger Friday because Thursday’s program was preempted so we saw it on Friday. I guess I will have to give it a pass for the lack of the wow factor today. Also, since it’s Thursday’s show, I’m just going to do a short roundup. Anywhoooo, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Starting off today is Mrs. Steffy Hypocrite Spencer lamenting Quinn for “Kissgate.” Chile please, Steffy is just as bad, she was sucking face with Rescue Ranger Lapdawg Liam while married to Wyatt. The ONLY reason she left Wyatt was because he wouldn’t buy into her lie about Eric’s POA. I’m DONE with this overdone hypocrite. It’s past time for Bell to jet her to the back burner and STOP putting her in every storyline. Fans have been complaining for months about the Steffy Show and how they are tired of it. But, it falls on deaf ears because once again, here she is in a story she has no business in.

Quinn is making me sick too, all this begging and groveling is past pathetic. This is NOT the evil, diabolical Quinn we love to hate. The Quinn we know would’ve been taken matters in her own hands to get her man back. #GirlBye

Ridge is busy blaming Sheila to Brooke. Dude, Sheila did Eric a solid, you know you and Quinn wouldn’t have told Eric the whole truth. Now Brooke agrees that Sheila is dangerous; but she’s giving Ridge that look like “this is your f*ck up, OWN IT,” look. Brooke is concerned about whether Eric is upset with her and rightfully so.

My girl Sheila is taking full advantage of the situation and very well she should. She’s been shot by the hypocrite, who apologized and she accepted. But if Sheila is true form and the writers don’t show their normal bias; Steffy will pay severely for shooting her. There is a price to pay for Sheila’s silence; covering up and lying to the police; AND getting shot. Sorry boo, Sheila doesn’t give free passes.

Wyatt stops by to see Eric, it’s obvious there’s trouble in paradise. Hypocrite tells Wyatt Eric doesn’t live there anymore and to ask his mother as she leaves. Wyatt wants to know what is going on and as usual Quinn embellishes the situation; needless to say Wyatt walks out as clueless as he came in.

Meanwhile on the seedy part of town at the hotel; Nurse Sheila is taking care of her patient Eric. Making sure he takes his meds and caressing his hand; awe, how thoughtful. Eric wants to be alone and Sheila goes to her room. Ding, the sound of the elevator, Sheila is on guard and looks out the room peephole to see Steffy arrive.

Steffy defends Quinn (although she said she wasn’t), many find this amazing; however, I don’t because as I said earlier, she’s guilty of the same thing, so she can relate. Eric asks her if he should divorce Quinn, she says despite everything he still loves Quinn. Then Hypocrite tells Eric to stay away from Sheila.

No sooner than Steffy leaves, Sheila is on the prowl back to Eric’s room. He tells her that Steffy wants him to stay away from her. However, he also says that Sheila is the only one that has been truthful with him. Basking in Eric’s words, Sheila goes in for the kiss.

So #BoldandBeautiful fans, what will happen next? Will Quinn stop groveling and begging at Mrs. Steffy Hypocrite Spencer’s feet? Will Wyatt get a clue and be able to do simple math to add up 1+1=2? Will Steffy ever be able to mind her own business? Will Eric forget the past and slip back into Sheila’s web? You tell me.


By Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/14/17: Busty Broads Monthly 

Nicole and Brady arrived at Rob’s office  when they arrived Robert was on the phone a copy of Busty Broads Monthly was on his desk”

They saw it Nicole shook her head Brady chuckled and looked away when he saw them see it, he put in the drawer.

“Sorry” he said while covering the phone before speaking back into it “yes cancel my subscription please.,. The reason my fiancée. Thank you for understanding” Robert hung up

“really “Nicole mocked

“Blanca convinced me i no longer need to “read it for the articles”

“”Smart woman” went Brady, Blanca entered

“Did he do it Nicole”


“Then let’s eat”

This week in Salem 

Nicole came clean to Brady about Halo Eric the kiss and the Damos ghost Brady was upset at first but was big enough to let it go

Appreciate it Brady really thank you

I am all too familiar with doing things out of your control when under the influence

Remember that time you beat up John.. That was Funny

Funny isn’t the word i would use but ..I do remember

How is john by the way ?

Hopefully he’s home for good very soon

Steve and Kayla continued their Crime Spree by breaking into Angelica’s hotel room to see what she was up to while hiding they overheard her on the phone she may have adopted a child

Is the child in Salem and who could it be?

