Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/26/17: Just sit right back and hear a tale pt 1

Robert and Fiancée Blanca went to visit Brady, john and Marlena in the hospital

“How’s he doing?”

“Thank you both for coming” went Marlena

“I’m afraid it doesn’t look good”

“Not to worry john if he doesn’t make it i got just the thing” Rob held up a bag with a needle filled with green fluid inside it”

Ciara, mad at Wyatt and Theo has had enough she decided that she needed to go to all the way to brother Shawn and Belle in Hong Kong

Does Ciara speak mandarin or Cantonese? And why did Shawn Forgive Belles cheating AGAIN

“Is this the last we see of Ciara would you accept a recast sometime in the near future?

Damos decided to let the amulet Chad thing go so he could focus on meeting Zanders new set of demands pertaining to his plan to “rescue “Nicole from Zander

Navy Seal Ninja Eric convinced Nicole to work with him on escaping while doing so Nicole stumbled on he was the mastermind behind all this plans”

“Don’t you just love it when Bad guys leave things lying around for the good guys to find them?”

Eric and Nicole were making their way out where making their way out when they ran into Damos

supercop and co showed up to save the day Damos told everyone this wasn’t over. But it may be because that Damos goon they caught was found dead?

“How will they be able to convict Damos without the goon?

Nicole is going back to Salem risking everything to see Brady because he did it for her

Sigh She mustn’t ” Blanca shot at Rob” i mean yeah sure have her face the music and get all this over with “:

Kayla told joey that Jade interfered in his post date with Alyssa,joey wanted to let it go because he wasn’t that into Alyssa ?

Is joey Blind? Is he Gay ? Is he still in love with jade it doesn’t sound like he is as he yelled at jade who is getting more and more sad and desperate every day

Tripp wants to trap Kayla into a he killed Ava confession

Will he find out the truth will Jade screw that up again too? Will this end Before July? Will trip be the first one the new writer gets rid of?

Paul is worried about Sonny’s sudden lust for power. Is it Sonny’s new hairdo that’s altered his personality because it’s very off putting? Do you like the new Sonny?

Claire convinced Theo to say goodby to Ciara, with Ciara gone can Theo and Claire have a real future ? If not which one will move on first ?

The return from Greece plane crashed Gabi blamed it on Chad’s amulet telling the group that’s why they crashed?will they come to see Gabi is Nuts or will they all believe in the curse now too ?

Chad lied about getting rid of said amulet?

They are on an island between Greece and the US? In 2017 how is this uninhabited? No cell phone service? Or Wi-Fi  ? Did they travel backwards in time? Who’s going to do what job as they will run out of food and water by early next week? Will the sleeping arrangement’s change and who should end up with who by the time they are rescued? If they are rescued?”

“i think you should go and get them ?

“Me why would i want to do that ?”

To keep you away from Nicole when she gets back to Salem ?

“Seriously Blanca do you know how much that ring costs me if i wasn’t serious about you i wouldn’t have spent so much money?

Blanca didnt know how to respond to that

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/20/17: Greece is the word pt 2

Marlena and John are going to Rob’s house to check up on him  they hear music and singing the door was left open they entered to see and hear Blanca Singing
My head is saying, “Fool, forget him.”
My heart is saying, “Don’t let go.
Hold on till the end.”
And that’s what I intend to do
I’m hopelessly devoted to you

“Nice voice” went John

BLANCA?” Marlena yelled over the music Blanca heard Marlena and with a click of the remote turned off the music

“HE ESCAPED” went a sad Blanca

“oh dear” went Marlena


This Week In Salem:


After returning from visiting her Sons Adrianne reminded Lucas why she chose him worried about the condition of her body Lucas reassured her but agreed to wait

“Is waiting going to give Justin more time to move in?”

Jade backpedaling a bit told trip she had no real proof that Kayla killed Ava But then Adrianne told Tripp a story on how Steve covered for her killing their father

Will Tripp find out the truth and then let it go because he see’s the johnsons for how they are as a family

“i hope not Joey deserves to go to prison” marlena looked at Blanca”Sniff just saying what rob would if he was here”

john came back from doing a quick scouting of the house”passports still upstairs suitcases doesnt look like he left”

Chad dismissed more cursed amulet nonsense and his mother  Hope Mooched a ride home on his plane

SMH she’s a piece of work”

how much more of Mother Hope is chad going to have to put up with

Erics arrival in Greece caused Zander to plan his escape money helicopter and the like Commando Eric made a shiv out of a pencil and her and Nicole tried once again to escape it didnt work the way they planned Nicole not wanting to leave without Eric trusted a cop the cop betrayed her and she’s prisoner once again

“do you think its part of the writers plan to make nicole look dumber everyday or is the writing just really really bad