John Black

“Dad i don’t think so”

Dario and Abigail successfully fooled the INS an and got married

“I bet the wedding the beautiful”

Are you happy for or sickened by this couple?

After doing some Real Police work Commissioner Hero Raines cleared Supercop of Damo’s murder but told him the usual desk duty stay away from the case line that no cop ever bothers to listen to

Are you happy JJ couldn’t be the murderer?

A waiter’s testimony further backed up Sonny’s confession and Sonny was arrested for the murder now.

All this proves is that it was neither of them

Who is your number one suspect right now?

Marlena slammed Kate for Marrying Andre listing off several reasons

Kate said it was alright because it wasn’t for love

“She didn’t marry Stefano for love either look how that turned out

Will Andre and Kate end up falling in love?

Ann tried again for Lucas but he didn’t go for it

Will Anne keep trying ?

It depends on Adrianne and Justin ?

Hope Supercop, Rafe and Lani went dumpster diving for Murder clues  they found a phone charger and a copy of Busty Babes Monthly

JJ said he saw that magazine in Xanders compound in Greece?

Could Xander have killed Damos ?

Forensics is checking it all out

Will they find what they need to identify the killer?

When finding out about JJ’s exoneration Dario started making honeymoon plans he was seen sleeping on the floor.

Abigail began snooping around looking whatever she can find about Dario’s activities and was caught in the act.

Will Dario go to extremes now that he has what he wants?

nah..hope not

Halo may have resurfaced feelings for JJ in Gabi

Will you be happy if this couple gets back together?

Claire got a job as a waitress Theo went to see her, he doesn’t understand why they can’t go back to being friends so quickly

Rumors are that Ciara has been recanted where will their relationship be when she arrives?

after being called the Dragon lady Claire was giving the Millennial Smack down by her boss  taking selfish at work ect ect

She was given a second chance at Hostess …and dishwasher

Will Claire be able to keep her job ?

After being humiliated at Chess Chad offered Theo a job at Dimera Enterprises

Who didn’t see that coming?

What job do you see Theo performing?

Victor yelled at Sonny for his admission especially while under the influence of Halo? Sonny said he would see it through and Victor couldn’t make this go away

“Like hell he couldn’t” victor snapped back will we see the old Victor in action?

Now that could be exciting

Brady warned Dario not to hurt Abigail and??Bonded with Jennifer?”

Jade met with Eric and told him he was right about everything Jade has decided to move back with her mother to get Joey out of her head and help with her grandmother’s recent passing

When saying goodbye to joey she realized he wasn’t worth it

Atta Girl

Almost nobody will miss jade so, no need to ask she also told Tripp to let go of the Kayla thing

Kayla thanks to Tripp’s medication a patient o’ded on morphine  snafu was suspended with pay

Given vacation SMH

Steve recruited Hope and Rafe into his get Anjelica scheme and they committed Breaking and Entering yet AGAIN

Cops are worse than the criminals in this town

Word has Ciara recasted maybe by the end of the year/early next year and Joey is rumored to be departing days soon

Bet he kills again and has to be sent away

Who knows at this point

New Head writer Ron Cavilari’s material is to air within a week or so are you looking forward to his work and whats his first thing you want him to fix/do

i hope he doesn’t screw up my  Project Pawn.

what? Went Brady

I mean i hope his stories are Strong

Thanks for making sure Andre was invited to my bachelor party Nicole

Your welcome, i don’t think he will like that Chad wasn’t invited

Too bad


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 07-14-17:Tire Iron Murderer Now Turns To Gun Wheeling Judge, Jury and Executioner

Well #BoldandBeautiful fans you know what time it is, it’s Cliffhanger Friday time. Today was a real cliffhanger as we jetted back in time to the “Wild, Wild West.” No need to delay, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Let’s start with the TALLY/Caroline debacle. Caroline swooned town at the request of Steffy. Now I get the reasoning behind Caroline coming to town; she said that Thomas has been neglecting his fatherly duties by not visiting Douglas since he’s been at Spectra. No problem, I can buy that because even before he hasn’t mentioned Douglas except for the time Granny Spectra spilled the tea that he had a child. She phoned Spectra Fashions and spoke with Sally, immediately throwing up Sally’s guard. However, Thomas reassured her that he was with her, not Caroline.

We later find out Steffy’s motive is to breakup TALLY. Mrs. Busybody Steffy Spencer was on the case, she immediately got into Caroline’s ear encouraging her to make her feelings known to Thomas and that she, Thomas, and Douglas should be one happy family.

Wait, hold up; there was NEVER any great Carmas love story. Caroline NEVER chose Thomas over ANYBODY. She chose Rick over Thomas and later Ridge; so this great love story is coming out of left field. The ONLY time Caroline slept with Thomas was when they both were intoxicated and she had taken Pam’s prescription medication. Now there’s a school of thought that Thomas raped Caroline; I’m not going to go there this go around.

Anyway, Ms. Sally Insecure Spectra and Thomas was chilling out working from home when a knock came at the door. BOOM, it’s Caroline “Baby Mama” Spencer Forrester with Douglas in tow. True to form, Sally’s insecurities got the best of her and she bolted out of the apartment to confront Steffy about bring Caroline back to break TALLY up. Chile please, you never let the enemy see you sweat. Sally confronting Steffy was a rookie move.

Meanwhile, Caroline is making her faux case about loving and missing Thomas. Just when Carmas is close together within breathing each other’s breath distance, Sally returns. “I can come back later,” #girlbye, you are rattled and it shows.

Instead of being a bad b*tch showing you’re confident with your man being with his baby mama; she proceeds to throw shade at Caroline with snide remarks. Whipped a*sed Thomas, should have told Sally that was inappropriate or at the very least give her the eye; but he didn’t, he’s whipped.

On the other side of town, Quinn is busy trying to track down Eric and calls Steffy. She and her sidekick, lapdawg Liam jet over to the Forrester mansion. Quinn spin her web of lies saying that Eric is with Sheila and she “thinks” Sheila has a gun. She covered her tracks by saying repeatedly, “I can’t be certain.” Yet, she knew the very thought of Eric being with Sheila and a gun in the same sentence would provoke fear. Remember Eric asked Sheila to get his electric razor, so that’s probably what Quinn felt, not a gun. I want to know on what planet does Steffy and lapdawg take Quinn at her word. Yes, Sheila is extremely dangerous, but they just threw the history of Quinn out the window and took her word as gospel.

While Rescue Ranger Lapdawg Liam tracks down Eric location by pinging his cell phone. Mrs. Busybody Steffy is upstairs retrieving Stephanie’s gun. Shocked that Steffy has a gun, but not man enough to tell her not to take it; lapdawg and Mrs. Busybody rushes out the door to “rescue” Eric after she explains that Sheila is the reason Taylor was out of the families lives for so long. Can we say hypocrisy here? Since the rewrite of Steffy, she’s shown little concern or love for Taylor; as a matter of fact, she has thrown Taylor under the bus numerous of times. So, that’s going to be a #girlbye for me.

At the hotel, Sheila is caring for Eric, making sure he take his meds. Eric makes it clear that there will never be a rekindle of their relationship. Sheila says she know she wants to help people using kindness and people in need and he’s in need. But we know that Sheila doesn’t mean it, she’s trying to slowly massage Eric’s heart to want her again.

Banging on the door like the police, Mrs. Busybody Steffy and Rescue Ranger Lapdawg Liam pushes past Sheila to interrogate a grown a*s man why he left his wife. It’s painfully obvious that Eric wants nothing to do with Quinn and his family right now. But in true form, Steffy is abrasive and demands answers while her lapdawg waits for her to throw him a bone.

Sheila at one point says we all are leaving; but nope, not Steffy. Her erratic, controlling, bossy, everyone answers to me self is going nowhere. When Eric tells Steffy to ask her father what happened; she digs her feet in deeper; Sheila steps in and tells them they need to leave. Adamant; Steffy refuses and Sheila grabs her arm. Rescue Ranger Lapdawg Liam grabs Sheila’s hand and tell her “let go.”

At this point Steffy demands answers and when Sheila tells her she’s helping her grandfather; she wants to know how. Sheila says she will show her how she’s helping Eric and goes to her purse. Rescue Ranger Lapdawg shouts “woo, woo, she’s got a gun.” Immediately Mrs. Busybody Steffy springs into action, shoving lapdawg out of the way; grabs the gun out of her purse and shoots Sheila. Eric grabs Sheila and stares at Steffy while lapdawg and Steffy look like deer in headlights.