Jade Scared off a potential new girlfriend for joey by telling her the Truth


will Jade make it past july or will joey kill her before then

Steve showed Tripp the boring sides of Detective work tripp has decided to shadow kayla on the medical school thing

Doctor or Detective which career do you think Suits Tripp Better

Chloe totally forgetting on how she betrayed lucas by cheating on him with dr Feelgood tried to bring him onto her MY BABY team Lucas had none of it and tore her a new one

where you cheering for lucas many “my baby” drinks did you have this week

Damos told Abigail that the same drug dealer after him “EL Fideo” was the same Cartel leader that Theresa went off with

“i thought his name was Matteo”

“it was”

“anyway lying or not Abigail agreed to go through with it”

“Adriannes is feeling her body isnt up to the task she asked Lucas to “wait” until she is 1000 percent ready”

“is there anyway waiting backfires on them ?”

Lani told Eli to go after Gaby because getting Gaby away from Supercop was a bonus for her as well Lani is also upset that JJ is holding off on Sex

How about Lani and Eli as a couple ?

Hope warned chad about the amulet

Chad and Gabi found their room trashed and a knifed masked man who took the amulet unbeknownst to both robber and chad Gabi switched it with a fake

Why did chad leave his gun at home ?

Theo couldnt contain his jealousy anymore and told Ciara that Wyatt was a fake because everything wyatt said came from him

What will happen with these three and will Claire dump theo over this

Eli seeing Gaby and Chad together decided that he wouldnt have any part of being a third wheel and told her they were done

Gabi now believes in the curse too

Do you believe in Curses and who will be its first victim ? just then Robert came home Blanca didnt know to be happy or angry so she settled for both

“oh hi Marlena,john good to see you back in salem

“good to be back thanks for your help”

“your welcome”marlena looked at them both

“How did you escape “asked a curious marlena ”

“trade secret.”rob smiled
“why arent you on your way to Greece”went a still upset Blanca”
“Forget Greece.” rob looked at Blanca Marlena john then Blanca again

Rob got down on one Knee “Blanca..will you marry me”

Time to turn the hourglass

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/15/16: Greece is the Word

Marlena decided to take her mind off John for a bit and go to Robert’s house as he missed his last few sessions she rang the bell Blanca answered right away

“OH MY” she said when she saw Robert in a Cage Dancing and Singing in the living room

GREECE IS THE TIME AND THE PLACE AND THE MOTION GREECE IS THE WAY WE ARE FEELING….”Rob saw Marlena “OH hi Marlena,im sorry i missed my appointments im a..little caged up

“we have company ROBERT put on some pants” shouted Blanca Robert Ran to the cage walls  and shook the bars “I AM SPARTACUS”

“i had to stop him from running off To Greece”

“I understand completely “went Marlena trying not to laugh
This week in Salem

Maggie unaware of  Damos true motives thanked him for his part in getting Brady back to Salem

Will maggie be the one to uncover damos’s plot

Wouldn’t surprise me Maggie’s a smart woman

Navy Seal Eric OR maybe Knights Templar Eric told Jennifer that she couldn’t go with him on his mission to Save Nicole

Bad Idea

Why was it a bad idea? Asked Marlena

Because Nicole will cut off his nose to spite her face it’s a character flaw even i can’t break he will just make things worse

Tripp helped Joey throw a drunk out of the pub Joey stole some of the drunk’s money

SMH idiot

Kayla wants Jade gone but still expects jade to keep joeys murder of Ava a secret

Is that arrogance stupidity or both

Jade may be. An annoying teen but The Johnson’s are treating her like Crap they deserve what they get

“Be nice” went Blanca Robert put his face to the cage THIS IS SPARTA

“Would you like some coffee Marlena

Yes please

Hope decided that because she Killed Stefano She is now Chad’s mother and decided to baby sit him in Greece

SMH Salem cops have jurisdiction in Greece now Dumb de dumb dumb Dumb

More than half of the cast is on their way to Greece Did NBC have new sets built will this break the budget will Chad’s hotel look like Jennifer’s house ?

Jade told Tripp that Kayla killed AVA

Ha that will teach her. But the truth would have saved allot of time

Gabi and Abe conspired to get Eli and Valerie to talk .it may have worked because Eli said he couldn’t stay mad at Gabi Valerie also thanked Abe

Will Valerie Eli and Abe become family now?


QUIET yelled Blanca..”he’s ruined that movie for me ”

WHAT? That movie has the best ending ever.. Can’t get the boy to notice you… Dress up like a slut and fly away in a car its AWESOME


Sonny accused Damos of not doing enough to help find Nicole

Will Sonny be the one to put all the pieces together?

Xander tried a new tactic giving Holly to a nanny he gave Nicole free roam of the house after some small talk and a game of cards Nicole tried to escape It just made Xander Angry

Marlena is it Xander or Zander..