Now, many people, even Steffy haters are giving her a pass because 1. Sheila is psycho and 2. Sheila shot Taylor. Nope, not me, I’m not giving this violent criminal a pass. Steffy is always looking for an opportunity to exert herself in other people’s lives taking control. She has done untold violent and criminal deeds; i.e. locking Hope in the gondola; blackmail; killing Aly, throwing away the murder weapon and lying about it; electrocuting Ivy; and numerous other deeds.

Sheila wasn’t posing a threat to Steffy, why didn’t she leave as asked? When Eric stood by Sheila, Steffy kept pushing. It’s NOT ok to shot someone because another psycho told you they “thought” she had a gun. Especially when their back is turned. Steffy played “Judge, Juror, and Executioner” as usual and she will get away with no consequence for her destructive behavior as usual.

Twitter was ablaze with comments, here’s a few:

@pghmum02     She’s injected into every single damn storyline when are other people going to get a chance.

@brbl4                 They try way too hard to whitewash steffys actions and it so doesn’t work.

@bitchgodtemple           By shooting Sheila, Steffy just handed her the keys to the castle! She will now have Eric’s unbridled support & loyalty #BoldAndBeautiful

@FebWriter       However, once Sheila is back in Eric’s bed, and has his ring on her finger, Steffy better sleep with one eye open!

@PhilParis82      Sheila gonna get her later I’m sure. For now she’ll act like she forgives her just to show to Eric her good faith haha

Sheila will get her, if Bold’s bias writing doesn’t interfere. Fans are sick and tired of Steffy and the whitewashing of her character. So Steffy, it’s in your best interest to step away from the situation; because Sheila is coming for you and the fans are tired of seeing you in every story line.

What do you think? Is there really a great Carmas love story? Will Sally ever think she will “measure up?” Will Eric now turn his affections to Sheila? Will Steffy EVER pay for her crimes? You tell me.


By Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/07/17: I’d like to take him fishing and drown him 

Robert knew he (and Blanca) would be questioned about Damos, he just didn’t know that it would be Hope and Rafe that questioned them.  He didn’t know if he should be angry or amused so he settled on both

“Blanca was under the influence of Halo i was not” he said I was fully in control of my wits when i saw the murder

“You saw the murder”


“Tell us what you saw”

“Stefano was sitting at home minding his own business when you came in and shot him ..Oh you mean Damos’s murder Sorry my mistake”

“You think this is funny?” went Hope

No but you being allowed to wear a badge again that’s funny

“Watch your mouth”

BITE ME Boy Toy”
This Week in Salem 


After Hearing from INS Dario pushed Abigail into a rush quick ceremony with Abe as overseer it was crashed by Gabi and Chad ,Chad dreamed about stopping it but didn’t ?

Dreams nightmares how much longer will this go on?

Hope is determined to ensure that Halo was responsible for Damos’s death not the person

You did it hope didn’t you “snapped Robert

Stop that” went Rafe

You threatened him once before and unlike Stefano he actually did play a part in bo’s death you did it didn’t you!

Knock it off

Or you’ll do what?

Skin found under JJ’s fingernails forced Hope to arrest JJ

Could JJ have killed Damos?

Supercop no way unlike you two JJ is an honest detective

Tripp planned on changing one more patient chart to hurt Kayla.  But after some family time he is having second thoughts.

Idiots going to kill someone SMH

Will Tripp stop the nonsense on his own or will jade fess up ?

Nicole insists that she and Eric haloed up didn’t do or mean anything

Brady dismissed it but of course Nicole omitted the kissing

Don’t know why it was the Halos fault

It’s so she can be caught lying again. Naturally

Will Nicole lose it all again this time or just Brady ?

SMH another month that’s all just another month

Chad and Gabi inadvertently crashed the Dario and Abigail wedding despite some dreaming and complaining the wedding went ahead as planned

Are you happy for this couple?

i think there are maybe 5, 10  people that are ..besides Dario

Claire tried to restart her and Theo’s relationship he said no she cried


Julie forced Rafe to run the gauntlet He had to ask everyone under the sun for his permission to marry Hope

Did you call Shawn jr

Yes i did. He said yes

HAW HAW  AIDEN didn’t have to ask anyone

It was worth it

And i said yes

Marlena started hypnotizing people to see what they could possibly remember

A Miss Garland alibied Lani and Eli

Who is this Miss Garland and will she play another part in all this?