I think its Xander


HA HA told you laughed Blanca

Nicole went to try and bribe a guard but it turned out to be Eric

I bet she didn’t go with him

Nope she didn’t

Marlena if you were in serious danger and Stefano showed up to rescue you ..what would you do

I would go with him



sigh anyway Damos mistook  Eric for a guard and gave him Holly, Eric then got  Holly to the plane

Andre and Hope are trying to get Chad not to turn to the dark side warning him against the danger of the cursed Amulet

Do you believe in curses Andre suspects Chad already has the Amulet..He does

Were you impressed by Tony’s shirt?

After some Stockholm syndrome bonding Nicole tried to grab the keys from a passed out Xander it didn’t work Xander went into a rage but Eric returned to knock him unconscious

Nicole yelled at Eric some more and refused to go anywhere with Daniels murderer

Nicole won’t say no to my rescuing her Blanca let me out”

Not a chance

Is this how it’s going to be writers making Everyone despise Nicole again so when she leaves nobody will care


Brady woke up and tried to get Chloe to stop the Holly Madness

I’ll never play that drinking game again that’s for sure

Will Chloe cut it down a little

Supercop and newly recovered Lani are also off to Greece

Will Halo side effects lessen their chances of a rescue  Gabi got on the plane and is obviously going with them

Well that’s that then Supercops on the way I’m not needed ..LET ME OUT


Marlena John is in greece i can take you too him

Nice try now. Let’s take this time for the three of us to talk about why you’re in that cage

this was your idea wasn’t it Marlena

yes it was ..i knew you would like it doesn’t it look familiar ?”
rob looked around  “AREMID” @#$@#$#@  That’s not fair Marlena I wasn’t there
I know but i knew  you would love the nostalgia of being in a replica of the  Stefano had built for me”

Blanca laughed and laughed “would you stay for diner Marlena i have many questions for you”

i would love to

aw Crap


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann




Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/07/17: Daniels heart 2016-2017

Robert woke up with a slight headache not seeing Blanca he shot out of bed and hit is head on a bar after not noticing he was chained to the ceiling giving him free movement
” BLANCA ??”

Well good morning sleepyhead went Blanca entering the room with a food table

What’s going on

“I was helping you with the recaps we started a “my baby “Chloe drinking game you lost then i locked you in this cage”

“what?” Rob said rubbing his head”

“Relax its just to ensure that you Don’t go to Greece after Nicole, .Nicole told me all about the time you helped her and Jan build hers” Robert ran into the bathroom and came back out

“Blanca you have to let me out of here RIGHT NOW” rob pulled at the chain “you didn’t think this through”

“What makes you say that ?”

“Well for starters there’s not enough toilet paper”
This Week in Salem


Gabi sick and tired of telling everyone she has moved on from Chad while dancing with Eli may use a dance contest at TBD to prove it

Will this finally put a stop to all the Chad/Gabby business

Nope I’m afraid not

Sonny got all Gangster with a gun and got a goon to divulge Brady and Nicole’s whereabouts and that Deimos was also aware of it

Will Sonny and Paul be a key factor by the time this winds up?

Zander secured Nicole and holly and then damos told him to take them to Greece while he stalled Sonny and Paul. It worked

Page almost slipped out the truth about joey and Ava but assured joey he was still in the clear

Why is page still covering for joey after the way he and his family have treated her ?

Tripp got a file from Salem pd new hire Abigail and after talking with Kayla  he know thinks she  have been the one that killed Ava

OH FOR THE LOVE OF ..What is the point to this story when everyone knows Joey won’t go to jail or be killed?

Lani’s cover was blown she was Forced to take the HALO Drug a drug that makes slaves out of its users

Speaking of Halo where’s my video game system?”

“You don’t have xbox”

“I love that you know that”

Raines and Super cop arrived and Saved her while apprehending the suspect turns out that Snake was a serial killer level dude Lani Supercop and COMMISSIONER Hero Raines saved allot of lives JJ wouldn’t take any credit declaring Lani the real Hero

At the hospital Lani’s conditioned worsened

Will the doctors be able to help her or is there a cure that only Snake is currently  aware of and they have to deal with him to retrieve ?”

Brady told Victor he loves Nicole, Victor yelled at him

Chloe yelled at Brady for this entire mess Marlena yelled at Chloe

Victor yelled at Damos about Xander not being Dead Damos promised to make him pay

Are damos and Xander partners? Has Damos killing Xander to save Nicole been Damos’s plan all along ?”Will Xander see that he is being set up before it’s too late

“What if Xander and Nicole Fall in love” Blanca played

“That wouldn’t surprise me” Robert responded

After hearing Zanders plans for her and Holly Nicole naturally tried to escape. It didn’t work

Hope met Wyatt. She’s not sold on Him yet something doesn’t seem right to her

This is coming from the 25 year veteran detective that didn’t sense anything off with Chase/Ciara  while he lived under her roof  for over 8 years?”

Do you find that annoying insulting or Both?

I hope Wyatt is working for Andre. Just to give Andre something to Do ?

More you should do a sex tape nonsense with Jade and Claire

Is Claire going to go through with it ?

No comment

Rafe arrested Brady..Who coded it has been speculated that Daniels Heart has indeed Died

Will they find a new heart for Brady in time?

If you let me out of here I’ll get Zander’s for him

“Nope Sorry can’t do that” Blanca opened the cage door and brought in Rob’s favorite breakfast “just calm down and eat its going to be alright”

“You realize you may have to keep me chained up until November”

“nah just until the end of May sweeps i hope”


Time to Turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/29/17: Sasquatch returns

Worried that she hadn’t heard from Rob in a while Marlena went to see him at work she ran into Sonny and Paul who were also there to see him they exchanged hellos when Bart came over

“Bart, nice to see you. Is Robert here ?

“he asked me to come over said he had something to help with Damos ?” offered Sonny

“Marlena. Sonny. Paul ..good to see you all.. Roberts. Not here. please come into his office” they enter his office and sat down

“long story short to prove to Blanca that he wasn’t going to run off to Canada to “help” Nicole he took Blanca to Bermuda ?”

“does it have anything to do with Project Pawn?” marlena asked Bart

“no..not at all, and please dont make me go into details about that”

and Sonny ,Robert says this will help you with Damos “bart gave Sonny a long box wrapped in concealable paper

what is it ? paul asked while Sonny tried to balance it

“A Sniper Rifle. Best one ever made according to him” Marlena and Paul stared at Bart while Sonny looked at the box, then at Bart


This week in Salem

Abigail rejected Chad because 100 percent of his heart wasnt his

SMH Kate Mansi former Abigail Won an Emmy for her performance as Abigail it was well deserved were you surprised or was there no doubt?

Eli intervened in a damos/Gabi confrontation and it looks like Gaby is ready to move forward with him

Will Julie Destroy them or will it backfire like it always does ?

big shocker Theo is Wyatts Cyrano de bererac and is jealous of his/wyatts progress

why is theo doing this If Wyatt really likes Ciara and is just looking for some help He is the one that gets hurt

Brady and Nicole are consummating Robert was happy but apparently not happy enough for Blanca aka Bermuda

Paul asked Sonny to move in with him

How did Robert know that ?

“some other time Paul” went marlena

“lt Hero Raines gave Supercop and Lani a missing persons case which lead to Lani posing as a hooker and being drugged by a man name snake

how long until Super cop takes Snake down or will snake be the middleman to a bigger operation, they identified the drug calling it Halo side effects are erratic behavior and amnesia

Damos ignored Victors warning to leave Brady out his plans A Kirakis goon found Brady and Nicole’s location Victor also told Sonny to be patient someday Titan would be his


Thanks Sonny replied

Chad asked Lucas to help with Countess Whilemnia being hacked

Did you think about Billy Reed when hearing countess W being mentioned

Kate told chad she found away to make back some lost money .but some of it wasnt ..up and up and of Course Abigail overheard it and slammed them both

She really loves to nag doesn’t she…Robert says she gets that from her mom LOl went bart

Joey isn’t happy about Jade moving in with Tripp

SMH he dumped her and kicked her out she has no say

Steve continues to try and keep Tripp from going down Vitali road

Kayla warned Jaded about messing with joey again Totally forgettting that Jade could Blab about Joey’s Murdering Ava

SMH kaya is unbelievable

what would you do if you were Jade

Tripp is pondering medical school

Brilliant Career choice though it is a bit harder than being a cop it may take more than a day to get through school

Abigail and Gabi discussed Chad.

When is Abigail going to cut the Crap

Jade moved out of the Soras house..but still thinks Joey will love her again

ah to be a teen when will jade see that she is better off without him speaking of better off After almost slipping up about murderous joey Jade defended the Johnsons to Tripp

see Jades not so bad after all

A masked Sasquatch broke into Nicole and Brady’s house shot Brady and grabbed Holly

Sasquatch turned out to be Zander
Did Damos send Zander

Will Brady die will Nicole have to choose between Brady and Tate or holly?

yup that’s when rob left

he’ll be back went marlena..Could you both wait outside for a minute” sonny and paul said goodbye to Bart..Sonny not wanting to be rude maybe took the rifle with him,when they were out of earshot

Bart tell me about Project Pawn and remember you OWE ME

uh oh ..went bart



time to turn the hourglass