In a very hysterical segment Lucas confronted Kate about marrying Andre an insulted Andre said he’s like to take Lucas fishing and drown him

Andre’s hilarious him and Kate are going to be a great couple

Do you think the new writing team will keep them together ?

I hope so they are fun to watch

Victor warned everyone in his family not to talk to the cops

Did victor have a goon kill damos ? Does he know who did it?

If it was a kirakis who is more likely Brady or Sonny

Chad and Abigail both were upset about seeing Gabi and JJ at the station  Gabi said she was only there for Support

Just then Sonny burst into the room  “I DIT IT I KILLED DAMOS”

Well you got your confession we’re out of here, Rafe, Hope this was fun lets never do it again  “Robert and Blanca left the station

Sonny and JJ are far too early and obvious to be the killer who do you think it is?


Time To Turn the Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 07/07/17: What Difference Does It Make

#BoldandBeautiful fans it’s Cliffhanger Friday again. Yes, I have been notably missing from my column, mainly because there’s been nothing interesting going on. Now that the infamous Sheila Carter is back, it warranted my return, No need to delay, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

First, the title “What Difference Does It Make,” in regards to RJ and Coco. It makes no difference because fans don’t care about them, their PSA “Don’t Text and Drive” storyline, or their teen love. It’s evident all over social media that “teen scene – teeny bopper love” RJ and Coco are useless by the many comments demanding they be written off along with the Spectra clan. What the writers fail to realize is that this is an adult show and no one is trying to watch “Teen Beach” on the Disney channel.

They are old and dated, even their story lines are old and dated. Fans definition of “summer fun” does not include RJ and Coco. The faster they get them off our screens, the better. The time they are sucking up, could easily be given to other characters that fans ACTUALLY care about. But enough about this snoozefest couple, I must move on.

Earlier in the week after my girl Sheila almost made Charlie crap in his pants. She went on to drop that dirty bomb on Eric about Quinn and Ridge. Yes, yes Eric was in denial at first, he refused to believe his precious Quinn could do such a thing and his son Ridge could betray him with his wife. Wait, hold up right here; I might can give a halfway pass for him not believing that Quinn would betray him with Ridge. Quinn is crazy; but she’s never been a cheater. But Ridge, for real Eric? You couldn’t believe that Ridge would try to take your wife? Really????? Ridge is notorious for taking your wife and his brothers.

But my girl Sheila was relentless, she wasn’t letting go. She dropped those bombs all over the house. When she said, “That’s the reason why Ridge and Brooke didn’t get married in Australia,” it sent him reeling and throwing a glass.

As you know the two culprits, Ridge and Quinn, storms in after their sudden sense of morality and wanted to come clean with Eric; but the deed was already done. What others failed to do, Brooke, Katie, Ivy, and even Charlie; Sheila had the courage to do it, albeit she had ulterior motives.

The cheater’s creed is “deny, deny, deny” and I was amazed that Quinn and Ridge fell for Sheila’s lack of evidence and confessed; and confess they did. They tried hard to get Sheila to leave, but she was going nowhere and when Eric began to see there was a shimmer of truth to Sheila’s accusations; he demanded Sheila stay. The two had to confess right in front of Sheila and we know that she loved it and was eating it up.

Well today, Quinn bolts over to Katie’s to accuse her of telling Sheila and to blame Sheila for Eric being upset. But Katie was having none of it, she was like, “What Difference Does It Make,” how Eric found out, you betrayed him.

It was evident during their conversation that Katie still has some unresolved issues with $Bill and Brooke. This is a story line Katie should be in instead of being Ms. Busybody up in everyone’s business. Anyway…..

Then the unbelievable happened; Katie hugged Quinn. WHAT???? Didn’t this chick just the other day pull a gun on her? Although the scene was riveting because Heather and Rena are both fantastic actresses; this is where Bold makes absolutely no sense. The confiding and the emotional conversation would have been better and more believable with Ivy instead of Katie. Quinn and Ivy has a developed relationship and although Ivy slapped Quinn into next week; the reason she did it was because of these shenanigans. It’s almost like Katie has Ivy’s forever missing story line. That interaction today was classic Ivy and Quinn.

Quinn returned to the Forrester mansion only to find that Eric had left.

Ridge was more concerned about Eric than his son RJ because he left him at the hospital for Brooke to take care of him. Truthfully, Ridge isn’t concerned about Eric, what he is concerned about was when Eric called him Ridge MARONE.

What happened to Quinn, did someone hit her with a stupid stick? When Ridge returned she went through this long conversation with Ridge. Girlfriend, the LAST person you needed to be talking too is Ridge, you should have told him to leave. But noooooooooo, she went on this spill about how Eric was the only one who loved her and believed in her, wait; Deacon did that, but he wasn’t good enough. Ok, moving on. While she spilled her guts out asking to Ridge, “Did I do that?” “Is it over?” He stood there with goo goo eyes. She sat on the couch staring into space and Ridge kneeled down and placed his hand on her shoulder.

So, what will happen next? Will Bold make fans happy and send RJ and Coco to the back burner? Will Ridge move his hand a little further; and he and Quinn end up in the master bedroom making mad passionate love? Where is Eric? Did Sheila kidnap him or did he go willingly? You tell me?


By: Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/01/17: Damos Kirakis Born Jan 18 2016 Died June 29 -2017

At the Martin house Party Robert watched a slightly Intoxicated Blanca dance like nobody was watching her when suddenly Lt Hero Raines and

the Salem pd showed up demanding everyone go inside everyone at the party had been Drugged Blanca started coming around when everyone else did Damos Kirakis had been murdered After hearing all the details Robert Texted /informed Andre and asked him if Damos had been sent to Melsawen Island Andre responded with an LOL and a NO

Just so you know”  Blanca whispered to Robert “if Nicole becomes a suspect and you give her a false alibi…We’re done”

“wouldn’t dream of it” Rob responded with a small gulp

This week in Salem 



Angelica came to collect on her loan accusing Adriane of running the paper into the ground after some bickering and a botched attempt at a slapping Angelica, she gave them three weeks or they lose everything. Will Jennifer and Adriane come up with the money and time and since when do the Hortons ever not have any money. Would Doug and Julie sacrifice their next cruise so Jennifer can save the paper?

Kayla yelled at jade for the sex tape scandal Jade countered back with Joey’s murdering of Ava. Kayla told Joey to handle Jade, Joey said he would he suggest counseling.

Sounds to me like Kayla told joey to murder Jade.

Hard to tell at this point.. Will joey “Snap” again?

Jade wanting to actually be a better person went to a counselor choosing Eric instead of Marlena

Did Jade make the right choice?

Of course she did. Look at this Blanca “Robert showed her his phone “that’s how much Marlena charges per session SMH

The halo drug caused Eric and Nicole to kiss and see Daniel

HA i hope they get married “went a joyful Blanca Robert shook his head

Daniel told Nicole to forgive Eric so he can forgive himself and everyone can move on

Will Nicole forgive Eric?

Probably not

Yeah sadly she probably won’t

Paul saw that Sonny had the amulet Sonny told Paul to chill

Chad and Abigail are officially divorced..

Jennifer dumped Eric because she thinks he’s in love with Nicole

Is it officially over for them ?


Damos watched Halo do some couple swapping Chad was back with Abigail, Gabi was back with JJ lani and Eli were paired up

“Don’t forget Eric and Nicole” Blanca laughed again

“Damos attacked sonny and took the amulet back at the main hall Gabi swore to kill damos before opening the drapes which caused Damos body to fall on her”

Hope called Commissioner Rained who established a crime scene The Amulet was not on Damos when they searched the body

So whoever has the amulet killed Damos ??

Not necessarily the killer may be planting it somewhere to frame someone, preliminary evidence leads to Supercop JJ

Could JJ have done this halo or not ? Who is your first guess at who did it?

First choice Hope, Second choice Rafe,  third choice  Paul, fourth  choice Rory,

Could a victor goon have done this ?

it’s a possibility ?

Will the identity of the killer be changed by the new upcoming writing team as a quick way to end all the current stories?

The effects of Halo on Hope sent her to the hospital where Tripp then decided to use hope to frame Kayla by changing the medicine charts.

He then played hero homicide by saving Hope and making Kayla look bad.

Will he able to finish what he started or will the truth about joey come out first?

supercop JJ went to Marlena hoping that hypnosis will help him with the whole did he do it thing ?

He remembered attacking him Commissioner Raines told JJ to get a lawyer after revealing that the blood on his shirt belonged to Damos

Did JJ kill Damos ?

“it’s never the first suspect so no..Chloe !!!Yes Chloe did it!”

“Blanca wanted to object but she realistically it was too early to rule that out”

“Who do you think killed Damos ? And will we ever see him again ?”
Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann